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After 2 rounds, looking good to make the UHH tournament round. Probably ends quickly after that though. Having fun at least

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Just How Good Are We?
Disclaimer: This post doesn't aim to call out people, just put down some thoughts about the site and what I disagree with or am troubled by currently.

Since the day I joined TA, I always like the idea of measuring how "good" I really am. The idea of collecting high ratio achievements and really aiming to do better has seen me become a stronger gamer. I've enjoyed the competitions and events throughout. Bean Diving every year is probably the most fun I've had with what could be considered a mark of shame to some.

At the same time, I've been disappointed by what I see in the face of this idea. There have been some reactions and actions by people that exploit or hurt this idea. I'm writing this to cover them, partially because I took part in a disagreement about this in the UHH 2 thread. With this being the eve of the competition, I figured it was the right time.

First and foremost, this new bold Xbox One generation has given the rise of changing achievements. Not only can developers patch the broken, they can even change the requirements (or GS of old achievements, looking at you Rayman on W8). While this could be beneficial in the case of the impossible, we've seen games go from challenging to jokes.

Two recent cases were disappointing: Knight Squad and Azkend 2. Knight Squad was given an easy mode when the regular mode was widely seen as fair to all. Azkend 2 took a highly skilled and difficult achievement and turned it into a comparatively joke of an achievement. For the person who put in the hours (possibly days) to get that good, it was clearly a smack in their face. Sadly, all it took was other members of this site to complain to get these changes implemented by the developer. And what is the result? Ratios, which some people hold sacred here, are forever tarnished.

In terms of competitions, I look at the 3 big annual/multi-run competitions and how people can tip-toe the line of cheating/fair to give an advantage. I'm talking of Leap Frog, GTASC, and now UHH. I never see myself winning and join for the fun of it all, but part of my realization for not winning is that some people are much more vicious with their tactics. I'll try to cover my thoughts on each:

GTASC - Ever since my first run last year in the individual contest, I've paid attention to the leaderboards. When I saw the final week last year when there was over 100,000 TA in a week, I had no idea what was possible. Reading the strategy known as "preloading" honestly made my heart sink. I realize it's not cheating so don't think I'm trying to call someone a cheater. But when it comes to scoring in a week to week scenario, knowing someone has so much saved up from almost the entirety of the last year means it was really all for nothing.

Leap Frog - This past year was better for sure, but I know the whole Title Update/DLC issue was huge. I don't really want to touch this as I think it's been beaten to death already. The one thing a lot of people might not have seen was an odd occurrence in LF1. A member had friends popping achievements elsewhere to survive. Once again, behavior that is not cheating, but highly questionable.

UHH - This is currently being discussed in the thread, so check there for a lot of sides to the argument. In general though, the editing of the game collections is highly questionable (at least to me). In some regards, I get it. Living situations change and game collections are not a static entity. I have traded games in and have a living situation which does not lend itself to playing Kinect enabled games. At the same time, I also see people culling their lists/collection to give themselves the most favorable path to the main tournament and possibly the finals. All the while, they own many of the games they are listing as "No Longer Owned" or other such descriptors. As always, this isn't cheating, but is it really as fair? I'm of the mindset that it is outside what the original spirit of the competition is.

What we should always ask ourselves is "Just How Good Are We?" We signed up to a community that asked us that question. Are we living up to that call? Or have let down ourselves in that pursuit? If we are truly as "good" as we claim to be, then sticking to the spirit of the competitions should be our focus.

If you took the time to read this, i thank you for your time. toast
Posted by RadicalSniper99 on 25 September 16 at 18:33 | There are 8 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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                  Status change by Reborn Insanity at 22:35 on 25 Oct 2016Reborn Insanity status: Friendly reminder to all Battlefield players: Set your audio to WAR TAPES. Thank me later.
Comment by Reborn Insanity at 22:36 on 25 Oct 2016

Works on all BF games. Surprised how many people didn't know this option existed so I figured I'd make a status. It's a MUST for headphone users. Immerse yourself!

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Comment by NICK 420 707x at 21:42 on 25 Oct 2016

Niiiiiiice! Wtg man!

Comment by SneakyStabbalot at 21:53 on 25 Oct 2016


Comment by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 at 22:53 on 25 Oct 2016

Thanks guys!

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Comment by scotwolf2 at 16:45 on 25 Oct 2016

if you need a hand with this gimme a shout

Comment by Healtti at 17:20 on 25 Oct 2016

+1, i haven't done the SP camp yet, only horde.

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Comment by scotwolf2 at 13:07 on 25 Oct 2016

"hail to the king baby" the king of minecraft

Comment by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 at 13:33 on 25 Oct 2016

Haha thanks :)

                  Status change by xDaff at 10:19 on 25 Oct 2016xDaff status: Does anyone want to do the older Destiny Raids with me? I'm only light 323, and I'm struggling to find help from various place I've been told about...
Comment by ClownTastic at 10:26 on 25 Oct 2016

Have you tried out the sub-reddit for it? https://www.reddit.com/r/Fireteams/ I did pretty much everything in Destiny with groups from there.

Comment by ClownTastic at 10:26 on 25 Oct 2016

If you still need help when I'm done with UHH I should be able to give you a hand.

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Comment by VisciousSquare at 19:33 on 25 Oct 2016

I gave this a punt, but couldn't settle into it at all. Can't get to grip with the controls. How the hell are you managing!

Comment by ClownTastic at 22:39 on 25 Oct 2016

Yeah it's a bit different. Had to play a couple of games to get a rough idea. Pitching is easy but the rest is a bit annoying.

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That feel when you go offroad so hard you literally leave the atmosphere

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Comment by Our Afflictions at 00:21 on 25 Oct 2016

Do you hate the genre yet

Comment by Awoo at 00:29 on 25 Oct 2016

Yes, but not as much as I hate the price points of most ID platformers.

Awoo shared the Just Dance 2017 achievement list at 00:13 on 25 Oct 2016Just Dance 2017Awoo shared the Just Dance 2017 achievement list
Comment by Awoo at 00:13 on 25 Oct 2016

Kinect is alive and well baby

Comment by cooorpse at 00:15 on 25 Oct 2016

Kind of

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Comment by anomalystic777 at 21:39 on 24 Oct 2016


Comment by MalibuStacey85 at 08:37 on 25 Oct 2016

Thanks, was alright in the end. Will probably do the 360 version next.

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