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2015 To-Do Lists [UPDATE #25 - March 28th]
I'll keep this up-to-date throughout the year and re-post it after a different blog post if necessary. Unofficial stickying if you will.Edit Notes -
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Blog originally posted on January 1st, 2015

Hey there fellow TA'ers! wave

As many of you will have seen, I've created 'Complete Game' goals to put a bit of pressure on myself to actually get most of my backlog cleared this year. I would like to try and do them in order of my lists but obviously I'm not too fussed about finishing some games earlier than planned. I just don't want to start any new RETAIL titles until I've at least nailed my completion percentage goal as starting a fresh would set me back more than I'd like. Not too fussed about starting XBLA/Win 8 titles.

Here's the to do list:

Xbox One

Xbox 360 Retail

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ARCADE (NSAA = Not Started At All)

WINDOWS 8 - GF's got a new laptop with W8, so I've snagged some games from the most recent red stripe deals.


If anyone wants to co-op/boost/play anything whenever then let me know on here or XBL.
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Status change by Lil Miss Cherry at 18:35 on 29 Mar 2015 Lil Miss Cherry status: Latest Gamerview http://www.pressa2join.com/#!gamerview-lil-pumpkin-3dg/caiz
Comment by Lil Pumpkin 3DG at 18:43 on 29 Mar 2015

Thanks again for choosing me!!! redface

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Status change by PiCkLE SQU1D at 17:28 on 29 Mar 2015 PiCkLE SQU1D status: Not sure why I got negative feedback for the final race achievement in FH2 F&F. I dont know how much more detailed I could get for such an easy cheevo
Comment by Assassin Corvo at 19:29 on 29 Mar 2015

I've checked it out as I've just done that race-the only thing I can think is maybe you've over-complicated it.Whilst I wouldn't vote down this,some people would unfortun

Comment by Assassin Corvo at 19:32 on 29 Mar 2015

...ately.Simplest is best is the key for certain 'gamers'.I did give it a plus 1 for the time,effort & thought you'd put into it.

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