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                  Status change by FunkyDoRight at 16:59 on 20 Oct 2016FunkyDoRight status: Drrr, I'm the Nintendo Switch
FunkyDoRightHappy DungeonsFunkyDoRight started the game Happy Dungeons
FunkyDoRightBorderlands 2
FunkyDoRight won 2 Achievements in Borderlands 2 for 39 points
FunkyDoRightBorderlands 2FunkyDoRight started the game Borderlands 2

                  Status change by flammingheadman at 20:21 on 05 Oct 2016flammingheadman status: I am so looking forward to having time to play the Xbox again.
Comment by FunkyDoRight at 19:18 on 07 Oct 2016

I'm looking forward to having a sleep study done so maybe I will play games instead of sleeping all the damn time.

Comment by flammingheadman at 13:40 on 13 Oct 2016

Geez man. Is it the crap they have you on?

Comment by FunkyDoRight at 11:25 on 14 Oct 2016

I doubt it, think I might just have sleep apnea. I hope that is what it is anyhow.


                  Status change by FunkyDoRight at 17:58 on 06 Sep 2016FunkyDoRight status: The most productive thing I have done at work today was fish bananna runts out of a box of runts...
Comment by flammingheadman at 16:30 on 07 Sep 2016

That sounds like a good day. Any day with Banana runts is a good one.


                  Status change by FunkyDoRight at 17:03 on 26 Aug 2016FunkyDoRight status: Overcooked is still waiting to be played on My Xbox One...
Comment by flammingheadman at 21:59 on 28 Aug 2016

I know man, I'm hoping I'll have a weekend I can leave Tabiatha by herself soon. She's down to one crutch so hopefully soon.

Comment by FunkyDoRight at 14:27 on 29 Aug 2016

I hope she is doing well. I imagine being on crutches sucks as much as having the Final Fantasy 9 strat guide, but no internet.

Comment by flammingheadman at 14:31 on 29 Aug 2016

Well, it's probably about the same.

FunkyDoRightShovel Knight
FunkyDoRight won 2 Achievements in Shovel Knight for 23 points
FunkyDoRightShovel Knight
FunkyDoRight won 3 Achievements in Shovel Knight for 7 points
FunkyDoRightShovel KnightFunkyDoRight started the game Shovel Knight
FunkyDoRightProminence PokerFunkyDoRight started the game Prominence Poker
Comment by FunkyDoRight at 14:49 on 17 Aug 2016

And I'm done with that game.

Comment by flammingheadman at 17:41 on 20 Aug 2016

That bad huh?

                  Status change by flammingheadman at 02:34 on 16 Aug 2016flammingheadman status: Replaying Pokémon Yellow on the 3ds. Damn you Pokémon Go.

                  Status change by FunkyDoRight at 18:06 on 15 Aug 2016FunkyDoRight status: I beat Katamari Damacy this weekend and didn't get any achievements...
Comment by flammingheadman at 02:33 on 16 Aug 2016

But you got the experience though. Back when you could just beat a game and not worry about the 67 extra hours to get the last 25 gamerscore.

Comment by FunkyDoRight at 13:28 on 16 Aug 2016

Well since I was playing it on PS2 might have had something to do with it.

Comment by flammingheadman at 02:27 on 17 Aug 2016


FunkyDoRightBATMAN – The Telltale SeriesFunkyDoRight started the game BATMAN – The Telltale Series
Comment by flammingheadman at 02:33 on 16 Aug 2016

How is that?

Comment by FunkyDoRight at 19:05 on 16 Aug 2016

I fell asleep playing it Saturday morning...

FunkyDoRightPerfect Dark
FunkyDoRight won 2 Achievements in Perfect Dark for 16 points
FunkyDoRightPerfect DarkFunkyDoRight started the game Perfect Dark
Comment by flammingheadman at 04:24 on 12 Aug 2016

Going for 100%?

Comment by FunkyDoRight at 12:49 on 12 Aug 2016

Nah, just messing around with Rare Replay

Comment by flammingheadman at 14:07 on 12 Aug 2016

I think you should go for 100% in Perfect Dark Zero.

FunkyDoRight won 2 Achievements in EA SPORTS UFC for 135 points
FunkyDoRightEA SPORTS UFCFunkyDoRight started the game EA SPORTS UFC

                  Status change by flammingheadman at 01:35 on 05 Aug 2016flammingheadman status: Well, Tabiatha had surgery on her femoral bone in her hip this week. Fun times all around.
Comment by FunkyDoRight at 11:30 on 05 Aug 2016

Hope she is doing alright.

