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2013 Electronic Arts Online Service Shutdowns

When you are a developer such as Electronic Arts, it's always a hard decision to retire old games. It's also hard for the customers who have enjoyed playing them throughout the years. Furthermore, as

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More FIFA 12 Screens

With the European release of FIFA 12 so very, very close, EA have released a fresh batch of screenshots to keep the Europeans salivating and to help them forget that the title has already been releas

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FIFA 12 Arrives Tomorrow for Season Ticket Owners

According to games trade site MCV, EA Sports' FIFA 12 will be available in the Europe starting tomorrow, September 24th, for those who are EA Sports Season Ticket holders. This comes six days prior t

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FIFA 12 Youth Academy Trailer Released

Obviously the career mode is a big part of what makes FIFA 12 work, so EA Sports has gone ahead and released a couple of trailers to detail that game mode. The first Career Mode trailer went over tra

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FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Begins Today

Despite the fact that FIFA 12 has not been released yet, FIFA 12 Ultimate Team will be up and running by the time that you read this. Unlike, this

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FIFA 12 Career Mode Transfers Trailer

Back in July, FIFA series boss, David Rutter revealed details of the Career mode improvements coming in this year's addition to the FIFA franchise, FIFA 12. One of the big changes announced was the g

Posted 5 years ago by Dave Horobin, 30 comments

FIFA 12 Demo Available Now

Weighing in at 1.42GB, the FIFA 12 demo is available right now for download via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. EA have really been pushing the changes to this year's title, many of which were nicely summ

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FIFA 12 New Feature Video Released

Following hot on the heels of their recent action trailer, EA have released another video for their upcoming FIFA 12 title. In this 'tutorial' video, English Football commentator Martin Tyler explain

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New FIFA 12 Trailer Released

So, if I were to tell you that the video in this article contains moves such as the "elastico chop", the "LATW", and the "reverse toe bounce" (and you didn't read the headline before clicking through

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FIFA 12 Action Trailer

EA Sports looks to continue the success of its best-selling football franchise with this year's FIFA 12. The Action Trailer is a sampling of some of the new moves and animations you can expect in FIF

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FIFA 12 Screenshots and Ultimate Team Info

Following on from the Gamescom trailer released yesterday, EA Sports has made a whole host of new announcements for FIFA 12. Firstly, a new batch of screenshots has been released: http://img3.imagesh

Posted 5 years ago by Dave Horobin, 25 comments

FIFA Street Returns in 2012

Simply titled FIFA Street, the arcade style football series is returning, and is being developed by the same team that brings us the regular FIFA sims, EA Canada. This marks a the return to the serie

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FIFA 12 Gamescom Trailer

EA Sports has released a new trailer today for the upcoming FIFA 12. The trailer shows a number of the improvements that will be coming to this year's addition to the long-running FIFA franchise, inc

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FIFA 12 Cover Stars Unveiled

Whilst box art may not be a huge thing among gamers, the announcement of who will grace the cover of the next iteration of EA Sport's yearly football Franchise FIFA has always been a talking point, a

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Gamestop's FIFA 12 Pre-Order Bonus [US]

The most popular sport around the globe is soccer, and the most popular soccer simulation is EA Sports' FIFA series. In hoping you score with them, Gamestop announced their inevitable pre-order bonus

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Manchester City FC Goes Exclusively To FIFA

EA and Manchester City Football Club announced a deal yesterday which brings an unprecedented amount of MCFC content exclusively to EA's FIFA franchise Through MCFC and EA's digital channels, dedicat

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New FIFA 12 Career Mode Details

FIFA series boss David Rutter has revealed details of the new features and improvements in FIFA 12's Career mode via the FIFA Soccer Blog. News and transfer engines have been improved, and the all im

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FIFA 12 Player Intelligence Trailer

Every year, franchises see graphical overhauls, new game modes and extra controls, but often the AI makes predictable steps forwards. Rarely do things come on in notable leaps and bounds. EA are conf

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FIFA 12 UK Pre-Order Offer Details

Electronics Arts Inc. has today announced two UK-only pre-order incentives for FIFA 12, which have been billed as the biggest such deals in the franchise's history. Firstly, there's the Ultimate Edit

Posted 5 years ago by Keith Gray, 35 comments

FIFA 12 Aerial Threat Producer Video

EA Sports has released a new trailer showcasing the improved CPU decision making that will be on offer in FIFA 12, the latest iteration in the long running FIFA franchise. In FIFA 11, a large emphasi

Posted 5 years ago by Dave Horobin, 25 comments

FIFA 12 Release Date Announced

FIFA 12 is almost upon us, and if you're a footy fan you'll likely be salivating at the thought of the latest EA offering. You needn't wait too long though, as the confirmed date is September 30th in

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E3 2011: FIFA 12 Football Club Online Mode

EA has announced a new free online service that will be implemented at launch in FIFA 12. EA SPORTS Football Club will track the stats for "everything that happens" in FIFA 12, and every match will m

Posted 5 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 32 comments

E3 2011: Kinect for Select EA Sports Games in 2012

EA's Peter Moore took to the stage at E3 to confirm that four of the publisher's sports games will have Kinect compatibility when they are released in 2012. These games will be FIFA 13, Tiger Woods P

Posted 5 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 44 comments

FIFA 12 E3 Trailer

Better brace yourself in your favourite chair for the slew of E3 trailers that will be assaulting us over the next few days. My offering to you is the FIFA 12 E3 trailer which looks at the new 'impac

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Extensive FIFA 12 Details Revealed

Most of our European members will be aware that the final of the world's biggest club football (soccer, for our unacquainted US friends) competition will kick off imminently. It appears that Electron

Posted 5 years ago by Keith Gray, 39 comments

FIFA 11 Ultimate Team DLC Patch Coming Soon

The free "Ultimate Team" DLC for FIFA 11 is about to get better. EA Sports have announced that they will soon be releasing a major features update, with two new additions: Play A Friend Challenge Pla

Posted 5 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 27 comments

Additional FIFA 11 Patch Coming In November

EA have published an announcement today releasing details of a series of fixes, tweaks and alterations which will be coming to FIFA 11 in the games next title update. The announcement was preceded by

Posted 6 years ago by DavieMarshall, 14 comments

FIFA 11 Ultimate Team DLC Available Now

If you've been enjoying your annual dose of football action from EA's FIFA 11, then you'll be pleased to know that today brings the launch of FIFA 11 Ultimate Team. The general concept isn't brand ne

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FIFA 11 Flag Exploit Fixed

If you've logged in to FIFA 11 online recently and noticed that your stats have been reset, don't panic, it's a planned reset by EA to fix an exploit in the game. A post from the forums at EA explain

Posted 6 years ago by DavieMarshall, 21 comments