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Apparently, yesterday was my 6-year TA anniversary. Time flies and all that.

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I <3 Jon

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Lying in Destiny's Wake
Hi people!

So... yeah, it's been a while. Nearly seven months. Let's start with a brief recap of why:

Some kind of blues just hit me around the time of year I ...
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Status change by ChewieOnIce at 08:32 on 20 Oct 2014 ChewieOnIce status: Working on something very exciting and super top secret at the moment. EEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP!!!!!
Comment by TSG Dwaggie at 09:25 on 20 Oct 2014

TA App. Clear as a window :p

FEAR EPIDEMIC Prototype FEAR EPIDEMIC completed the game Prototype and is the 2,042nd gamer on the site to complete it
Sashamorning Skylanders Trap Team Sashamorning has rated the game Skylanders Trap Team 4.5 out of 5
Sashamorning Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Sashamorning started the game Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Comment by Lil Pumpkin 3DG at 09:20 on 20 Oct 2014

Yay!!! [claptrap]

iHeartSlampigs Persona 4 Arena Ultimax iHeartSlampigs completed the Margaret DLC in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
Comment by iHeartSlampigs at 06:13 on 20 Oct 2014

Thanks Mems! For both trial tips and the online. =P

Comment by MemoriesOfFinal at 06:46 on 20 Oct 2014

anytime man :P

Comment by ArcCsc at 06:49 on 20 Oct 2014

piggy back ride warning

Beachem Beachem has reached a new milestone: 300 Games Played
Comment by Manu BAD IT at 08:02 on 20 Oct 2014

That's alot! Nice milestone clap

Beachem Bean Dive
Beachem won 1 achievement in 1 new game for 10 points as part of their Bean Dive
iHeartSlampigs Halo 3: ODST
These items contain comments iHeartSlampigs won 4 Achievements in Halo 3: ODST for 70 points
iHeartSlampigs Halo 3: ODST Firefight: Security Zone achievement iHeartSlampigs won the Firefight: Security Zone achievement in Halo 3: ODST for 21 points
Comment by WudYa1ookAtThat at 02:56 on 20 Oct 2014

YO Ryan! Let me know if you need any help with these! I enjoy it a lot. Also need to do deja vu, if you dont already have 4 people for it

Comment by WudYa1ookAtThat at 02:58 on 20 Oct 2014

Damn just realized you already got it lol

Comment by iHeartSlampigs at 02:58 on 20 Oct 2014

We have a group doing all of it but if you need to do Deja Vu and get a couple of people together I'll do it again!

Boots Orion Blades of Time Boots Orion started the game Blades of Time
Comment by New Paralyzer at 03:11 on 20 Oct 2014

I'm sorry buy X-Blades (believe it or not) was way better than the horrible and boring Blades of Shit sequel, and X-Blades was terrible!

Comment by Boots Orion at 03:32 on 20 Oct 2014


Onsidic Defiance Onsidic completed the Gunslinger Trials DLC in Defiance
Comment by Onsidic at 02:35 on 20 Oct 2014

1 achievement left.. need to get 5 Chim dailes and reliable rep.. (about 9 daily runs in total )

Comment by Facial La Fleur at 02:49 on 20 Oct 2014

Nice. I wish I had the DLC so I could get back to this game. Even without the DLC, there is a ridiculous amount of content in this game nowadays.

Comment by Ms Dudette at 07:16 on 20 Oct 2014


Onsidic Defiance
Onsidic won 2 Achievements in Defiance for 151 points
alklein92201 Borderlands 2
These items contain comments alklein92201 won 4 Achievements in Borderlands 2 for 72 points
alklein92201 Borderlands 2 Farewell, Old Girl achievement alklein92201 won the Farewell, Old Girl achievement in Borderlands 2 for 24 points
Comment by alklein92201 at 00:59 on 20 Oct 2014

Jack, I'm going to set you on fire and stab you in the throat, you asshole.

Status change by EDLESON2K6 at 01:40 on 20 Oct 2014 EDLESON2K6 status: Any serious gamers interested in
Comment by EDLESON2K6 at 01:40 on 20 Oct 2014


Comment by Mercandirty at 01:48 on 20 Oct 2014

Are you seriously serious???

Comment by EDLESON2K6 at 01:53 on 20 Oct 2014

Need (want) to have it finish before Christmas

K4rn4ge has started broadcasting Chariot on their twitch feed at 01:07 on 20 Oct 2014 Twitch Chariot K4rn4ge has started broadcasting Chariot on their Twitch channel
K4rn4ge Project Spark (Xbox One) Fortnight achievement K4rn4ge won the Fortnight achievement in Project Spark (Xbox One) for 322 points
Comment by K4rn4ge at 01:03 on 20 Oct 2014

Don't forget to log in guys :)

Comment by Chris8875 at 01:32 on 20 Oct 2014

Ah of course, thanks for the reminder. Though I think I'm a touch behind and not quite at 14 days yet.

Comment by Frostbite at 07:46 on 20 Oct 2014

Nice! I forgot once after a few days I just recently started over. So I got a few more days....

Status change by alklein92201 at 00:46 on 20 Oct 2014 alklein92201 status: Wow, finally getting back to Borderlands after a long time, never got through the campaign.
Comment by alklein92201 at 00:47 on 20 Oct 2014

Borderlands 2. Someone just had an explosive collar blow them up... I damn near wanted to cry. Jack deserves death by a thousand paper cuts, that bastard.

Comment by Epsilon Theta at 07:37 on 20 Oct 2014

Yes, yes he does!

Status change by iHeartSlampigs at 00:10 on 20 Oct 2014 iHeartSlampigs status: I better hit 85% before I get the One and the Master Chief Collection. 400 achievements would be a goal ruiner. laugh
Comment by Reborn Insanity at 00:16 on 20 Oct 2014

Yeah that's going to tank a lot of peoples completions.

Comment by QcK Dagger HeaT at 02:22 on 20 Oct 2014

It will tank me for SURE lol hoping there isn't a lot of Online Achievements

...there are 5 other comments

Montana97 Warface
Montana97 won 2 Achievements in Warface for 15 points
Montana97 Warface Montana97 started the game Warface
Comment by Facial La Fleur at 00:24 on 20 Oct 2014

I do weekly session over at Achievement Hounds if you'd like to join us Wednesday (for me anyway) nights.

Comment by Montana97 at 06:01 on 20 Oct 2014

Thanks, but just bean diving at the moment.. Day 600 or 601?

...there are 2 other comments

Boots Orion Crysis 2
Boots Orion won 2 Achievements in Crysis 2 for 83 points
DuStEdBoTTomS DuStEdBoTTomS has reached a new milestone: 4,000 Achievements Won
Comment by Armstrong x360a at 22:59 on 19 Oct 2014

Nice one!

LitaOsiris D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die LitaOsiris has rated the game D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die 4.5 out of 5
Comment by Reborn Insanity at 23:15 on 19 Oct 2014

That good? I've been meaning to check this out.

Comment by LitaOsiris at 08:22 on 20 Oct 2014

Yeah, I quite liked it. Weird ending for sure! Looking forward to seeing what happens next :)

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