Comment by flammingheadman at 03:56 on 07 Aug 2016

She's doing okayish right now. Having to do physical therapy.

FunkyDoRightFunkyDoRight is celebrating their 5-year anniversary of joining
Comment by flammingheadman at 01:33 on 05 Aug 2016

Delicious digital cake


                  Status change by FunkyDoRight at 18:45 on 02 Aug 2016FunkyDoRight status: Could Overcooked be our next game?
Comment by flammingheadman at 22:25 on 03 Aug 2016

What is this?

Comment by FunkyDoRight at 11:48 on 04 Aug 2016

Think multiplayer Cooking Mama without the gestures.

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                  Status change by flammingheadman at 01:03 on 20 Jul 2016flammingheadman status: You had a change to see is Wonderful 101 is worth playing?
Comment by FunkyDoRight at 12:39 on 20 Jul 2016

I played it and didn't care for all the drawing on the screen.

Comment by flammingheadman at 13:59 on 20 Jul 2016

Ah, well that bites.


                  Status change by FunkyDoRight at 15:48 on 19 Jul 2016FunkyDoRight status: The number of people who say they put 2000 hours into single games is crazy. But I guess it is a good front page pole.
Comment by flammingheadman at 16:02 on 19 Jul 2016

Jesus, what game requires 2000 hours for completion?

Comment by FunkyDoRight at 18:25 on 19 Jul 2016

Dunno, some of the people said they were just playing for fun. Wonder what that is like?

Comment by flammingheadman at 18:30 on 19 Jul 2016

NWO Revenge? Super Mario RPG?

                  Status change by flammingheadman at 03:43 on 19 Jul 2016flammingheadman status: One bugged achievement, one date-locked achievement and one NOPE achievement. It's mostly done.
Comment by FunkyDoRight at 14:01 on 19 Jul 2016

Now you have time to play through Baja again!

Comment by flammingheadman at 16:01 on 19 Jul 2016

Fuck no.

flammingheadmanflammingheadman has reached a new milestone: TA Ratio of 2.1
FunkyDoRightWin StreakFunkyDoRight is currently on a 10 day achievement win streak
Comment by flammingheadman at 23:49 on 16 Jul 2016

Go man go! Go man go!


                  Status change by FunkyDoRight at 12:59 on 15 Jul 2016FunkyDoRight status: Went for a walk to catch Pokemon and all I found was a dead cat stuck in a tree. WTF!
Comment by flammingheadman at 15:42 on 15 Jul 2016

Did you....did you catch it?

Comment by FunkyDoRight at 15:45 on 15 Jul 2016

No, but I told the tree owner and he said he was going to leave it because it would fall apart if he tried to move it. Now I have to look at it everyday.

Comment by flammingheadman at 20:33 on 15 Jul 2016

Fantastic. Glad you have that to look forward to everyday.

flammingheadmanMighty No. 9The Floor is Lava achievementflammingheadman won the The Floor is Lava achievement in Mighty No. 9 for 139 points
Comment by flammingheadman at 02:53 on 14 Jul 2016

Well that was dumb.

Comment by FunkyDoRight at 11:17 on 14 Jul 2016

Looks like every achievement you have left is dumb/bullshit on that game.

Comment by flammingheadman at 12:02 on 14 Jul 2016

Yep, I am looking forward to having Hyper Mode done since it's worth so much though. I'm about halfway through it.

FunkyDoRightFunkyDoRight has reached a new milestone: 550 Games Played
FunkyDoRightResident Evil 5FunkyDoRight started the game Resident Evil 5
Comment by flammingheadman at 02:53 on 14 Jul 2016

I thought you already had some RE5 achievements?

Comment by FunkyDoRight at 11:15 on 14 Jul 2016

I bought the Xbox One version.

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FunkyDoRightTales from the BorderlandsFunkyDoRight has rated the game Tales from the Borderlands 3.5 out of 5
FunkyDoRightDeathsmilesFunkyDoRight has rated the game Deathsmiles 2.5 out of 5
flammingheadmanMighty No. 9
flammingheadman won 2 Achievements in Mighty No. 9 for 267 points
FunkyDoRight won 3 Achievements in Deathsmiles for 74 points

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