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The end of Marquette1993
Hello everyone and any of my former achievement hunting buddies who are reading this , I officially am putting my gamertag and title in the community Marquette1993 to an end. Many of you may wonder why It's been so long since I've been on Xbox Live or been on any gaming websites. The truth is that I felt called to leave gaming for a bigger purpose in my life. I had to focus more on my education and where I was going to take my future. Thus, I had to sacrifice my time I spent hunting for achievements to keep my grades up in my education and try to do soul searching to find my true purpose in life.

The Xbox 360 and Ps3 served to me as a median in my life , a point where I didn't know what I quite wanted to do with my life and video games were where I found that I fit in with society. I found that it made me have a purpose for quite some time going after achievements. However, my faith and religion has taken me in a different direction where I now spend my time helping others more and helping people overcome struggles.

I will admit after a while I got addicted to hunting for achievements and it consumed every part of my life where I was neglecting my education and spending time with my real life friends that I had. It wasn't until I realized how selfish I used to be and hesitant I was to not build personal relationships outside of my own gaming sphere. This is when I found out who I actually was. I am not saying that all Video games are bad even though our current industry has very violent rated M games. That is why I always told myself I would never play rated M games and I have not. I always stuck to rated Everyone and Rated Teen games

However, this is the end of an era for me ; a end of a decade where I have made the decision to move on from all of this and I have been more focused on my faith and hope which is to be with others and enjoy their company more. I also have now gotten to hangout with a few friends and never gotten to experience this before. This is the truth my friends on why I have given up playing Video games. Also, I can't find any purpose in games much anymore because about 99% of games are fictional and not real life.

The only Video games I plan to play these days are mainly certain music based rhythm games because I love music alot. I also still plan to play especially Journey on my Ps3 which is a religious game for me. It is one of the first games that has taught me lessons in life. In conclusion , I live for a different purpose now and getting rid of gaming for the most part has led me to less stress when also having to cope with my daily education and life itself. In fact, I actually felt guilty after spending so much time hunting for achievements because it was just a place marker for me to feel like I obtained or accomplished something in life when the truth is I needed to find that security in my daily life. I am so glad that now I have found security and a peaceful atmosphere I can been in each day without having to worry about " How many achievements I can get in this or that game."
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