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X MR 504 X Warface Top Dog achievement X MR 504 X won the Top Dog achievement in Warface for 21 points
assassinjay1229 WWE 2K15 assassinjay1229 started the game WWE 2K15
Status change by Evandalist at 18:55 on 31 Oct 2014 Evandalist status: Boosting Gaming Session for Battlefield: Bad Company
Comment by Zoso08 at 19:07 on 31 Oct 2014


Comment by Ray Jerkins at 19:33 on 31 Oct 2014

Let me know if you ever need someone to jump in, I'm going to start joining sessions starting monday. I think the host is doing them 4+ nights a week too

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ImiltheWinged Halo: Reach ImiltheWinged completed the game Halo: Reach and is the 7,121st gamer on the site to complete it
ZZRsy ilomilo
ZZRsy won 4 Achievements in ilomilo for 83 points
Juanchu77 Juanchu77 has reached a new milestone: 210,000 GamerScore
Juanchu77 Falling Skies
Juanchu77 won 3 Achievements in Falling Skies for 234 points
Ray Jerkins FUEL Ray Jerkins completed the game FUEL and is the 382nd gamer on the site to complete it
acedawg4 The Walking Dead: Season Two acedawg4 started the Episode 2: A House Divided DLC in The Walking Dead: Season Two
Comment by MattiasAnderson at 14:39 on 31 Oct 2014

Still going strong in gtasc! Good luck!!

Status change by TangerineGamer at 09:20 on 31 Oct 2014 TangerineGamer status: Viva Piñata and Red Faction Guerrilla on GWG for November, never played a Viva Piñata game and red faction looks like an immense grind :(
Comment by TGB70 at 10:14 on 31 Oct 2014

Both games are a bit of a grind, Red Faction more so. The good news is you can do the MP with just two people. Or in my case two Xboxes :)

Comment by TangerineGamer at 10:25 on 31 Oct 2014

I guess your daughter loves and hates you, bought her an Xbox360 but use it all the time for boosting lol. How are the games themselves though, any good?

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BudgetBallin360 Madden NFL 15 BudgetBallin360 completed the game Madden NFL 15 and is the 47th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by xxCATACLIZMxx at 13:17 on 31 Oct 2014

Good job

Comment by BudgetBallin360 at 14:04 on 31 Oct 2014

Thanks! I'm glad to get it out of the way.

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Ephidel Costume Quest 2 Ephidel completed the game Costume Quest 2 and is the 10th gamer on the site to complete it
Ephidel Ephidel has reached a new milestone: 280,000 TrueAchievement Score
Status change by assassinjay1229 at 07:31 on 31 Oct 2014 assassinjay1229 status: I need to find more time for games, I keep buying, and buying, and buying, but I never really finish anything anymore cry
Comment by JamP0und32 at 11:29 on 31 Oct 2014

I'm in the same boat, so much to play but keep adding more than i finish.

Comment by xTSMxRKO at 12:48 on 31 Oct 2014

same dude :(

Comment by Foolzparadice at 14:45 on 31 Oct 2014

The day I do not have a backlog is the day I have some serious problems.

Evandalist Gears of War 3 Evandalist completed the Forces of Nature DLC in Gears of War 3
Comment by Hybridchld at 18:15 on 31 Oct 2014

Don't get stuck in the 1900 club!

Comment by Evandalist at 19:21 on 31 Oct 2014

I'll be here for a while, but not forever.

XI AlphaMale IX Chariot Deceased Parcel Service achievement XI AlphaMale IX won the Deceased Parcel Service achievement in Chariot for 14 points
Comment by Big Ell at 14:52 on 31 Oct 2014

You try this with Marian?

Comment by XI AlphaMale IX at 15:04 on 31 Oct 2014


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BudgetBallin360 Contrast (Xbox One) BudgetBallin360 completed the game Contrast (Xbox One) and is the 1,631st gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by PNOIDSCHIZ at 14:48 on 31 Oct 2014

bravo another one down....

Comment by BudgetBallin360 at 15:45 on 31 Oct 2014

Gotta knock out TWD: Season 1.

Gamertag change for Scrub Strafes at 04:54 on 31 Oct 2014 iReact x H2 has changed their GamerTag to Scrub Strafes
Comment by TweeHaddock4749 at 17:05 on 31 Oct 2014

Why did you change it again?

acedawg4 NHL 15
acedawg4 won 4 Achievements in NHL 15 for 91 points
mudder85 Lost: Via Domus mudder85 started the game Lost: Via Domus
acedawg4 NHL 15 acedawg4 started the game NHL 15
mudder85 Ascend: Hand of Kul mudder85 completed the game Ascend: Hand of Kul and is the 955th gamer on the site to complete it
mudder85 Bully: Scholarship Edition mudder85 completed the game Bully: Scholarship Edition and is the 12,532nd gamer on the site to complete it
Status change by mudder85 at 03:01 on 31 Oct 2014 mudder85 status: Finally done with Ascend and Bully!!! Tonight is a good night!
Comment by ATLDC404 at 18:07 on 31 Oct 2014


mudder85 mudder85 has reached a new milestone: 105 Completed Games
mudder85 mudder85 has reached a new milestone: 30 Completed Arcade Games
Status change by JORDANQUAKE4 at 02:59 on 31 Oct 2014 JORDANQUAKE4 status: tried to get on to destiny for 8 mins just to get error code marionberry im done for the nite this is bullcrap angry
Comment by enOhceM at 04:07 on 31 Oct 2014

That sucks. What did you think of the game? I talked to a couple of my friends who played it and they either didn't like it or were disappointed with the exception of PvP

Comment by JORDANQUAKE4 at 05:09 on 31 Oct 2014

its good when its not kicking you out by the same thing over and over for some of the strikes there good but not when u get the same hard ones

Comment by enOhceM at 05:16 on 31 Oct 2014

Yeah Angry Joe mentioned about the repetitive strikes in his video.

loco alien 505 loco alien 505 has reached a new milestone: 220,000 TrueAchievement Score
Status change by X MR 504 X at 01:24 on 31 Oct 2014 X MR 504 X status: happy Halloween to all be safe and make it home.
Comment by REDEYEDTOFFEE 2 at 01:40 on 31 Oct 2014

Don get jumped for candy 504 lol. Happy Halloween

ZZRsy ilomilo ZZRsy started the game ilomilo

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