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So tired of the whole "if you don't vote like I want you to, it's because you don't understand the issue" mentality.

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I <3 Bouger daMunkee
Bobo daMunkee

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Matrarch Fibbage Eight Ball achievement Matrarch won the Eight Ball achievement in Fibbage for 141 points
Matrarch Fibbage
Matrarch won 3 Achievements in Fibbage for 438 points
Matrarch Fibbage
Matrarch won 3 Achievements in Fibbage for 254 points
Matrarch Bean Dive
Matrarch won 1 achievement in 1 new game for 50 points as part of their Bean Dive
Matrarch Fibbage Type-OH! achievement Matrarch won the Type-OH! achievement in Fibbage for 50 points
Matrarch Fibbage Matrarch started the game Fibbage
Matrarch Xbox Fitness Tony Horton's Perfect 10 challenge Matrarch won the Tony Horton's Perfect 10 challenge in Xbox Fitness
Comment by Spazpol at 18:11 on 23 Aug 2014

Awesome work! Congrats!

Comment by Matrarch at 20:00 on 23 Aug 2014

Thanks. :D

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Matrarch Titanfall (Xbox One) Matrarch started the Frontier's Edge DLC in Titanfall (Xbox One)
Comment by Lavindathar at 15:44 on 22 Aug 2014

Good luck, the rotation ones are annoying

Status change by Matrarch at 20:04 on 21 Aug 2014 Matrarch status: Finally pre-ordered Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Thanks Phil, Duane, and Ell! :)
Comment by imaidiot19 at 20:09 on 21 Aug 2014

i want to preorder it...but I know it will be on sale a few weeks I think I am going to be good and wait.

Comment by Matrarch at 20:12 on 21 Aug 2014

This was a gift from friends, I just got around to getting it. I think we'll play enough in the first weeks to make the day 1 price worth it.

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Inhale3xhale Dishonored
Inhale3xhale won 3 Achievements in Dishonored for 31 points
Matrarch Xbox Fitness Down. Set. Hike! challenge Matrarch won the Down. Set. Hike! challenge in Xbox Fitness
Comment by Spazpol at 00:49 on 20 Aug 2014


Comment by Matrarch at 01:41 on 20 Aug 2014

Did both of them today to try to give me some extra time to actually finish the P90x challenge. Not my brightest idea. laugh

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Inhale3xhale Dishonored Inhale3xhale started the game Dishonored
Status change by Matrarch at 12:40 on 15 Aug 2014 Matrarch status: I know we still have so much to do, but thanks to the Hounds for all your work during Gamescom. E3 levels of insanity!
Comment by Boots Orion at 12:54 on 15 Aug 2014

XBA does a way better job. Too bad their forums suck, they don't have an XB1 app, and don't realize the value of pants.

Comment by punkyliar at 14:52 on 15 Aug 2014

But they like parties... we don't.

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Matrarch Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures (Win 8) Acrobatics achievement Matrarch won the Acrobatics achievement in Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures (Win 8) for 11 points
Comment by Boots Orion at 01:49 on 14 Aug 2014

Oooh! A streak preserver!

Comment by Spazpol at 02:15 on 14 Aug 2014

A streaker?

Comment by Buckswana at 20:36 on 14 Aug 2014

I read this as steak preserver. I must be hungry. Which reminds me Boots, the Bacon Factory (O'Connor & Gloucester) is now open... 8)

Status change by Matrarch at 15:49 on 12 Aug 2014 Matrarch status: 10,000 posts... 10,000 comments. Too much time on TA... And now there's gonna be an app? Oy.
Comment by Beachem at 15:56 on 12 Aug 2014

I hear ya....6,200 posts, 8,300 comments and I'm not even a staff member laugh

Comment by Das Kuhnen at 16:28 on 12 Aug 2014

16,800 comments... facepalm

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Matrarch Shark Dash (Win 8) Matrarch completed the game Shark Dash (Win 8) and is the 1,416th gamer on the site to complete it
Matrarch Matrarch has reached a new milestone: 140 Completed Arcade Games
Comment by Dat Boi Treezy at 16:49 on 09 Aug 2014


Comment by Duanedust at 20:28 on 09 Aug 2014

Congrats, M! That's a lot!

Comment by ArmaggedonPSA at 21:56 on 09 Aug 2014


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