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52-0 on BFBC2, people should give me the UAV more.

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Comment by Dark Sonic X6 at 06:25 on 31 Oct 2014

Bingo! such a good completion milestone..

Comment by v AggressoR x at 06:29 on 31 Oct 2014

Good going

Comment by Sensei Neo at 08:32 on 31 Oct 2014


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Status change by Le Lone Wolf at 02:19 on 31 Oct 2014 Le Lone Wolf status: Just got Season pass for Titanfall for 6$ best deal ever
Comment by Almighty Jei at 02:35 on 31 Oct 2014

Of course it was 8 bucks two days ago when i picked it up. -.- We should play sometime.

Comment by x iKrueLTyyy at 03:33 on 31 Oct 2014

Yup got it for $8.50 then today it wants to drop $2 ... no refund can be given support said ...

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Comment by Sambaweb at 22:03 on 30 Oct 2014


Status change by Reaver Lion at 19:44 on 30 Oct 2014 Reaver Lion status: my mind is glowing...hell yeah!!
Comment by xLsWx at 19:48 on 30 Oct 2014


Comment by Reaver Lion at 21:39 on 30 Oct 2014

lol playing last titan standing with prodigy blasting out :)

Status change by Rob Dyrdek TD at 19:21 on 30 Oct 2014 Rob Dyrdek TD status: Viva Pinata and Red Faction Guerilla well i did ask for two games i didnt have. Time to finally buy a vision cam
Comment by jsemdog at 20:27 on 30 Oct 2014

Red faction is good you will like this, hope all is well

Comment by mcdeathmaster at 05:44 on 31 Oct 2014

love the free roam

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Comment by RadiantViper at 12:11 on 30 Oct 2014

Last milestone: 30 Apr 2014 ... sleep

Comment by deutschZuid at 19:51 on 30 Oct 2014

Nice... I am gonna view this on my TA Xbox One App tonight for the achievement lol...

Comment by RadiantViper at 22:55 on 30 Oct 2014

Bleep bloop toast

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