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Le Lone Wolf Le Lone Wolf is now in the top 1000 of the Site TA Ratio Leaderboard for All Games
Comment by CyberellaD Nile at 10:19 on 31 Oct 2014

Great Job !!

GIO42 GIO42 has reached a new milestone: 240,000 TrueAchievement Score
Comment by Dark Sonic X6 at 06:24 on 31 Oct 2014

Nice milestone!

FEAR EPIDEMIC has started broadcasting Evolve on their twitch feed at 04:53 on 31 Oct 2014 Twitch FEAR EPIDEMIC has started broadcasting Evolve on their Twitch channel
wraithrock Family Game Night Fun Pack wraithrock completed the game Family Game Night Fun Pack and is the 97th gamer on the site to complete it
Tankk OG Wipeout 3
Tankk OG won 2 Achievements in Wipeout 3 for 50 GamerScore
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Status change by Le Lone Wolf at 02:19 on 31 Oct 2014 Le Lone Wolf status: Just got Season pass for Titanfall for 6$ best deal ever
Comment by Almighty Jei at 02:35 on 31 Oct 2014

Of course it was 8 bucks two days ago when i picked it up. -.- We should play sometime.

Comment by x iKrueLTyyy at 03:33 on 31 Oct 2014

Yup got it for $8.50 then today it wants to drop $2 ... no refund can be given support said ...

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Montana97 Dead Block Montana97 started the game Dead Block
Beachem Beachem has just become a TrueAchievements Pro Account holder
Comment by Beachem at 00:51 on 31 Oct 2014

#renewed #adsarelame #gladtoshowmysupport

Comment by alklein92201 at 01:09 on 31 Oct 2014

#hashtagssuck #donteverdothatagain #hashtagusersshouldalldieaslowpainfuldeathbeingstabbedbyhashtagshapedmetal

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CHEETOS N VODKA Halo 3: ODST Firefight: Windward achievement CHEETOS N VODKA won the Firefight: Windward achievement in Halo 3: ODST for 21 points
Comment by assassinjay1229 at 05:41 on 31 Oct 2014

This is random...

Status change by CONKER1182 at 22:58 on 30 Oct 2014 CONKER1182 status: Did the newest PS4 software update make your PS4 mess up?
wraithrock Six-Guns (WP) wraithrock started the game Six-Guns (WP)
Status change by toddycst at 20:32 on 30 Oct 2014 toddycst status: Could MS stop with the GWG platformers for xbone.
Comment by Frostbite at 20:33 on 30 Oct 2014

Agreed they need to give us a retail game.

Comment by futiles at 20:34 on 30 Oct 2014

Probably not. It seems to be as likely as my feed not being spammed by an app.

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Status change by Beachem at 20:18 on 30 Oct 2014 Beachem status: Had all this trouble getting a bingo in Snap Attack. Get 2 different rounds today with one and got them both lol!
Comment by Beachem at 20:18 on 30 Oct 2014

Now if only I had been near my laptop so I could have got it on Win 8 too cry

Comment by Beachem at 20:27 on 30 Oct 2014

DAMN! Make that 3 bingos. Just got another round

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FEAR EPIDEMIC has started broadcasting Evolve on their twitch feed at 19:58 on 30 Oct 2014 Twitch FEAR EPIDEMIC has started broadcasting Evolve on their Twitch channel
Comment by aka Kryptonian at 23:20 on 30 Oct 2014

Damn! No longer streaming. Going to stream again today?

Status change by Rob Dyrdek TD at 19:21 on 30 Oct 2014 Rob Dyrdek TD status: Viva Pinata and Red Faction Guerilla well i did ask for two games i didnt have. Time to finally buy a vision cam
Comment by jsemdog at 20:27 on 30 Oct 2014

Red faction is good you will like this, hope all is well

Comment by mcdeathmaster at 05:44 on 31 Oct 2014

love the free roam

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