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Odiumar Titanfall
Odiumar won 4 Achievements in Titanfall for 175 points
sirbradenwalker sirbradenwalker has reached a new milestone: 725 Games Played
sirbradenwalker Tachyon Project
These items contain comments sirbradenwalker won 3 Achievements in Tachyon Project for 180 points
sirbradenwalker Tachyon Project Garbage Collector achievement sirbradenwalker won the Garbage Collector achievement in Tachyon Project for 63 points
Comment by ArcCsc at 05:39 on 07 Jul 2015

jelly ;_;

Comment by sirbradenwalker at 05:45 on 07 Jul 2015

It's fun and a relatively quick completion.....but it's nothing special. Basically Geowars:Objective mode.....there's 60 levels...each take 1-2 minutes.

Odiumar Dishonored
Odiumar won 3 Achievements in Dishonored for 99 points
Status change by sirbradenwalker at 03:06 on 07 Jul 2015 sirbradenwalker status: Double Xp has been extended on SMITE through July 8th. :)
Comment by sirbradenwalker at 03:08 on 07 Jul 2015

Really if they have some more of these weekends it won't be too bad of a completion at all.....comparable to the other F2Ps (PS and Neverwinter excluded)

Comment by Eurydace at 03:46 on 07 Jul 2015

Thank god. I'll take advantage of this for sure.

sirbradenwalker Funk of Titans sirbradenwalker started the game Funk of Titans
Comment by sirbradenwalker at 02:02 on 07 Jul 2015

Do not be tempted by the easy gamerscore, it's terrrrrrible.

Comment by RazorPriest at 02:04 on 07 Jul 2015

it's platformer, gotta be done

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Status change by sirbradenwalker at 23:25 on 06 Jul 2015 sirbradenwalker status: ULTIMATE GAMES SALE IS HERE BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by sirbradenwalker at 23:27 on 06 Jul 2015

Everyone waiting on Ori is going to be butthurt it's only 25% off....looking at you Eury.

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sirbradenwalker favourite a clip of The Crew at 19:01 on 06 Jul 2015 The Crew TrueAchievements TV sirbradenwalker favourited a clip of The Crew recorded by sirbradenwalker
Comment by sirbradenwalker at 19:03 on 06 Jul 2015

I get my plats a boss.

Status change by sirbradenwalker at 18:19 on 06 Jul 2015 sirbradenwalker status: So freakin' hyped for the Ultimate Games Sale tonight.
Comment by Eurydace at 18:22 on 06 Jul 2015

I want Ori.

Comment by i T e c h n o Z at 18:34 on 06 Jul 2015

And i have no Money :'(

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SWEDENDUDE won 3 Achievements in FIFA 15 for 70 points
Status change by spankyNspronkle at 15:25 on 06 Jul 2015 spankyNspronkle status: Hmm...I'm thinking AC China ($5) & Slender ($5) right off the bat... Not sure on Goat Sim ($6.70), Legend of Korra ($7.50) or Outlast w/ DLC ($15) yet
Comment by JStryker416 at 15:30 on 06 Jul 2015

Outlast is worth it if you have ANY interest in survival horror games. Legend of Korra is pretty meh, only good for the gamerscore (but requires two playthroughs).

Comment by SUCKA PLEEZE at 15:48 on 06 Jul 2015

Outlast for sure. Great game. Slender sucks. Haven't played the others.

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Odiumar Titanfall
Odiumar won 2 Achievements in Titanfall for 87 points
sirbradenwalker Tachyon Project
sirbradenwalker won 20 Achievements in Tachyon Project for 810 points
sirbradenwalker No Time To Explain Haters Gonna Hate achievement sirbradenwalker won the Haters Gonna Hate achievement in No Time To Explain for 350 points
Comment by Gunstar Red at 08:32 on 06 Jul 2015

Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. Shake It Off! Shake It Off!

sirbradenwalker Tachyon Project sirbradenwalker started the game Tachyon Project
Comment by sirbradenwalker at 02:17 on 06 Jul 2015

It's like Geometry Wars except.....nah it's exactly like Geometry Wars.

Comment by t smugz at 03:26 on 06 Jul 2015


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Odiumar Dishonored
Odiumar won 5 Achievements in Dishonored for 106 points
Status change by Hayato Uchiha at 20:11 on 05 Jul 2015 Hayato Uchiha status: anyone streaming quiplash tonight? I feel like being that one racist guy that won't leave
Comment by Stealth David at 20:20 on 05 Jul 2015

Jesus loves you

Comment by Hayato Uchiha at 20:31 on 05 Jul 2015

laugh I came across this instagram page with like 5k followers. it talked about how all white people go to hell and only dark colored are loved by jesus

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SWEDENDUDE won 2 Achievements in FIFA 14 for 31 points
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