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Status change by TrueAchievement at 10:31 on 09 Jul 2014 TrueAchievement status: TGN office wall:
Comment by drabik at 11:30 on 09 Jul 2014

Looks good. Is this what the read only mode was for? wink

Comment by TrueAchievement at 11:32 on 09 Jul 2014

Yes, we had put all of our efforts into decorating!

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Status change by TrueAchievement at 05:30 on 05 Jul 2014 TrueAchievement status: Wish I had some time/games to dive cry
Comment by SuperTigerWoods at 05:45 on 05 Jul 2014

Highly recommend Child of Light and one that I'm about to start, Valiant Hearts. And there's always Guacamelee!!!

Comment by TrueAchievement at 05:44 on 05 Jul 2014

Yeah, I could probably scrape 10 or so games together if I tried hard enough smile

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Status change by TrueAchievement at 16:49 on 01 Jul 2014 TrueAchievement status: New 404 page you say?
Comment by Spilner at 16:52 on 01 Jul 2014

Now to break something to make it show.... smile

Comment by Beanpotter at 17:07 on 01 Jul 2014

Solution count badges have vanished.

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TrueAchievement TrueAchievement joined the leaderboard Xbox One Challenge Notifications
Comment by n1ckKz at 20:34 on 24 Jun 2014

Actually a good idea.

TrueAchievement Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition TrueAchievement started the game Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition
Comment by WarmedxMints at 00:23 on 25 Jun 2014

Is it as Ultimate as it claims?

Fozz 13 Dark Souls Fozz 13 started the game Dark Souls
Status change by TrueAchievement at 21:08 on 23 Jun 2014 TrueAchievement status: I would like a new 'proper' Burnout game, who's with me???
Comment by Van Uden at 21:09 on 23 Jun 2014


Comment by GameTagwastaken at 21:18 on 23 Jun 2014

Burnout the day! Burnout the night!.. And I'm burnin', I'm burnin', I'm burnin' for you. All song quotes aside, I'd like to see what they could do next gen.

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TrueAchievement Sixty Second Shooter Prime TrueAchievement started the game Sixty Second Shooter Prime
Comment by InigoMontoya80 at 01:16 on 21 Jun 2014

What do you think of it.

Comment by TrueAchievement at 06:23 on 21 Jun 2014

No idea how to play it, but it seems quite good fun and it's cheap GS and TA!

Status change by TrueAchievement at 18:12 on 16 Jun 2014 TrueAchievement status: Add your vote to bring back the GH Servers:
Comment by TrueAchievement at 18:13 on 16 Jun 2014

Comment by Mystic Typh00n at 21:26 on 16 Jun 2014

Whenever I can get on my laptop you have my word that I'll vote for this.

Comment by TrimSkink3471 at 00:06 on 17 Jun 2014

Thanks buddy! I appreciate your support! :D

sh0tteh sh0tteh is celebrating their 3-year anniversary of joining
Status change by TrueAchievement at 13:09 on 15 Jun 2014 TrueAchievement status: The new TA office walls are bare - please suggest something for us to put on them
Comment by CriticalRespawn at 13:13 on 15 Jun 2014

TrueGaming logo

Comment by TrueAchievement at 13:14 on 15 Jun 2014

It will be ordered as soon as you send me the file smile - there's 2 other walls though

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Status change by TrueAchievement at 10:27 on 15 Jun 2014 TrueAchievement status: It's fathers' day and I have a terrible hangover. Why am I about to start a TA dev challenge?
Comment by TrueAchievement at 10:28 on 15 Jun 2014

Friend feed challenge grouping in an hour? Can it be done????

Comment by drabik at 10:57 on 15 Jun 2014

I have every faith in you.

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Status change by TrueAchievement at 18:38 on 14 Jun 2014 TrueAchievement status: come on England!!!
Comment by SuperTigerWoods at 19:06 on 14 Jun 2014

Comment by Spilner at 21:48 on 14 Jun 2014

I cant see England winning though, maybe get a goal or two

Comment by n1ckKz at 00:16 on 15 Jun 2014


Status change by TrueAchievement at 14:04 on 12 Jun 2014 TrueAchievement status: Gamescom press pass arrives the day we move into the new office and the day before our new developer starts - 'citing!
Comment by TrimSkink3471 at 14:51 on 12 Jun 2014

Sounds scary! Best of luck buddy! I'm praying for you guys!

Comment by LitaOsiris at 17:04 on 12 Jun 2014

Nice - good luck :)

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Status change by TrueAchievement at 22:37 on 10 Jun 2014 TrueAchievement status: 2 more days until the opening of TrueAchievement Towers!
Comment by imaidiot19 at 23:42 on 10 Jun 2014

how many legos did it take?

Comment by CriticalRespawn at 23:44 on 10 Jun 2014

Woohooooooo! Who is cutting the ribbon?

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TrueAchievement Forza Motorsport 5
These items contain comments TrueAchievement won 2 Achievements in Forza Motorsport 5 for 104 points
TrueAchievement Forza Motorsport 5 P1 vs. the Nordschleife achievement TrueAchievement won the P1 vs. the Nordschleife achievement in Forza Motorsport 5 for 55 points
Comment by planting42 at 15:05 on 10 Jun 2014

Jealous. I can't seem to beat 7:23

Comment by TrueAchievement at 15:09 on 10 Jun 2014

use the guide mate, I got it first time. Upgraded P1, rewind when you need to

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Fozz 13 FIFA 14
Fozz 13 won 4 Achievements in FIFA 14 for 56 points
Fozz 13 FIFA 14 Fozz 13 started the game FIFA 14
TrueAchievement Xbox Fitness TrueAchievement started the game Xbox Fitness
Comment by Chad and Jessie at 19:07 on 09 Jun 2014

I work out.

Comment by W1LLYMAN at 19:13 on 09 Jun 2014

I black out.

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Status change by TrueAchievement at 09:20 on 09 Jun 2014 TrueAchievement status: Can't wait for E3 tonight, could be a good one!
TrueAchievement Watch_Dogs (Xbox One) TrueAchievement started the game Watch_Dogs (Xbox One)
Comment by TrueAchievement at 10:12 on 29 May 2014

Really enjoyed the first 30 minutes of this smile

Comment by GameTagwastaken at 14:35 on 29 May 2014

Welcome to Chicago!

Status change by TrueAchievement at 19:32 on 28 May 2014 TrueAchievement status: 6 digits - and on the nose too!
Comment by Matrarch at 19:39 on 28 May 2014

Isn't that the best? Congrats. ;)

Comment by TrimSkink3471 at 22:01 on 28 May 2014

Great job buddy! Keep it up! :D

Comment by WebChimp UK at 23:33 on 28 May 2014

Nice one! :)

TrueAchievement TrueAchievement has reached a new milestone: 100,000 GamerScore
Comment by Chad and Jessie at 17:56 on 28 May 2014

Whooo hoooo!!! Welcome to the big boy table. toast

Comment by XI AlphaMale IX at 17:59 on 28 May 2014

Atta boy! clap

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TrueAchievement Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Committed (Multiplayer) achievement TrueAchievement won the Committed (Multiplayer) achievement in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for 102 points
Comment by Sashamorning at 18:46 on 28 May 2014

Now go for the leaderboard achievements. wink (j/k)

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