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Top 10
After much deliberation on the subject, I have decided to try to document my favourite games from the 360 era. Likely after completing this, I'll come up with a completely different list, but this will have to do for the moment. Actually narrowing it down to 10 has been a much harder challenge than I previously thought it would be. Will be leaving out ports and remasters from the previous gen, as this list would be somewhat skewed otherwise, and unfair. Will also be limiting this to one game per series, for similar reasons.

Honourable mentions

3. Tomb Raider - This was pretty much my entry into the series, which likely colours me in a bad light with long term fans, but I did have a lot of fun with this game. The platforming, mini puzzles and smooth gunplay led to a very enjoyable experience.

2. Dishonoured - An excellent stealth game, with powers that enable you to run circles around your enemies and gain the upper hand easily, very satisfying when your planning all works out. Unfortunately rather short, but makes up for this with some of the best DLC I've played on Xbox.

1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - It was hard placing this out of the top ten with its excellent story telling and strong character interaction, but it just loses out a little as the replay value is not massively high. Another nice surprise out of nowhere for me, highly anticipating the sequel.

10. The Saboteur - Rough around the edges at times, with a few flaws, but the light really shines through the cracks with this game. WW2 Paris is a great setting for this game, and while the story won't win any awards, the charm and fun factor of blowing up zeppelins on the Eiffel tower always kept me entertained.

9. Mafia 2 - As a big fan of the mob era, this was always going to rate highly with me. A fairly linear sandbox environment, but it works extremely well with the strong story of this game, keeping your focus where it matters most, on the compelling characters and rich mob drama.

8. Hitman: Absolution - Not the Hitman game I waited 6 years for, but it was never going to be outside of my ten. Very different tonally to the previous instalments, which sometimes cause it to suffer, but a few missions in particular really stand out as great Hitman missions, and I had a bunch of fun accident killing my targets.

7. Mass Effect 2 - So far my favourite game that I've played this year (aware it came out years ago), the sequel is weaker in story compared to the first, but in every other aspect, this is a definite improvement. Rich and exciting sci fi universe with great characters for the most part, the loyalty missions in this game really bringing you closer to your squadmates, fast and fluid combat and loads of unique locations to explore.

6. Bioshock Infinite - This is probably as much as surprise to everyone as it is to me, considering how little I liked the highly lauded first game and its sequel, but it improved over the first game in "infinite" ways, with much smoother and more enjoyable gameplay, more interesting weapons and powers, and even crushed the original story wise. Went in with no expectations and came out extremely pleasantly surprised.

5. Metro: Last Light - It was tough deciding between this or 2033, considering the prequel has my favourite mission from either game in it, but this one just takes the top spot for a few reasons, including improved gameplay and amazing surface setpieces that really show the destruction humanity has brought on itself, plus the struggle of Artyom to redeem himself following the events of 2033.

4. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Skyrim might be a better game mechanically, but this game has about double the charm of its sequel. Rich and deep, with hundreds of locations and incredible questlines (especially the Dark Brotherhood) that outshine Skyrim in a few ways. Loved every second of my adventures in this game.

3. Dead Space - We won't go into the fact that EA butchered an incredible IP, and instead focus on what made the first game so great. Sci Fi horror has always been one of my favourite genres, and this is the only game I've played to date that actually made me nervous to turn the next corner, fearing a loud burst of music and something ugly leaping from the shadows, which usually happened and set my heart racing. Big plot twist towards the end, and masterful in its suspense.

2. Fallout 3 - "Oblivion with guns" An apt description, but unique in many ways. The combat never gets tired when you can target body parts in VATS and dismember enemies in slow motion, and the side quests in this game are incredible, each one revealing more about the massive and diverse world around you.

1. Red Dead Redemption - Big surprise here. This was always going to be my number one as a massive Western buff. John Marston is probably the best character Rockstar have ever written, in their best effort at a game. When not engaged with the excellent story layered with betrayals and intriguing characters, the core gameplay is amazing, the weaponry of the time when combined with the bullet time allowing you to decimate multiple enemies and rampaging bears alike. Truly one game I could play over and over again.
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Risen is still awesome, there's nothing wrong with the 360 port. Though I do have a 50in HDTV, I could see issues reading some of the text on a 35in or lower.

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If you want the "I'm Ahead" check do any of the challenges mate. I dropped in some lame scores

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check => chievo

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