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Catching Up
It's been a while since I've been on here, so first off apologies for that. My boss left at work, so it's been up to me to do pretty much everything, which has made me incredibly stressed, so when I don't have work, all I do is smash time in to my Xbox. It's a vicious cycle of enjoyment beating out productivity. I hate when I work and want to change my job but I go home and just watch stuff or play video games when I should be channeling my effort in to getting a new job. But enough of all the bitching and moaning, all like 9 of you didn't come here for that. I'll do my best to recap what's been going on with my profile since my last post...

Halo: MCC

I went way all out on this. I currently stand at 530/600 achievements, which I'm already pretty proud of. The last ones to be done no doubt will be legendary speedruns and LASOs, along with all the cumulative MP achievements. During my week off work I cracked open Halo 3: ODST and just went crazy on it. I've done more or less everything besides finding the last 3 audio logs. Legendary was by far the easiest on this game (which kinda doesn't make sense as you're just a nameless rookie as opposed to a kick ass Spartan but whaddo I know)) and the campaign is actually really short if you take out the Mombasa streets hub and finding all the clues. Nevertheless, I got loads of achievements and I'm slowly wearing this game down. Oh and I also finished all the Spartan Ops chapters on Legendary, far and away one of the worst features of the game. It is not fun to have to face almost endless waves of enemies, only just to kill one, die, respawn, kill one, die, respawn. Bad move Bungie/343. Please don't do this again.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

I've started and maxed this since my last post. I borrowed it from a friend and he wanted it back so I had to finally start it. I don't mind the Lego games, but I have to play them in short bursts otherwise they annoy me. Luckily my girlfriend plays them with me and sometimes if she has the day off she'll get some minikits or gold bricks or something. This is probably the second most enjoyable Lego I've played, (the first being Lego Jurassic World) but the flying controls are utter garbage.


After like a 4 year absence, I finally ventured back in to Tamriel. I'd finished the retail game and tried to start Dawnguard but fatigue set in and I just didn't go back until now. I finished both Dawnguard and the Dragonborn main quest achievements along with all the Hearthfire ones. OHMYCHIRST HEARTHFIRE. The most trivial and time consuming tasks for such a pointless reward. I never used any of my houses. Aela the Huntress (my werewolf wife, dat ass tho) and my adopted kid live there just telling me there's skeevers in the basement. I have 4 remaining achievements, get 11 werewolf and vampire perks, I'm currently in the process of eating people for the werewolf ones. Make an item out of Stalhrim which I found out needs to have your smithing skill up to 70 and you have to pick the perk to make Ebony weapons. I had like 39 smithing -_-. Lastly, kill a legendary dragon. That needs you to be around Level 75, so I'll have to level grind for a while.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Since my last post, I've completed all vehicle skin star achievements that the DLCs have. It was pretty repetitive to be honest, nowhere near as enjoyable as using all the different fighting styles that characters like Azrael, Nightwing and Red Hood have (RH's double pistol execution, yes please). I also did each character's mini story chapter. They were all pretty easy apart from Catwoman's which was almost unplayable in one section. The driving courses weren't all that bad, the 1960's race tracks had the TV Batman theme playing whist you're speeding around, that was a nice touch. I only have Season on Infamy left to do and I'm really looking forward to that.

South Park: TSoT

Only one thing to say about this in that I finally maxed it. Replaying it for about the 4th time to get all the friends was a bit frustrating but it's a fun game and only took around 6 hours total.

I think that's it. I'll be hunting down the last few audio logs in ODST over the next few days and finishing off FIFA 16 while I still can before my friends force me to buy 17 and maybe, just maybe I'll start a random game like Assassin's Creed III or go back to an old one like Thief.

Take care guys.

Posted by NwO Kavinsky on 03 October 16 at 18:33 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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How's the weather by you, izret?

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Yeah same here. Downloading now as it must be a fuck up

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Free play days for weekend.

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Congrats, that's awesome

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Impressive.. well done!

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