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Enjoying the Sun & Moon demo leaks a lot right now, I freaking love Alolan Dugtrio too.

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Walkthroughs I'm Going To Consider Doing/Refining (Including Non-XBox Games)
Completed Walkthroughs:
001: Just Cause Walkthrough (Owner)
002: Just Cause 3 Walkthrough (Owner)

Currently in the Works:
001: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
002: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD (Not technically in charge of it as of now, but I'm still working on it)

Planned Walkthroughs:
001: Assassin's Creed (Because it could be better)
002: Assassin's Creed II (Xbox 360) (Because there's nothing story related and I could make it a lot more detailed. Plus it needs some work for the Ezio Collection)
003: Assassin's Creed II (Because since the 360 WT will be ported, it'll need work as well)
004: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (Xbox 360) (Pretty much the same reasons; the story exists but it's not really detailed)
005: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (Because the 360 WT will most likely be ported and it needs work)
006: Assassin's Creed: Revelations (Xbox 360) (Because this one could also be a lot better.)
007: Assassin's Creed: Revelations (Because the 360 WT will most likely be ported and it needs work)
008: Dead Space (Suggested by o DEEVIUS o)
009: Dishonored (I'm gonna finish the Definitive Edition first, so I guess I could just port that to the original 360 version)
010: Dishonored Definitive Edition (Nonexistent; the 360 version WT exists but has no DLC pages. It seems easily doable if I could actually manage to do the Dunwall City Trials again. Godawful DLC.)
011: Far Cry Instincts Predator (I despise this game, but writing the walkthrough would get me to finish it, as well as expand widely on the current one, which is incredibly non-descriptive and doesn't help much)
012: Just Cause 2 (Literally all 50 achievements are on the same page. With a game of that caliber of content it needs to be split out.
013: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD (Nonexistent, but I'm working on it already, will hopefully be released shortly after MGS HD Collection)
014: Metal Gear Survive (I'm assuming nobody on the WT team wants to play this game)
015: Ms. Splosion Man (Nonexistent, I guess someone has to do it)
016: RAGE (Suggested by Se7enn Sins)
017: Rare Replay: Grabbed by the Ghoulies (It's currently one of the least completed games in the Rare Replay collection, so I figure I may as well help out with making it easier or less daunting for people)
018: Saints Row (Going to be adding videos to the guide and improving on existing ones, which will help those who prefer videos and better clarify boosting methods)
019: Saints Row 2 (Some of the videos linked inside are no longer working, the story page has no detail, etc. But this means I would have to record with a willing co-op partner and record the boosting method, but that shouldn't be a problem)
020: Saints Row: The Third (The existing walkthrough could be a lot better, nearly everything is on the same page and it's kind of hard to understand)
021: Saints Row IV (The existing walkthrough's story page is, in my opinion, pretty messy. The rest could also be improved upon)
022: Saints Row IV: Re-Elected (This one would probably be reworked first and then ported to the 360 version)
023: Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell (Xbox 360) (Someone's working on the One version but progress has stagnated)
024: Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell (Someone is working on the One version, but nothing has come up yet and it's been stuck at 10% for a few months)
025: Sonic Adventure 2 (Nonexistent; If I do it, I'm going to hate every second of it, but it can't possibly be worse than Sonic 06)
026: Sonic Generations (I could do better)
027: Sonic Unleashed (Nonexistent; same as Sonic Adventure 2 in the sense that I'll probably hate doing it but it can't be worse than Sonic 06 was)

YouTube-Only Planned Walkthroughs (Naturally, since they're not XBox games)
001: Metal Gear: Ghost Babel (English) (All the videos I've found on Ghost Babel are either extremely low-quality or have a crunky voiceover, or are incomplete or some other mishap. I figured if I were to ever go through this game as a single-video story run, I may as well make it 720p and in all available languages so that nobody could outdo me later)
002: Metal Gear: Ghost Babel (German)
003: Metal Gear: Ghost Babel (Italian)
004: Metal Gear: Ghost Babel (French)
005: Metal Gear: Ghost Babel (Spanish)
006: Metal Gear: Ghost Babel (Japanese)
007: MOTHER (English) (Mainly because I love the MOTHER series so much; walkthroughs already exist but I may as well make my own since I feel like it)
008: MOTHER (German) (Would be on the GBA version through a translation patch, so the sound quality will be notably worse due to being on the GBA, which I cannot fix)
009: MOTHER (Japanese) (Same principle as Ghost Babel; I may as well go for all three languages)
010: MOTHER 2 (English) (Same as MOTHER, I love the series)
011: MOTHER 2 (German) (Found a German patch and it is absolutely flawless)
012: MOTHER 2 (Japanese) (Same principle as Ghost Babel, but I know that since I can't actually read Japanese that it'd be pretty difficult)
013: MOTHER 2 Halloween Hack (Made more popular by Toby Fox's other work of UnderTale, except this is one of his earlier works and it's really great despite its noticeable flaws, in my opinion)
014: MOTHER 3 (English) (Same principle as MOTHER and MOTHER 2 in English)
015: MOTHER 3 (Japanese) Same principle as Ghost Babel in terms of language; if they ever finish the German patch I'd definitely go through that as well)
016: Pokémon Yellow (English) (Cause I feel like it due to Creatures Inc. & APE Inc.'s connections. I don't really mind if people don't watch it, I just wanna do it for the heck of it)
017: Pokémon Yellow (German) (If you've bothered to actually read this entire list you'd see that I like the German language, and I'm planning on majoring it in college alongside biology, so naturally I would want to play Yellow in German as well)

I'm taking suggestions.
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Recording For Walkthroughs
In case anyone cares, here's how it's going.

Metal Gear Solid 2
Tanker Dog Tags (0/5)
Tanker Bomb Panels (0/5)
Plant Fatman Bombs (0/5)
Plant Connecting Strut Panels (0/5)
Emma Cover Fire Section (0/5)
Plant Dog Tags (0/5)
Snake Tales (0/5)
Boss Battles (00/45)
Raiden VR Missions (077/103)
Ninja Raiden VR Missions (10/41)
X Raiden VR Missions (1/1)
Snake VR Missions (000/104)
Pliskin VR Missions (00/87)
Tuxedo Snake VR Missions (00/85)
MGS1 Snake VR Missions (05/88)
Misc Achievements (0/7)

Metal Gear Solid 3
Playthroughs (0/2)
Separate Camouflage Videos (00/31)
Separate Face Paint Videos (0/7)

Metal Gear
Full Playthrough (0/1)

Metal Gear 2
Full Playthrough (0/1)

Metal Gear: Ghost Babel
Perfect English Story Run (04/13)
Perfect German Story Run (04/13)
Perfect Spanish Story Run (00/13)
Perfect Italian Story Run (00/13)
Perfect French Story Run (00/13)
Perfect Japanese Story Run (04/13)
Practice VR Missions (3/9)
Best Times VR Missions (4/9)

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Main Ops (09/33)
Extra Ops (013/128)
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Here You Go If You Want It
Bathtup47's Game Collection
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