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I'm lucky living here in the "stone-age" lol.
So I believe today I was told that my views would 'bring us back to the stone-age'. So Apparently working part-time, taking back houses from the rich/halving rents and actually managing the population effectively would put us back to the stone-age?

Good one.

Well let's look at this further.

Ok: Well in the stone-age there was less pollution and mankind was limited in it's expansion by the need to be fairly close to water. So in that way yeah going back to the stone-age would be good for the planet. Not so good for mankind with superstition, early death and infant mortality rates high (although when your philosophically looking at high infant mortality rates when you've already got 7 billion on the planet then that's a good thing, trust me).
Also we wouldn't have the space exploration which would enable us to get off this planet we're fucking up and go populate other planets and thus save the human race from nuking itself into oblivion on it's one and only planet! We'd just be neanderthals until our sun finally dies and that's that?

Also, also when moving out one reverts to a caveman-like state where one lives in a cave (small flat where even the mice have round shoulders) with running water and electricity...

But on the flip-side we wouldn't have you and your dumb ovaries pushing another 'special' (Oh aren't they ALL special little snowflakes...?) around in a pram now would we? Well I guess we just have to put up with that and make the slow chug over your ignorance and onto conserving resources so we can actually get off this rock and, temporarily atleast, save the human race.


Anyway back to working part-time: Time is a valuable thing, so don't move out and DO work part-time and don't have kids. Voila! Time saved. Let's break it down shall we? Ok:


Time to work per day: 10 hours. (8 hours there and an hour or more to get there and back)
Time to sleep/rest a decent amount: 8 hours.
Time left as free time: 6 measly hours (30 per week mon-fri)


Time to work per day: 6 hours. (4 hours there and then time for transport/travel)
Time to sleep/rest per day: 8 hours plus
Time left as free time: A whopping 10 hours out of 24, you sir have got it made! (50 per week mon-fri)

No contest!


Now I've been called lucky because I get to live this way. I'm not lucky! You ALL should be living this way. So get organised: go take control of your rents and your working hours en masse and see your lives change overnight. A revolution can be done if we're not defeatist about it!



Edit: Oh yeah I forgot, someone asked me what I've done a few day ago. I assume this is in relation to my comments about celebrating. Well, let's see...

Recently I've helped out over 5500 gamers with games via co-op and/or boosting. I'm currently top in the site for this and that's better than a gold medal for spending four years to run a short distance as quick as possible anyday! Also I've been working hard to explain the truth about society and people's values being contradictory to the health of the planet. I've saved countless people from making the biggest mistake of their life (ie moving out into a world that does not care about them), I've stood up and said that the culture of 18-30 holidays is a crap one and that people should not be afraid from shying away from clubbing and all that mindless crap. I've told people it's ok to be different, that not liking sport is in no way a bad thing and I counsel people every so often on how to play the system (Because the system is trying to play you so you might aswell flip it round on them. You had no control over what system you were born into so it's up to you to make it work for you and not work for it.
Also I've stood up against the Jersey Grapevine and made it look ridiculous and had a really fun time doing it too! So much so that nobody confronts me about anything because they know they'll get a rational argument back that'll make all their so-called accomplishments in life look like shit haha!
Also I'm a happy Nihilist, and you can't teach that! How you doin'!

THAT measly amount is what I've been doing recently, oh and I got pretty far in my education too, before realising it was all fairly pointless, and it's still a badge I hold. Woo hoo!
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