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Played n online tournament for 1st time to see what it was like in Doritos CC2. Only went and won with most stars. Meh..

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Dat Boi Treezy

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Treezy's Top Five: DLC Add-Ons
Before I dive into the very tasty list of my top five DLC add-ons, let's first give props to TrueAchievement's own Editorial Manager and my long-time fellow Newshound, osubluejacket, for ...
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Status change by MC0REBE at 09:49 on 19 Apr 2014 MC0REBE status: Next up: Guitar Hero WT (Band), GH5 (Versus achievements) COD MW2 and Hitman Absolution
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Status change by Manic Ado at 01:43 on 19 Apr 2014 Manic Ado status: twitch.tv/manicado - Deadlight... I'm so scared.. help! part 2 ;-; /cry
Comment by ArcCsc at 01:48 on 19 Apr 2014

you lil fugga

Comment by Plum Noodles at 05:20 on 19 Apr 2014

So glad I held out and didn't buy this when I wanted to! This is the first Games with Gold for ages!

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mirrum Braid
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Thulgrum Muv-Luv Thulgrum started the game Muv-Luv
Status change by Dat Boi Treezy at 00:36 on 19 Apr 2014 Dat Boi Treezy status: Played n online tournament for 1st time to see what it was like in Doritos CC2. Only went and won with most stars. Meh..
Comment by W1LLYMAN at 03:46 on 19 Apr 2014

Both times I was going to get that achievement everyone quit. :(

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Status change by n1ckKz at 00:04 on 19 Apr 2014 n1ckKz status: Happy hunting gamers! See ya'll Monday! smile
Comment by Serious X Wolf at 00:05 on 19 Apr 2014

Cheers mate, hope you have a good time out there! wink

Comment by Cuckoolander at 00:59 on 19 Apr 2014

take care wave

Comment by ShaneKarma at 02:13 on 19 Apr 2014

Have fun man.

Mystic Typh00n Bean Dive Mystic Typh00n has recovered 75% of their Bean Dive
Comment by n1ckKz at 23:35 on 18 Apr 2014

http://imgur.com/zvaG9C9 smile

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Status change by Marc Pilkington at 23:03 on 18 Apr 2014 Marc Pilkington status: After finishing my first playthrough of Remember Me, all the reviews can shove it. Great game with a great story!
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Comment by Marc Pilkington at 23:00 on 18 Apr 2014

Well that was easy laugh

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Comment by n1ckKz at 23:11 on 18 Apr 2014

Well done mate

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Status change by ChewieOnIce at 22:28 on 18 Apr 2014 ChewieOnIce status: I don't think I'm going to recover my beans in time
Comment by ChewieOnIce at 22:29 on 18 Apr 2014

226 achievements left with 79 days to go (an average of 2.9 per day)

Comment by ChewieOnIce at 22:30 on 18 Apr 2014

I need to find a bunch of quick pops to up the numbers

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