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Status change by Tao Logos at 00:57 on 29 Jan 2015 Tao Logos status: God I hate saints row 4. Busy work 2.0
Comment by BadMotor at 03:32 on 29 Jan 2015

It's fun! Done it 3 times.. if I can find a UK version, it'll be 4!Gat out of Hell is terrible though.

Comment by Tao Logos at 03:40 on 29 Jan 2015

The doing stupid shit for every character is too much for me

Comment by Mobius Evalon at 05:11 on 29 Jan 2015

All the Saints games have been busywork though, Saints 2 introduced the Rep system where you have to go out of your way to complete activities to even play the campaign

rafter84 SSX Heart Of Gold achievement rafter84 won the Heart Of Gold achievement in SSX for 26 points
Status change by n1ckKz at 23:40 on 28 Jan 2015 n1ckKz status: Need for Speed: Undercover servers are back online - http://prntscr.com/5yahur
Comment by destinywars at 00:12 on 29 Jan 2015

Another game i need to finish....

Comment by n1ckKz at 00:35 on 29 Jan 2015

Get to it mate, EA putting servers back online is rarer than an eclipse wink

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rafter84 SSX Team SSX achievement rafter84 won the Team SSX achievement in SSX for 19 points
Status change by Tao Logos at 22:54 on 28 Jan 2015 Tao Logos status: The kill cameraman. Lol. Well played CoD
Status change by Le Lone Wolf at 22:46 on 28 Jan 2015 Le Lone Wolf status: Still need the I killed Them all achievement? Read my new EDIT: I Killed Them All in Titanfall
Comment by Parallax Demon at 23:01 on 28 Jan 2015

CTF on Japan West with one friend. Capture 6 flags, wait till the dropship has arrived and shoot your boostingpartner. Five minutes max laugh

Comment by Parallax Demon at 23:02 on 28 Jan 2015

If you want we can do it now.

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