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My daughter has arrived 9 weeks early! Currently in Neo-Natal unit but she's surprisingly doing fine thank god! :)

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Titanfall Highlight Symphony
Afternoon TA'ers.

Just before I dash off to continue the grind at work, I have uploaded a new montage for you all to check out with highlights from the [url=https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdqg9XwvQEwIFoZ8_tgYc... with ...
Posted by Dat Boi Treezy on 21 June 14 at 11:11 | There are 2 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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MidgetsInactive Child of Eden MidgetsInactive completed the game Child of Eden and is the 83rd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Raezie at 16:46 on 29 Jul 2014

Dat ratio! Nice that you landed dead on 300k with it clap

MidgetsInactive MidgetsInactive has reached a new milestone: 300,000 GamerScore
W1LLYMAN won 2 Achievements in RISK (WP) for 18 points
TrueAchievement TrueAchievement has reached a new milestone: 5,500 Achievements Won
Comment by DaveKinetic at 16:21 on 29 Jul 2014


Comment by XI AlphaMale IX at 16:23 on 29 Jul 2014

I can't drive this x100

MC0REBE Wanted: Weapons of Fate (GER Ver) MC0REBE has had their walkthrough for Wanted: Weapons of Fate (GER Ver) published!
Comment by AmazingSpider97 at 16:17 on 29 Jul 2014

Just being overseer also pops this :D

Comment by MC0REBE at 16:24 on 29 Jul 2014

No, I was listed as an editor; probably didn't pay enough attention but I did change it after I noticed it laugh

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Manic Ado AirMech Arena Sole Survivor achievement Manic Ado won the Sole Survivor achievement in AirMech Arena for 74 points
Comment by Cuckoolander at 15:00 on 29 Jul 2014

Any tips, please? <3 let me know on Skype

Mamba1983 Split/Second
Mamba1983 won 2 Achievements in Split/Second for 65 points
Status change by TrueAchievement at 12:27 on 29 Jul 2014 TrueAchievement status: Whatever happened to The Wombats?
Comment by thirtysmooth at 13:50 on 29 Jul 2014

The band or the animal?

Comment by TrueAchievement at 14:34 on 29 Jul 2014

The band! I used to love them

Manic Ado Bean Dive
Manic Ado won 1 achievement in 1 new game for 25 points as part of their Bean Dive
Status change by thirtysmooth at 11:36 on 29 Jul 2014 thirtysmooth status: Saints Row IV for £4. Is it worth that?
Comment by AllChristophe at 12:11 on 29 Jul 2014

It is totally worth it. An easy 100%

Comment by ChewieOnIce at 12:17 on 29 Jul 2014

Wheres that then? Also, pound sign in status!

...there are 6 other comments

MarcC29 Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Xbox One) MarcC29 has rated the game Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Xbox One) 4.5 out of 5
Comment by RedDeadKBII at 04:40 on 28 Jul 2014

That good, huh? Can't wait to experience it myself.

Comment by MarcC29 at 16:19 on 28 Jul 2014

Absolutely beautiful game. Really hammers home the reality of war.

Status change by Epsilon Theta at 06:17 on 29 Jul 2014 Epsilon Theta status: I am glad MS' restrictive credit card policy didn't enable me to buy Strike Suit Zero a few days back! Well done!
Comment by MattiasAnderson at 14:18 on 29 Jul 2014

Thats frustrating when there are no ms points anymore. Well maybe there are a few old ones but bad.

Comment by Epsilon Theta at 14:22 on 29 Jul 2014

I always have to buy credit. Sometimes I get a deal and get 25 for 23,5 but due to the exchange rates I usually lose money.

Mystic Typh00n Fable III Mystic Typh00n has rated the game Fable III 4 out of 5
Mystic Typh00n Borderlands Mystic Typh00n has rated the game Borderlands 4 out of 5
Mystic Typh00n Fallout 3 Mystic Typh00n has rated the game Fallout 3 4 out of 5
PoppaSmurf110 Gears of War: Judgment PoppaSmurf110 joined a Boosting Gaming Session for the game Gears of War: Judgment
Comment by Handcrafted Dan at 03:27 on 29 Jul 2014

i was waiting for you \o/

Comment by PoppaSmurf110 at 03:30 on 29 Jul 2014

Nice one man perfect time for me also

ArmaggedonPSA ArmaggedonPSA has reached a new milestone: 40 Completed Games
Comment by Matrarch at 12:37 on 29 Jul 2014


Status change by ArmaggedonPSA at 03:23 on 29 Jul 2014 ArmaggedonPSA status: Goal: Hit 200k Gamerscore by the end of 2014...piece of cake!
Comment by Matrarch at 12:38 on 29 Jul 2014

You got this!

Status change by Manic Ado at 02:30 on 29 Jul 2014 Manic Ado status: -
Comment by Profilia at 03:12 on 29 Jul 2014

The most thought provoking status update of our time. :P

Comment by Bobby Lomas at 04:46 on 29 Jul 2014


...there are 2 other comments

Status change by MarcC29 at 02:10 on 29 Jul 2014 MarcC29 status: If anyone is interested, there is a live on-stage version of The Last of Us happening right now!
Comment by MarcC29 at 02:10 on 29 Jul 2014


Status change by knight0fkh0nshu at 02:06 on 29 Jul 2014 knight0fkh0nshu status: Maybe one day I'll get off this shitty overtime and actually get to game...
Comment by Matrarch at 12:59 on 29 Jul 2014

Not until I catch your TA score, ok? ;)

Comment by Duanedust at 15:11 on 29 Jul 2014


Matrarch Microsoft Jackpot (Win 8) The Completionist achievement Matrarch won the The Completionist achievement in Microsoft Jackpot (Win 8) for 25 points
Comment by Matrarch at 01:54 on 29 Jul 2014

I got this by telling the game "game, your randomizer is awful. I think it's complete now." and voila, it worked! Wait... Wait. No it didn't

Comment by MitoticActivity at 02:09 on 29 Jul 2014

This game's complete if you want it to be. Or get another and call it done. It's all good in this neighborhood! Now, if you'll excuse me I need to find my pet unicorn.

Status change by Matrarch at 01:25 on 29 Jul 2014 Matrarch status: How to make an article 'clickbait' on TA: Unintentionally challenge 'completionists' sense of what a completion is.
Comment by Beavis XBL at 01:31 on 29 Jul 2014

what is clickbait? is that like jailbait? where do you sign up?

Comment by alklein92201 at 01:35 on 29 Jul 2014

I want to see an article that says nothing more than DLC is required for completion, and DLC ratios should count everyone who played the game.

...there are 4 other comments

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