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Interested in Turok, Crysis 2 MP, Turning Point MP, Left 4 Dead, and Renegade Ops Hardcore run.

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Eric Filtro

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Foerl Madden NFL 07
Foerl won 2 Achievements in Madden NFL 07 for 28 points
Foerl Far Cry 3 Foerl created a Co-op Gaming Session for the game Far Cry 3
Status change by Foerl at 13:21 on 18 Dec 2014 Foerl status: Xbone for 299,- without games or White Xbone Sunset overdrive and Halo or FC4 for 389,-...
Comment by Fuzzy Vengeance at 13:26 on 18 Dec 2014

FC4 is awesome:)

Comment by Atrocity F at 13:26 on 18 Dec 2014

Do It! We need you for Tomb Raider!

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Status change by OfficiallyKirt at 06:15 on 18 Dec 2014 OfficiallyKirt status: Hey there everyone :)
Comment by Im the Lorax at 07:05 on 18 Dec 2014

Hey :) biws portal 2 coming? I love that game

Comment by Im the Lorax at 07:05 on 18 Dec 2014

*hows, not biws, im on my phn lol

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Status change by OfficiallyKirt at 08:27 on 17 Dec 2014 OfficiallyKirt status: I need an assist with "Professor Portal" in Portal 2. Anyone?
Comment by Im the Lorax at 15:05 on 17 Dec 2014

Loved that game. One of the few I wish I could erase all my achievements just so I could go back and get them again lol

Foerl Aliens vs. Predator Real Nasty Habit achievement Foerl won the Real Nasty Habit achievement in Aliens vs. Predator for 217 points
Comment by Foerl at 07:58 on 16 Dec 2014

thor, thank you so much for your help. :)

Comment by TH0R TD at 09:47 on 16 Dec 2014

Thats ok i made a note of how long it took and will be cashing in. lol

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Status change by Cynicgods at 06:25 on 16 Dec 2014 Cynicgods status: No more Middle-Earth on film (at least for a while)... :(
Comment by Stoiss at 09:17 on 16 Dec 2014

Im going to the cinema on saturday to see the last one :)

Comment by JCDRANZER at 21:29 on 16 Dec 2014

Haven't watched it yet.

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Foerl Foerl joined the leaderboard Real men love Jesus
Comment by Nuckinn at 03:29 on 15 Dec 2014

is this all versions of Jesus or just the white one?

Comment by Foerl at 03:33 on 15 Dec 2014

I was under the impression its only the baby jesus (xmas is coming bro)

...there are 2 other comments

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