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Status change by AssassinCreed83 at 02:32 on 31 Aug 2015 AssassinCreed83 status: i have 2 weeks 2 play an beat borderlands 2 cuz im burrowing it from a friend but i got free dlc for 1 an 2 so i cant complain but i may or may not
Comment by AssassinCreed83 at 02:33 on 31 Aug 2015

get to complete it but i can when i get around to it complete borderlands 1

GunsAndGardens Diablo III GunsAndGardens started the game Diablo III
NCguitarman65 NCguitarman65 has reached a new milestone: 50 Games Played
Hyyr RAGE The Scorchers Hyyr started the The Scorchers DLC for RAGE
Status change by AssassinCreed83 at 20:48 on 29 Aug 2015 AssassinCreed83 status: Borderlands 2 is bad ass so much better than borderlands 1
Astariah Astariah has reached a new milestone: 260,000 GamerScore
GunsAndGardens RAGE
GunsAndGardens won 3 Achievements in RAGE for 176 points
AssassinCreed83 Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360) AssassinCreed83 started the game Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360)
Comment by HaxAras x Royal at 20:38 on 28 Aug 2015

If you're interested in playing together, let me know. I love Borderlands 2.

Comment by Sharlak Intulak at 10:12 on 29 Aug 2015

It is indeed awesome!

Comment by AssassinCreed83 at 20:43 on 29 Aug 2015

i like it better than the first one lol but ok let me try to beat the game if i get stuck an need help i will hollar at u HaxAras x Royal

Status change by AssassinCreed83 at 21:54 on 27 Aug 2015 AssassinCreed83 status: I'm so f*#kin piss off i hate the f*#kin world
Comment by eLiTeMC251 at 23:31 on 27 Aug 2015

I'm sorry to hear that. But do try to look at the positive side of things :) and keep you chin up.

Comment by AssassinCreed83 at 00:34 on 28 Aug 2015

i was juss havin a bad day. i pass my written test to get my driver licences then bad news happened an idk y but gotta find out tomorrow but thanks for the positive

Comment by AssassinCreed83 at 00:34 on 28 Aug 2015

feedback u made my nite

GunsAndGardens RAGE Just a Flesh Wound achievement GunsAndGardens won the Just a Flesh Wound achievement in RAGE for 40 points
Comment by Hyyr at 18:11 on 27 Aug 2015

Congrats, that achievement is the reason the game is called RAGE.

Comment by GunsAndGardens at 18:30 on 27 Aug 2015

Everyone needs a 16 year old son to get those annoying achievements.

AssassinCreed83 Microsoft Mahjong (Win 8) AssassinCreed83 completed the game Microsoft Mahjong (Win 8) and is the 16,807th gamer on the site to complete it
AssassinCreed83 Batman: Arkham Origins AssassinCreed83 has rated the game Batman: Arkham Origins 4 out of 5
Status change by AssassinCreed83 at 20:46 on 26 Aug 2015 AssassinCreed83 status: any1 played batman arkham origins? i need help or advice with deathstroke... i knock his mask off then he hands my ass back to me
Comment by Sharlak Intulak at 21:17 on 26 Aug 2015

I beat him the First time, but dont remember, was 1,5 Years ago

Comment by AssassinCreed83 at 21:25 on 26 Aug 2015

nevermind finally beat him i figured it out its all about the timing like most games

Comment by RepairedSpace06 at 01:21 on 27 Aug 2015

Press Y when prompted, don't ever mash it or you'll fail. He's very vulnerable to the quickfire batclaw so use it to get free hits.

Status change by AssassinCreed83 at 15:38 on 26 Aug 2015 AssassinCreed83 status: temp #2 to take a written test to get my drivers licenses...wish me luck... will keep u updated
Comment by RayvenMorrigana at 15:54 on 26 Aug 2015

Good luck!

Comment by AssassinCreed83 at 16:22 on 26 Aug 2015


AssassinCreed83 AssassinCreed83 has reached a new milestone: 110,000 TrueAchievement Score
AssassinCreed83 Red Faction: Guerrilla War Veteran achievement AssassinCreed83 won the War Veteran achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla for 374 points
Comment by ModLifeIsWar115 at 21:53 on 26 Aug 2015

That game was a pain

Comment by AssassinCreed83 at 22:55 on 26 Aug 2015

yes that was but im glad its over

Astariah Monsters vs Aliens
Astariah won 2 Achievements in Monsters vs Aliens for 88 points
Astariah Final Fantasy XI
Astariah won 3 Achievements in Final Fantasy XI for 242 points
Status change by AssassinCreed83 at 16:07 on 25 Aug 2015 AssassinCreed83 status: Games wit gold made my month next month i been wanting tomb raider hd for xbox one for a long time hell yeah i dont have to buy it
Comment by AssassinCreed83 at 16:14 on 25 Aug 2015


Comment by Antr0p0phagus at 16:31 on 25 Aug 2015

Don't know anything about Deer God, but I'm hyped that we get Crysis 3 and Tomb Raider definitive Edition! I was this close to buying them when they were on sale a few

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Ryys Metro 2033 
                    Secret Achievement Ryys won the Secret Achievement in Metro 2033 for 5 points
Ryys Metro 2033 Ryys started the game Metro 2033
Ryys Lost Odyssey The End achievement Ryys won the The End achievement in Lost Odyssey for 226 points
GunsAndGardens RAGE
GunsAndGardens won 2 Achievements in RAGE for 66 points
Hyyr won 4 Achievements in RAGE for 251 points
Hyyr won 5 Achievements in RAGE for 160 points
Hyyr RAGE Jumper achievement Hyyr won the Jumper achievement in RAGE for 47 points
Hyyr RAGE Roadkill achievement Hyyr won the Roadkill achievement in RAGE for 25 points
Hyyr RAGE Decrypted achievement Hyyr won the Decrypted achievement in RAGE for 15 points
Hyyr RAGE Power Struggle achievement Hyyr won the Power Struggle achievement in RAGE for 14 points
Status change by AssassinCreed83 at 20:13 on 22 Aug 2015 AssassinCreed83 status: I lost my streak :(
Comment by Vhrza at 23:42 on 22 Aug 2015


Comment by AR4DOR at 03:49 on 23 Aug 2015

Oh No, what were you up to?

Comment by AssassinCreed83 at 20:18 on 25 Aug 2015

44 days an i was trying to beat my all time 62 streak but fell short but i will try again

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