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Deleted my goal of 200k by my birthday. I want to try and cut back on xbox, and the pressure of the goal wasn't helping

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Games Backlog Part 5: Progress is being made
I'm struggling to find the effort to think of anything to say here. I'm tired, and I just can't be bothered.

I managed to get Brink down to the last achievement, ...
Posted by Hodge x360a on 26 January 12 at 02:48 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Stallion83 Outlast
Stallion83 won 5 Achievements in Outlast for 622 points
Stallion83 has started broadcasting on their Twitch channel00:09 on 20 Aug 2014 Twitch Stallion83 has started broadcasting Outlast on their Twitch channel
Comment by SN0WYP0LARBEAR2 at 00:18 on 20 Aug 2014

am watching :)

Comment by NitrousSpeed at 00:25 on 20 Aug 2014

Same here

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Status change by Stallion83 at 00:06 on 20 Aug 2014 Stallion83 status: Run, Hide or fucking DIE! Streaming Outlast Whistleblower - http://www.Twitch.tv/Stallion83
Comment by NitrousSpeed at 00:08 on 20 Aug 2014

Awesome to see u streaming. You can link ur twitch account on TA now

EliteEdawg420 Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition
EliteEdawg420 won 19 Achievements in Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition for 1281 points
RAVIOLICAPONI RAVIOLICAPONI has reached a new milestone: 390,000 GamerScore
Comment by Montana97 at 14:00 on 19 Aug 2014


EliteEdawg420 Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition EliteEdawg420 started the game Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition
Comment by xI MiK392 Ix at 12:44 on 19 Aug 2014

I can't wait to start this game but in at work till 5:00pm :'(

Comment by SneakyStabbalot at 13:38 on 19 Aug 2014

just downloaded now - make sure you export your character from DIII on the 360

Comment by EliteEdawg420 at 14:56 on 19 Aug 2014

Having server problems already and what happened to the life stat and defense stat

Stallion83 Pinball FX2 (Xbox One) Stallion83 started the Pinball FX 2 Core Collection DLC in Pinball FX2 (Xbox One)
Comment by NIGHT FURY444 at 21:44 on 19 Aug 2014

say good bye to your 100% xbox1 goal

Status change by EliteEdawg420 at 00:37 on 19 Aug 2014 EliteEdawg420 status: Diablo 3 xbox one lvl 32 hardcore whos in tomorrow for some killin ?
Comment by CloudCircus at 02:45 on 19 Aug 2014

i will have the game by next week! lets play!

bplayak Pinball FX2 (Xbox One) bplayak completed the Civil War Table DLC in Pinball FX2 (Xbox One)
Comment by KillerBEA XBA at 02:05 on 19 Aug 2014

How was this one difficulty wise?

Stallion83 The Golf Club
These items contain comments Stallion83 won 3 Achievements in The Golf Club for 141 points
Stallion83 The Golf Club KAPOW! achievement Stallion83 won the KAPOW! achievement in The Golf Club for 85 points
Comment by AvengedAgainst at 22:20 on 18 Aug 2014

how are you playing this?

Comment by King Chizzy at 22:32 on 18 Aug 2014


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Stallion83 Bean Dive
Stallion83 won 1 achievement in 1 new game for 11 points as part of their Bean Dive
Status change by Stallion83 at 15:47 on 18 Aug 2014 Stallion83 status: Gamerscore Popcast 148: Gamescom 2014 - http://tinyurl.com/mylehp6
Status change by RAVIOLICAPONI at 10:30 on 18 Aug 2014 RAVIOLICAPONI status: Are ppl still having problems with achvments not popping on Xbox One?
Comment by Xtowers at 14:50 on 18 Aug 2014

I have an achievement at 100% progress, but it will not unlock.

Comment by Buckmarley155 at 16:19 on 18 Aug 2014

Had two in Spider-Man. One of them has now unlocked. The other one is at 100% and still locked.

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