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Now on my fifth copy of Chinese memories off 6. Get at me guys.

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Stalkers be stalking.

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Many thanks to all the sophisticated squirrels! $100.00 Prize winner announced!
PhatDaemien Earned the most Ta gain in period 40 of the 2016 GTASC with a whooping 160 achievements, 7,960 gamerscore earned, and 11,652 Ta! Great job on scoring and putting up points. Considering how much he's capable of scoring he might be a Trojan horse team mate in the gtasc toast
So whose extralife campaign did he choose? Only the most passionate one! http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.pa...
I would like to personally thank everyone of you who donated to the campaign. Within 48 hours of putting up my previous blog over $200.00 was donated to the campaign. You guys are pillars among the community, scholars among the many, and truly selfless individuals. If we had more individuals such as yourself how much better would this community and the planet be? Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Also it is worth mentioning she is now giving away an Xbox one S to one donator. It's tax deductible so you essentially get paid to win a console! Win win!!!! Please donate if only a dollar. It all adds up.
Posted by Handydarkness on 17 October 16 at 15:52 | There are 4 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
In celebration of a half million, I present a $100.00 giveaway.
I hit the half million mark on September 26. Where does one go from here? Nowhere besides the roads already traveled. Sessions, grinds, meeting awesome members of the gaming community especially those able to comment below! Except that one guy. Nobody wants to be that guy. (Not even himself).
I hit the big 500,000 with something I felt to be humbling and appropriate being a gamer.
MonopolyEverybody Starts SomewhereThe Everybody Starts Somewhere achievement in Monopoly worth 10 pointsBuy your first property

Whether we're on Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, mobile, Pc, etc.
How does one celebrate such an achievement? Drink wine, eat lobster, smoke a cuban? Oh wait.. I did. facepalmtoastrock Then it hit me.....
A little over a year ago I started Handy Imports. Renting out imported games to fellow achievement hunters here on the site, as well met through xbox live. I won't go into details as to how much has been made. But, it's been lucrative and quite profitable. (I'll update current inventory soon) This all started from planting42 borrowing some games and including a currency card in a game case. Which was quite a surprise, as I assumed the disc broke in half. With Planting being the sole reason the venture started I've been quite charitable with my gtasc weekly prize donations as well extra life campaigns (donated anonymously).
What is Extra Life?
I'm putting up for grabs $100.00 U.S. to the Extra Life campaign of your choice! This will go towards whomever earns the most Trueachievement score during period 40 of the 2016 G.T.A.S.C. This will be open to participants in both the team and individual competition at that time during period 40.
Donations can be through Paypal or credit card. Donations are tax deductible. If you wish to donate to an extra life campaign directly, I recommend the following. Fellow achievement hunter, rock star, and the MOST passionate person I've ever met regarding Extra life. They even give away games & consoles to support the cause from their own pocket.
Beth Bear
Extra Life Campaign link in case you would like to donate directly to the campaign.
This is a great cause and you have an opportunity to create joy by giving access to a hobby we all enjoy. If everyone active on the site for the past 30 days donates one dollar that would be 65 grand. The potential happiness possible if only 1% of that amount is obtained is still unfathomable.

F.A.Q. & Legality buttock covering
1. I myself am not associated with the G.T.A.S.C. (Great True Achievement Score Competition) besides on a competitor level.
2. I myself am not associated with True Gaming Network or staff or www.trueachievements.com besides being a site user.
3. I myself do not have an extra life campaign.
4. I'm doing this in celebration of hitting a half million gamerscore.
5. If you would be kind enough to pledge to the prize pool by joining the leaderboard I created, it would be appreciated. The leaderboard link will be in the comments below.
6. You're pledging this towards the prize pool which I asked be donated by no later than October 23, 2016 to the campaign of the winners choice.
7. If no campaign is chosen then the money ($100.00 minimum U.S. currency) will be donated to Beth Bear's Extra Life campaign at this link on October 23rd, 2016.
8. Why should you compete? Bragging rights and you help out a charitable cause.
9. How can you help out if you don't wish to donate? Ask your friends still in the competition if they need any help boosting, playing co-op, or simply recommend easy score.
10. Any further questions I'm happy to answer via private message here on the site.
Posted by Handydarkness on 03 October 16 at 09:56 | There are 10 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
#wildwestwednesday I need your help! (Ayuda me por favor)
Milestone Mondays have been occurring on the site for quite sometime now. Last week a good friend of mine had an interesting idea. All credit goes to the ingenious inventor of this.izret102 I propose the following for any completion or milestone hit on Wednesdays from now on when you comment on friends activities in your feed. #wildwestwednesdays If you do I ask you to link the following classical musically crafted master piece.

Thanks for stopping by. toast
Posted by Handydarkness on 15 September 16 at 22:10 | There are 3 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
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