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A Mathematical Look at DLC Ratio
I'm going to bore you with maths.

"The formula for an achievements ratio is given by ( G / A ) ^ 0.5, where G is the number of people with the game and A is the number of people with the achievement. DLC ratios are calculated in the same way but with G replaced by D, the number of people with the DLC."

In this current state, people see a lot of low ratio achievements in DLCs. Why? Because here on TA people are more likely to buy and complete DLC than average Joe. That means more people put effort in to unlock and complete dlc, so even harder achievements can look like an easy achievement when seen in a smaller pool of better participants.

Currently, a lot of debate wants to include core gamers into dlc calculations. Quite simply doing this, skews the ratio in favour of dlc players, and it skews it less in games where there is a greater attachment rate to dlc.

For example a game with a large core base - say Halo 3 with 148,235 tracked gamers has 70,159 tracked gamers with the Legendary dlc pack. Assume for simplicity all dlc players have completed the dlc.

Using the old formula, the ratio for the dlc as a whole is

(148, 235 / 70,159)^0.5 = 1.45 ratio

This assumes all achievements in the dlc are obtained by all dlc owners, and reflected against those that own the core game.

Under the current formula the ratio for that dlc would otherwise be a 1 ratio, rightly suggesting 100% that play the dlc have completed it reflecting dlc as a stand alone calculation without the core included.

60,983 tracked gamers have the Mythic 2 dlc. Lets assume the same as above. The ratio for the dlc as a whole is

(148, 235 / 60 983)^0.5 = 1.55 ratio

Similarly, the current ratio would otherwise be a 1 for the dlc on it's own.

What this means, is the population % that owns the dlc automatically skews the dlc ratio. The less that own the dlc, the 'rarer' the achievement, and thus higher ratio is attached to the dlc.

10% own dlc = 3.16
20% own dlc = 2.24
50% own dlc = 1.41

These multipliers would be used on current ratios to calculate the full ratio for a single dlc achievement.

You are therefore rewarded more for playing a dlc that less people play - correctly identifying rarer achievements. This is basically a sliding multiplier, and will reward single hard achievements in dlcs with a rocketed ratio when a larger core or smaller dlc attachment is present, which will skew further away from the perceived difficulty associated with it.

danpsfx suggests an alternate formula in his blog to compensate. It lowers the high end ratios that you get above as well as lowering the base dlc ratio.

10% own dlc = 1.77
20% own dlc = 1.49
50% own dlc = 1.19

This all still reflects the rarity of the achievement but can't accurately show the difficulty for dlc achievements.

Putting these in context as to how they will reflect current problems, in the Arkham city dlc challenge medals for each characters respectively are;
Current DLC only/ Core+dlc/ danpsfx's formula
Batman = 4.02/ 4.02/ 4.02
Catwoman = 4.83/ 4.83/ 4.83
Robin = 1.08/ 6.32/ 2.61
Knightwing = 1.07/ 6.37/ 2.61

Brass Balls= 1.36/ 3.87/ 2.07

Level 50 = 1.43/ 1.43/ 1.43
Level 51 = 1.10/ 1.71/ 1.31

Just to reiterate, the calculations do not reflect difficulty, but the rarity of an achievement. In the example of Batman and Borderlands, the difficulty cannot be reflected by calculation alone but should be looked at in conjunction with its sister or predecessor achievement. Possibly linked together, but I don't know what that would require on TA's part, otherwise the only choice is to have it manually adjusted, and no one wants that.

My overall thoughts, are that if a yes vote goes through, the option should be to allow gamers to choose between the current option, and one of the other two above - probably danpsfx's formula or a variation on his idea as to not overinflate dlc ratios.

Posted by Daft Incarnate on 11 January 13 at 18:56 | There are 3 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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