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Buyer's Guide For Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Here's some more satire I've been writing for VGMMDI.com. The site recently had an article go over 25,000 views for the first time, written by my writing partner Tony. For ...
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Clever Jake Shuffle Party (WP) Clever Jake completed the game Shuffle Party (WP) and is the 5,871st gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Large Coffee at 14:44 on 26 Nov 2014

This game bored me to tears.

Comment by Clever Jake at 14:49 on 26 Nov 2014

Yeah it is a bit shitty, I've completed it twice now!

...there are 2 other comments

Status change by MC0REBE at 13:39 on 26 Nov 2014 MC0REBE status: Is there anybody with the bonus wave unlocked on COD: AW (Xbox One)? Pleeassseeee?!
Comment by n1ckKz at 14:38 on 26 Nov 2014

Is it uncompleteable without help then?

Comment by Foerl at 14:47 on 26 Nov 2014

no, you just save yourself a LOT of time because you would've to go through all the tiers and do x amount of waves to unlock the next.

...there are 3 other comments

Reborn Insanity LIMBO (Xbox One) Reborn Insanity has rated the game LIMBO (Xbox One) 5 out of 5
Reborn Insanity LIMBO (Xbox One) Reborn Insanity started the game LIMBO (Xbox One)
Comment by Twinkling82 at 13:10 on 26 Nov 2014


Reborn Insanity Deus Ex: Human Revolution Unforeseen Consequence achievement Reborn Insanity won the Unforeseen Consequence achievement in Deus Ex: Human Revolution for 17 points
Comment by Reborn Insanity at 12:19 on 26 Nov 2014

Damn it. Went to get this since it was easy and I need to keep my streak going. Once it pops I go to check on it and I notice I'm not connected to XBL

Comment by True XenoBlade at 12:47 on 26 Nov 2014

I'm disappointed you haven't finished this, it's brilliant!

Status change by Kendrene at 09:29 on 26 Nov 2014 Kendrene status: A power outage later, 20 hours of DA: Inquisition down the drain.
Comment by Twinkling82 at 11:12 on 26 Nov 2014

oh that sucks - corrupted save?

Comment by Kendrene at 11:17 on 26 Nov 2014

Yeah. It sucks but at least the console is unharmed

Comment by Twinkling82 at 12:10 on 26 Nov 2014

That's always something.

TrueAchievement Geometry Wars³: Dimensions TrueAchievement started the game Geometry Wars³: Dimensions
Comment by Clever Jake at 09:10 on 26 Nov 2014

I'm avoiding this, I enjoyed the second one, but was terrible at it.

Comment by TrueAchievement at 09:36 on 26 Nov 2014

First indications are that it's **** hard!

Raptures Lost Super Time Force (Xbox One) Raptures Lost has rated the game Super Time Force (Xbox One) 4 out of 5
DaveKinetic Tales from the Borderlands DaveKinetic completed the game Tales from the Borderlands and is the 20th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Lil Miss Cherry at 05:22 on 26 Nov 2014

Thanks for letting me know this was out :P Well done on ze completion ~:D

Comment by Silent Star at 07:50 on 26 Nov 2014

How was this compared to their other games?

...there are 4 other comments

Eskobar M92 Geometry Wars³: Dimensions Eskobar M92 has rated the game Geometry Wars³: Dimensions 5 out of 5
AirborneDav1d YouTube AirborneDav1d has rated the game YouTube 4 out of 5
AirborneDav1d Völgarr the Viking AirborneDav1d has rated the game Völgarr the Viking 3 out of 5
AirborneDav1d Sunset Overdrive AirborneDav1d has rated the game Sunset Overdrive 4 out of 5
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