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Anyone that would like to boost the bullspack dlc in Halo 4?

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Account history,milestones and achievements!
So since i reached 200K gamerscore about a month ago( march 04) i thought i should make a blog post about my road to reach this milestone and give some back story to my profile. Here we go.

First of i have always been a gamer. I've played games effectively all my life. The first console i had was PlayStation 1 which i had until i got my xbox(got in 01-02 when i was around 5 or 6). On the original xbox i played A LOT of Halo so that has always been a impotent serie for me. I still have a box console that i play on every now and then.

So Christmas 07 i got a Xbox 360 as a Christmas present from my parents(i was 10 at this point). It was the classic white 360 and with it i got a copy of Halo 3. The first account i had was Skywalker Luke(obvious reference right?) and i had that account for about a year.

The reason i made a new account is because i got Battlefield Bad Company and to play EA games online you had to be 13(don't know if that's still required) and since i wrote my real date of birth when i made the account i could not play the game online. So the only solution was to make a new account. I got the name form my dad who suggested it should be called IKV91(he got it from the tank he drove when he was in the army. Google ikv 91 if you want to see it). So we made the account and signed up for Xbox Live.

So the first achievement i got was "Get me started" in Battlefield Bad Company on June 29:th 2008(same day i made the account). So for those wondering what got me into achievement i would say it's thanks to Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter. The first video i ever saw with them was an achievement guide for Star Wars the Force Unleashed(

The first game i perfected on IKV91 was LEGO Batman which i perfected on November 9:th 2008. So moving forward to somewhere in 2012 where i got 99999 Gamerscore(thanks FIFA 09 and your 1G achievement for playing for 50 hours). This was a proud moment for me(still have a picture that i took when i had that).

Around January 2014 i started getting really hardcore into achievements and started buying games just for achievements. The first 2 games i bought just for achievements were "Prey" and "Jumper". After that i just kept buying games for achievements and managed to get around 80K in just 2014.

So i reached 200 000 Gamerscore on March 4:th 2015. Those that were on my friend list got a message where i celebrated. The achievement that made me get exactly 200K was "Sightseer" in GTA 4. The only reason i picked this achievement was because it was 5G so i would make me have 200K on the spot. To celebrate i bought some expensive chocolate and coca cola bottle(made of glass not the cheap metal).

So if i would bring up a couple of game i'm really proud of perfecting it's Dead Rising. This game was really annoying to perfect due to 2 achievements "7 day survivor" and "Saint". I would recommend you look these 2 up on TA to understand how annoying they are. 7 day survivor requires you to survive for 7 days in infinite mode(which takes around 13-14 hours in real life time). For this achievements you have to fight a couple or psychos to get get food as you constantly loose health due to hunger. You can not save and you have to do it in 1 sitting(you can pause the game but you can't quit the game). It's not that hard but really tedious and it takes up the entire day for one achievement.

For the "Saint" achievement you have to save 50 survivors in 1 playthrough. The maximum of survivors you can save is 52 so there is really little room for error. The reason this achievement sucks is because you have to escort the survivors back to safe house to save them. You can only have 8 follow you at 1 time and no more can spawn until these survivors are dead or saved. Since all the survivors spawn at specific time, if the numbers of survivors you have with you+ all survivors that is around the mall at the time+ the amount that's going to spawn is greater number then 8 they WILL not spawn and they never will. So it's very stressful and you have to know where they spawn, who to pick up in which order and bring them back to the safe house quick enough. And i have not even mentioned the best thing about this achievement! The survivors in this game are by FAR the MOST fucking retarded AI i have ever seen. You have to babysit them to make sure the don't die and you will hear them scream FRAAAANK every 5 fucking seconds since they will keep getting grabbed by the zombies and you have to help them. If anyone decides to for this achievement i just have to say 1 thing: GOOD LUCK you'll need it!

Alright so another game that was bloody annoying to perfect was Far Cry 2 for one reason: multiplayer achievements. To get all the field manuals for all weapons took me 58 hours and 42 minutes. And that's just for the multiplayer stuff. To understand how many kills you need please look up the solution on TA.

Another proud game for me to perfect is Red Dead Redemption. And this is on the list for one reason: it's one of my 2 to favorite games ever(along with The Warriors for the original Xbox).

Battlefield 3 is also on the list here because i perfected the game including the dlc:s without boosting a single achievement. I got all of them in normal multiplayer.

The last game on the list here is Call of Duty 3. The reason i added this to the list is because the "General" achievement which requires you to get 40000 points in multiplayer took alot of boosting and it was really boring.

Lastly i would to thank everyone who has helped me along this journey over the years. Thank you for all the help i've been given with achievements over the years. Boosting games gets immensely more fun when you have some great people to talk to while boosting some boring game. Lastly i would like to thank Rooster Teeth/Achievement Huter and Ray Narvaez jr(GT BrownMan) for being a role model when it comes to achievements.

Thank you for reading
Sebastian AKA IKV91

PS if you read it all i shall present to you a virtual cookie(or a real one if i ever meet you).
PPS if you would like me to add something or further explain some detail please comment.
Posted by IKV91 on 16 April 15 at 20:31 | There are 22 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Comment by Prodx at 03:06 on 23 Oct 2016

I wanted to do the games needed for Rare Replay and this along with Perfect Dark Zero are needed if you were interested. Let me know when you want to boost some things.

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Comment by Bytyqi at 00:55 on 23 Oct 2016

Fantastic work!!!

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Wow! Excellent! toast

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