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someone recommend me a fun game

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Selling foreign games update
First off I will only be shipping within the United States and payment must be via paypal

Stranglehold (German) - $20

Snipers - $20
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Status change by K4rn4ge at 00:31 on 25 Jul 2014 K4rn4ge status: Hell yeah the new Trials Fusion achs for the first 2 sets of DLC are out...
Comment by K4rn4ge at 00:31 on 25 Jul 2014


Comment by K4rn4ge at 00:33 on 25 Jul 2014

By the looks of the X1 and XBLA ach lists, I am predicting that after all 6 DLCs, the X1 version will have 2,500 GS and XBLA version will have 1,000 GS.

Comment by K4rn4ge at 00:37 on 25 Jul 2014

I don't mind if Microsoft breaks their 800 GS XBLA limit rules for this game ... well for any game really lol

sXe Jeremy Sleeping Dogs
sXe Jeremy won 2 Achievements in Sleeping Dogs for 181 points
Status change by K4rn4ge at 00:08 on 25 Jul 2014 K4rn4ge status: Damn a few people have AirMech Arena beta codes but I still haven't received mine yet. Anyone else get one yet?
Comment by K4rn4ge at 00:08 on 25 Jul 2014

The Destiny beta is fun but believe it or not I want to play the AirMech beta more lol

Comment by v Richieee x at 00:09 on 25 Jul 2014

Ive had the Destiny Beta downloaded for a few days and still havent played it.

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Manic Ado Bean Dive
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SATYATEX Enemy Front SATYATEX completed the game Enemy Front and is the 57th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by TigerROLI at 22:12 on 24 Jul 2014

Elsoként szeretnék gratulálni. Mikor rápillantottam még csak asszem 785 g volt, két órával késobb meg már ezer. Amúgy mintha ez lassabban ment volna az átlagnál, nem? :)

Comment by SATYATEX at 22:55 on 24 Jul 2014

igen, mert jó a játék, élveztem és minden pályát ahol lehetett végig lopakodva csináltam meg, kivéve persze azokat ahol muszáj volt zurt csinálni 1-1 acsi miatt.

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sXe Jeremy Sleeping Dogs
sXe Jeremy won 2 Achievements in Sleeping Dogs for 59 points
Status change by iHeartSlampigs at 20:13 on 24 Jul 2014 iHeartSlampigs status: Legend survival down, three more to go. laugh
Comment by iHeartSlampigs at 20:14 on 24 Jul 2014

So glad they patched it so the hardest ones could be done first. Quite the relief. Plus I can do the rest with dat swimsuit.

Comment by Dark Rocky X at 20:33 on 24 Jul 2014

What do you mean Pigs? Give me tips and shit please for when I want to go back to it.

Comment by Raezie at 20:56 on 24 Jul 2014

Good, was getting sick of your bitching laugh

Cuckoolander Blacklight: Tango Down Cuckoolander has rated the game Blacklight: Tango Down 2 out of 5
Comment by Cuckoolander at 19:59 on 24 Jul 2014

Great game that is under estimated and is one of the best first person shooter games on the 360. 2/5

Comment by Cuckoolander at 21:58 on 24 Jul 2014

Aw, no one got the joke ; ;

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