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Status change by merricat sugar at 18:33 on 20 Dec 2014 merricat sugar status: I hate to ask, but can someone donate me a few animals in Zoo Tycoon (X!)- so I can get those achievements?
Comment by paintballgirl at 18:36 on 20 Dec 2014

I'll send you some.

Comment by paintballgirl at 19:08 on 20 Dec 2014

I sent you two. Just let me know if you need more.

Comment by merricat sugar at 19:16 on 20 Dec 2014

Cool! Thanks!!

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Status change by merricat sugar at 11:29 on 18 Dec 2014 merricat sugar status: Well, now I've done it- gone and volunteered to write a walkthrough. On a game that completely doesn't need it. :-p
Comment by Reaver Lion at 11:39 on 18 Dec 2014


Comment by merricat sugar at 11:48 on 18 Dec 2014

lol- HIT THE BUTTON!! The Game of Thrones Tell Tale Game- I'm playing through multiple times w/multiple saves anyway- might as well write it down

EliteEdawg420 Tiny Troopers (WP) Boot Camp achievement EliteEdawg420 won the Boot Camp achievement in Tiny Troopers (WP) for 5 points
Comment by SKYCOMPRO at 06:49 on 18 Dec 2014

Good little game little bit like cannon fodder.

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Comment by Reaver Lion at 11:32 on 17 Dec 2014

nice :) the vids where interesting as well.

Comment by merricat sugar at 13:06 on 17 Dec 2014

Guess that achievement finally popped, lol

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