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Halo 3: ODST Coming to Master Chief Collection

Chances are, if you've played Halo: The Master Chief Collection you've run into a problem or two. 343 has not been deaf to this issue and has released a multitude of patches in an attempt to fix the

Posted 1 year ago by Michelle Balsan, 129 comments

TA Top Five: Gaming Mechanics Of This Gen

As we moved from the original Xbox to the Xbox 360, it wasn't enough just to shoot things, blow things up, or drive very fast. As gamers, we now wanted more choice in the way we were able to carry ou

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TA Top Five: Headgear

I was in Savile Row the other day getting my Top Hat adjusted, and it may have been the tape-measure wrapped around my noggin cutting off the circulation to my brain, or maybe even the mercury poison

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Achievement of the Week for January 3rd

Happy New Year, Achievement Hunters! Before we get into the first achievement challenge of 2014, let's take a look back at the final challenge of 2013. Last week we were challenged to pop the Mile Hi

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Halo: Anniversary Tribute Trailer

When I brought you the news of a Halo: CE Anniversary launch trailer I remarked that there wouldn't be too much more before release. Here is one of those final items we were expecting as we 'celebrat

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Halo: Anniversary Launch Trailer

Few Xbox gamers will need encouraging to check out anything which is Halo-centric. Our coverage of upcoming Halo: Anniversary has covered all the questions, details and Kinect enabled revelations sin

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Halo Waypoint Update Preview

We recently brought you news of a fall update to Halo Waypoint which would bring in new features, such as 'Atlas' tracking and all new challenges. If you want a look at what you can expect when the u

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Halo Waypoint To Get 'Atlas' Tracking

There's a bunch of new Halo-centric news lately. Hot on the heels of Halo: Anniversary's compatibility with Kinect comes news of an update to Halo Waypoint. The planned update will add a feature dubb

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Behind the Scenes with Halo CE: Anniversary

Halo is an inexorable part of Xbox culture. You may love it or hate it, but there's no denying its importance and impact. With the ten year anniversary of Halo: Combat Evolved upon us and the release

Posted 5 years ago by Jonathan Barnes, 38 comments

Halo: Anniversary Kinect Functions Detailed

Speaking during New York Comic-Con, and reported by IGN, 343 Industries have unveiled details of Kinect sensor compatibility with the upcoming Halo remake. Three specific uses of Kinect's voice recog

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Halo: CE Anniversary Mini-Book Pre-order Bonus

In addition to the previously covered pre-order bonuses, those who pre-order Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary through GAME and Gamestation will receive a special edition collector’s booklet based on

Posted 5 years ago by Lexley Ford, 35 comments

Halo: CE Anniversary Pre-Order Bonuses [UPDATED]

In an announcement that was all but inevitable, Microsoft and 343 Industries have revealed the pre-order bonuses for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Gamers who are early adopters will net the follo

Posted 5 years ago by Jonathan Barnes, 160 comments

Halo: CE Anniversary to Use Kinect [UPDATE]

UPDATE Giant Bomb's Patrick Klepek managed to get a hot comment out of Microsoft that is worth noting: The Kinect features we’re exploring with Halo: Anniversary are additive and will not affect the

Posted 5 years ago by Jonathan Barnes, 171 comments

Tor Books Announces New Halo Novels

The following news post is dedicated to all of those followers and posters of What is the last book you read?. Every so often someone will mention that they just finished Ghosts of Onyx of the latest

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