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I will update this file with every terrible TA'er I come across.

Primotive Geth:

"What can I say in the limited character count? Bossy, incompetent, selfish, can't communicate with others and just a very angry individual. This guy needs to develop his social skills...he's practically primitive."
-El Weon 630's feedback.

His offense: Being an incompetent dick.

The story is as follows:

So I don't normally use TA for anything other than looking up some achievement requirements. The first time I had decided to do a session, I had gotten the times mixed up and ended up sleeping through the duration of the event. Mea culpa. I was willing to own up to my mistake. That's the lesson in today's story.

Today, on my second session ever, I decided to just pull an all-nighter so I could do the session early and then go back to sleep (summer has killed my sleeping schedule). Before meeting my future black-listee, I sent him a message asking how we were all going to meet up. He tells me that we'll party up as soon as the session is going to start. Unconventional but no reason for alarm. We meet up eventually and he lays down the ground rules. He was a bit bossy but I just brushed it off. As soon as we start actually trying to join a game, that's when things come undone.

The social matchmaking wasn't working today for some reason and instead of tackling the issue in a decent manner, Geth just randomly started using different methods without any rhyme or reason. About 45 minutes in, he wanted to quit due to his increasing frustration. He began getting snappy with players and imposing his "my way or the highway" mindset while we all just looked on in this perplexed silence. Eventually, after a suggestion by yours truly, we managed to get into a game after 45 minutes of searching.

45 minutes. 45. Minutes. When Gears of War 2 first came out with its poor multiplayer, the longest it look to find a match was about 30 minutes. Even today, with a very small population left of tryhards and achievement hunters, matchmaking can still take as long as 20 minutes. This guy managed to keep us out of a game for 45 fucking minutes. Saying he is incompetent is clearly an understatement at this point.

So we get into the match and find out that we no longer have enough players to occupy all spots so we have a roaming AI RAAM on the loose. Perfect. So, while we are trying to break the ring, we got this thing to deal with. Well, I'm an optimist and, in this case, AI RAAM was a godsend. He really helped break the monotony of the whole session. In fact, if he had an account on this site, I would probably give him a positive for being the bot we needed but not the one we deserve.

Things only got sketchier as Geth decided to deviate from the norm and end the round early. One team ended up getting 25k exp to our measly 8k exp by the end of the session. It was quite disheartening. The next match, the teams had changed for both sides and so there were some players that were actually having to do the same role again and get less exp. Luckily, there was a savior to rescue us from this hot mess.

You remember AI RAAM? This time, he was under disguise as AI Theron Sentinel and he was still on the capturing side but this time, he decided to take matters into his own hands. As players attempted to break the ring we had captured, AI RAAM would proceed to kill them by using our motionless bodies as cover. Smart guy...and ultimately, he caused the game to collapse in on itself when Geth was unsatisfied with how things went and ended things prematurely...a whole 2 hours before things were supposed to end.

Geth is the type of person that gets easily frustrated when things don't go his way. Remember, to him, things must go his way or else. The problem with Geth was he was not willing at all to see the error in his ways and, instead, chose to waste our time and grow increasingly hostile with us. His biggest TA'er sin is not the fact that he couldn't get a simple KOH session to work. That sort of detail can be ignored. What's wrong with Primotive Geth is that at a fundamental level, he lacks the sort of social skills required to be a TA'er, or a human being for that matter. As I said before, he's practically primitive.
Posted by El Weon 630 on 06 June 14 at 14:36 | There is 1 comment on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Comment by VicTReaper at 07:17 on 25 Oct 2016

have fun) looking forward to series

Comment by Laiizan at 12:12 on 26 Oct 2016

I am really enjoying it

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Comment by Laiizan at 23:08 on 18 Oct 2016

Fun. But sometimes buggy and stupid

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Comment by DunderMifflin83 at 17:03 on 09 Oct 2016

Congrats on all 3

Comment by A BANNED CRIBB at 17:49 on 09 Oct 2016

Nice! Is number 1 a future goal?

Comment by steveRPGmr at 04:13 on 10 Oct 2016

Well done!

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Comment by MetalGearFR33N0 at 12:02 on 02 Oct 2016


Comment by scotwolf2 at 16:39 on 02 Oct 2016

well done you had great run, i don't think i'll last much longer, getting bit bored now and mafia 3 out this week.

...there are 2 other comments

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Comment by LuminousOrdo at 08:59 on 30 Sep 2016


Comment by Laiizan at 17:24 on 30 Sep 2016

thanks :)

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Comment by Cause at 00:17 on 28 Sep 2016

The hardest parts of this game are the Observe the Grenade achievement, and the very end on hard. The ocean monster is a bitch too on hard.


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