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Come on x1 pop the FUCKING achievement when I get it....

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Status change by EDLESON2K6 at 18:25 on 22 Nov 2014 EDLESON2K6 status: I have a PAL xbox now. If anyone has games that are stackable, hit me up.
Comment by Hurricane Ham at 18:32 on 22 Nov 2014


Comment by Hitman Darkness at 23:05 on 22 Nov 2014

I'm coming to Boston in the spring, as long as you have rambo and snipers lol

Comment by Ross Wyatt at 23:13 on 22 Nov 2014

I'll stack you any day

Ghost m0de Dragon Age II Ghost m0de completed the game Dragon Age II and is the 3,020th gamer on the site to complete it
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Comment by PhoenixKurogane at 22:20 on 22 Nov 2014

You're a god

Status change by Onsidic at 17:16 on 22 Nov 2014 Onsidic status: Whoot ZOne 18.. 15 kills in a titan .. now 100% legit again :) thanks stryder, amped rockets :)
Status change by Tao Logos at 17:03 on 22 Nov 2014 Tao Logos status: They gave me LIMBO. Not as good as a new One, but better than nothing
Comment by Kit Fisto78 at 17:35 on 22 Nov 2014

I got 200,000 for gta online.

Comment by xENVxGAMERSKREW at 19:38 on 22 Nov 2014

i got dbz movie / tv rental -_-'' i already have them on my pc

Comment by Tao Logos at 20:08 on 22 Nov 2014

Shit, I guess I won't complain. I liked Limbo on the 360 for an arcade

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