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Fans Petition BioWare To Change Mass Effect 4 Ending
Haven't posted my VGMMDI links in a while. Here they are if you're into this sort of thing.

Entire Fox News Staff Yet To Play BioShock Infinite

Fans Petition BioWare To ...
Posted by N0T PENNYS B0AT on 17 August 14 at 17:47 | There is 1 comment on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Status change by GameTagwastaken at 22:05 on 20 Oct 2014 GameTagwastaken status: I hope that the DotP 2015 update is coming to xbox! Sounds much improved.
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Comment by MagnetixSQL at 21:23 on 20 Oct 2014

Oh you are in for a treat with this game! Best game ever!!!!

Status change by Beachem at 19:59 on 20 Oct 2014 Beachem status: Been dominating some WP games at work today lol
Comment by Beachem at 20:01 on 20 Oct 2014

145G so far today

Comment by Barad XBA at 20:06 on 20 Oct 2014

What a boss!

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Status change by dropK1CK ninJA at 19:11 on 20 Oct 2014 dropK1CK ninJA status: Snikt! Snikt!
Comment by imaidiot19 at 20:49 on 20 Oct 2014

are you pretending to be Wolverine?

Comment by Rhyolitic at 21:09 on 20 Oct 2014

Alright Jay, take the plastic forks and knives off your hands.

Comment by Codster2005 at 21:20 on 20 Oct 2014

He's dead now.

Status change by ButterflyEdge at 18:56 on 20 Oct 2014 ButterflyEdge status: Signed off work for three months. Lots of time for all these new releases at least...
Comment by Beanpotter at 20:07 on 20 Oct 2014

Break a leg, err, I mean good luck!

Comment by ButterflyEdge at 21:56 on 20 Oct 2014


Comment by Spilner at 22:19 on 20 Oct 2014

3 months you say... who wants to break mine? Do you get 6 if you break both?

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Status change by Kendrene at 14:32 on 20 Oct 2014 Kendrene status: FH2 has hillclimb events?! *.*
Comment by GameTagwastaken at 14:35 on 20 Oct 2014

That one event is a hillclimb in name only - at least on 360.

Comment by NawtyCawty at 15:22 on 20 Oct 2014

I love the cross country ones

iMaginaryy Arcana Heart 3 iMaginaryy has rated the game Arcana Heart 3 4 out of 5
Status change by TrueAchievement at 12:49 on 20 Oct 2014 TrueAchievement status: Very busy week ahead! smile
Comment by alklein92201 at 14:09 on 20 Oct 2014

Official confirmation of the One App releasing? smile

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ButterflyEdge State of Decay ButterflyEdge started the game State of Decay
Comment by Chris1984uk at 14:29 on 20 Oct 2014

clap Have fun, proper enjoyed this, DLC not so much though

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Status change by ChewieOnIce at 08:32 on 20 Oct 2014 ChewieOnIce status: Working on something very exciting and super top secret at the moment. EEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP!!!!!
Comment by TSG Dwaggie at 09:25 on 20 Oct 2014

TA App. Clear as a window :p

Comment by Lavindathar at 09:45 on 20 Oct 2014

But that's not secret....

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