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Capcom: My Love/ Hate Relationship!
In the before time, in the long-long ago, I didn't play many Capcom games. I don't really know why. Perhaps, it was an appeal thing? Maybe it was a frustration thing? Capcom, after all, was notorious for the difficulty of their games. Even if you can run through Mega Man now at blazing broadband speeds, there was a time when your NES controller was beaten more than a pants porpoise.

Years after year, I avoided Capcom games and they avoided me. I did play the Resident Evil series. Though, I like to think of RE as transcending the Capcom name. I didn't really start to get interested in what they were doing until a little title known as Lost Planet 2. After that, I got hooked on Capcom games, but not their AAA mega titles, rather their B and even some of their C titles. I bring all of this up, because currently I am playing Dragon's Dogma. It has sold well, but let's be realistic, it is a very good B title. And just like all of Capcom's B games, the achievements take a bunch of time and a hell of a lot of patience.

Dragon's Dogma isn't as grindy as LP2 was. But, I find it has a similar problem with one of the achievements. Two of LP2 achievements were tied to training mission leaderboards. After a few months, it was nigh impossible to get the last two achievements as the leaderboards were pretty much locked out. A problem which could have been readily fixed by resetting the leaderboards. That never happened. In all honesty, I got lucky getting those achievements. I face a similar problem with DD. the Ur Dragon.

The Ur Dragon is a post-game monster, that is a collaborative kill. Basically, if you are connected to DD's servers, anyone fighting the Ur Dragon gets the benefits of everyone else's damage. Nifty right? After each defeat a new Ur Dragon is born and is more powerful than the last. Right now, the current generation is 57 (as of last night). At this point, my level 47 character is doing absolutely nothing for damage. It would be like launching a spitball at the Death Star. You can fight it offline and still get the achievement, but the loot drop for defeating it pales in comparison to what you get for defeating it online. There is also a grace period, where after it is defeated, you can hit it once in each of it's ten trillion (gross exaggeration) weak points and fell it yourself for the achievement. Unfortunately, being an adult (barely), I do not have the time to wait around and pray I catch it at the right time. It's called gainfully employed and it is the leading cause of the cessation of achievemt hunting!

For now it looks like I will have to grind away to become stronger to be able to take down the Ur Dragon. Though, who knows how many generations will have come and gone by the time I feel able to make even a dent in that massive health bar. Wouldn't a reset, say every 50th generation be feasible? What happens if someone picks the game up in December and the dragon is on generation 100+?

And this is where, my love/ hate relationship comes into play. I love the fact that these achievements are long, grindy affairs that actually give you a better goal than just reaching a certain level. I hate the fact that even if I put in the timeand effort, at some point I could potentially be locked out of getting the achievement the way that I want. I can understand a super difficult post-game boss like Crawmerax, but one that starts scaling after each defeat eventually gets way too overpowered.

I am not defeated. I tried the offline Ur Dragon and had better success with the health bar. A ton more than the online. I am going to grind out a few more levels in the post-game and then tackle the Ur Dragon offline. I will still get the achievement, yet I am going to be missing out on some pretty nasty loot. I guess I can take solace in the fact that the offline version, no one will have helped me defeat it.

Yes, you can call the WAHbulance on me!
Posted by Darth Bieber on 08 August 12 at 18:36 | There are 2 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Comment by Cower Before me at 21:59 on 25 Oct 2016

Very nice!

Comment by Zombie4EvilDead at 23:49 on 25 Oct 2016

Thanks bud! I am so relieved to get all Junkenstein's Revenge achievements.

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Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday! toast

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Thanks gents, appreciate it!

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