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So with Legendary done whats next..

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Kloxicon X-Men Arcade Kloxicon completed the game X-Men Arcade and is the 6,230th gamer on the site to complete it
Bully of Smeg Bean Dive
Bully of Smeg won 26 achievements in 19 new games for 268 points as part of their Bean Dive
Status change by BigNev44 at 22:31 on 22 Jul 2014 BigNev44 status: Dragon Age pushed back to November, Battlefield pushed to next year, that's bit of a breather for October purchases.
acedawg4 acedawg4 has reached a new milestone: 390,000 GamerScore
Comment by Xtowers at 21:13 on 22 Jul 2014

You're pretty awesome there dawg

acedawg4 Xbox Fitness acedawg4 started the game Xbox Fitness
Sera Di Siah BioShock (GER Ver) Sera Di Siah completed the game BioShock (GER Ver) and is the 473rd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by lolmanX0 at 21:03 on 22 Jul 2014

Nicely done! Onto KOR and JAP versions? :)

Comment by GH05T SN1P3R 92 at 22:08 on 22 Jul 2014

Good luck getting the Korean version as it is very hard to get and if you do find it. It is very expensive.

...there are 2 other comments

Sera Di Siah Sera Di Siah has reached a new milestone: 100 Completed Retail Games
Bully of Smeg Bully of Smeg has reached a new milestone: 525 Games Played
Status change by griffey95 at 20:31 on 22 Jul 2014 griffey95 status: Dragon Age delayed :(.
Comment by NBA Kirkland at 20:42 on 22 Jul 2014

Just a month. They'll be other things to play in Oct.

Comment by griffey95 at 20:46 on 22 Jul 2014

Only other October release I am looking forward to is AC, but still have 3 AC games to play before it. Will be more time with Forza I guess.

Comment by Cormyre at 21:30 on 22 Jul 2014

Along with Battlefield, bad day for EA

Status change by Matt DB87 at 20:04 on 22 Jul 2014 Matt DB87 status: I'm selling Le Tour de France 2014 (PAL). If anyone is intrested, msg me.
Comment by ChaosSlayerX187 at 21:30 on 22 Jul 2014

I'll give you $1 for it.

Comment by Matt DB87 at 21:34 on 22 Jul 2014

but it's brand neeeeewwwww

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Matt DB87 Matt DB87 has reached a new milestone: 27,000 Achievements Won
Matt DB87 TMNT Training Lair Matt DB87 started the game TMNT Training Lair
Comment by Dang3R Gaming at 19:57 on 22 Jul 2014

Would love to get this as its free but its not available out of us :(

Comment by zzUrbanSpaceman at 20:55 on 22 Jul 2014

Step 1: create a new profile in the US. Step 2: download game with this profile. Step 3: play game with your regular profile.

...there are 4 other comments

Celtic Force Matching Maker 4 Celtic Force completed the game Matching Maker 4 and is the 112th gamer on the site to complete it
Celtic Force Matching Maker 4 Celtic Force has rated the game Matching Maker 4 3.5 out of 5
Status change by Buckswana at 18:03 on 22 Jul 2014 Buckswana status: Lost all progress in Peggle 2 (XBLA), looks like I get to do it again. They say 3rd time's the charm...
Comment by Chad and Jessie at 18:06 on 22 Jul 2014

That sucks... no back up made???

Comment by DrMondo7 at 18:18 on 22 Jul 2014

Do it right this time.

Comment by Buckswana at 18:24 on 22 Jul 2014

No, no back up sadly. Will have to make sure to have one this time. I enjoy the game, but not THAT much. wink

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