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Vayliss Ninety-Nine Nights II
Vayliss won 2 Achievements in Ninety-Nine Nights II for 307 points
Status change by Vayliss at 13:55 on 14 Oct 2014 Vayliss status: so many games and not enough time to play them all
Comment by Iodyze at 20:11 on 14 Oct 2014

Story of my life.

Comment by enOhceM at 22:14 on 14 Oct 2014


Comment by ScuzzyBunny at 23:28 on 14 Oct 2014

Once you build a time machine it gets much easier.

Vayliss Warriors Orochi 3 Vayliss completed the game Warriors Orochi 3 and is the 299th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Vayliss at 16:34 on 08 Oct 2014

the last few achievements seem to take forever

Vayliss Vayliss has reached a new milestone: 65 Completed Games
Comment by Chaos Crux at 01:03 on 27 Oct 2014


Status change by Vayliss at 18:25 on 30 Sep 2014 Vayliss status: A month ago I cut 2 of my fingers to the bone on my left hand. Even after they have heal don't fully work right =/
Comment by Vayliss at 18:29 on 30 Sep 2014

I have come to realize I can no longer play my fighting games, being I can no longer bend them very well without some pain..I'm a very sad panda =(

Comment by B8TINGU at 22:31 on 30 Sep 2014

Man I'm sorry to hear this, last month I damaged a knuckle and I can't type as good. Thank god for auto spell.

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Status change by Vayliss at 23:28 on 24 Sep 2014 Vayliss status: I made a bet with my wife I can finish Rumble Roses before the end of the year... I think i'm going to lose that bet..
Comment by Vayliss at 23:30 on 24 Sep 2014

I started this game like 6 years ago and yet to finish it.. I want to finish it cause of the TA value is pretty high and also now that money in on the line lol

Comment by enOhceM at 01:18 on 25 Sep 2014

Do it!!

Vayliss Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 Vayliss started the game Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2
Comment by Vayliss at 12:18 on 07 Sep 2014

I got bored so pulled something off my backlog just for the hell of it.. Completion has been dropping a lot the last few weeks lol oh well..

Status change by Vayliss at 00:09 on 02 Sep 2014 Vayliss status: Looking for someone to boost 1000 online games played for DoA5.
Comment by Vayliss at 00:10 on 02 Sep 2014

I'm already at over 500 played .. so I'm at least half way.

Status change by Vayliss at 17:16 on 01 Sep 2014 Vayliss status: Sweet deal. I picked up 5 games for 10 bucks at the pawn shop when they did a 50% off sell on all games =)
Comment by Vayliss at 17:19 on 01 Sep 2014

games I got, Darkness 2, Two worlds 2, Risen 2, Dark Messiah MME, and Dante's Inferno. I know some of these are crappy games but for all of them for 10 bucks worth a try.

Comment by ScuzzyBunny at 17:54 on 01 Sep 2014

Not bad...we have a ton of pawn shops around Ft Hood, but I never check them out. Gun prices too high!!

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Vayliss Dark Messiah: Might and Magic Elements Vayliss started the game Dark Messiah: Might and Magic Elements
Comment by enOhceM at 08:11 on 01 Sep 2014

oh boy.

Comment by Vayliss at 17:04 on 01 Sep 2014

yeah I know. but I picked it up at the pawn shop for .50 cents.. so for that price its worth a shot lol

Comment by ScuzzyBunny at 18:46 on 01 Sep 2014

Let me know if you want to work on the mp or try to get the 8p achvs.

Status change by Vayliss at 03:22 on 28 Aug 2014 Vayliss status: Time to go back to finish up old games.. get that completions % up =)
Comment by enOhceM at 04:01 on 28 Aug 2014

That'll be a good challenge to take on.

Vayliss Ascend: Hand of Kul Vayliss completed the game Ascend: Hand of Kul and is the 708th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Vayliss at 01:52 on 28 Aug 2014

this crappy game is done =)

Comment by ScuzzyBunny at 02:01 on 28 Aug 2014

I don't think I can finish it...don't remember if I ever got that title update.

Comment by Vayliss at 02:39 on 28 Aug 2014

if you haven't played it in the pass month you should be ok =)

Status change by Vayliss at 18:44 on 24 Aug 2014 Vayliss status: Playing Rift again so my 360 hasn't been getting as much love as i'd like to give it lol
Comment by fungeek at 01:23 on 27 Aug 2014

Same but WoW. :(

Status change by Vayliss at 11:15 on 05 Aug 2014 Vayliss status: To broke to buy scared 3.. I guess I'll get it when the price drops =/
Vayliss DmC: Devil May Cry Vayliss started the game DmC: Devil May Cry
Comment by Iodyze at 15:55 on 28 Jul 2014

Loved this game! Took me a long time to complete it though! About 6 playthroughs!

Comment by enOhceM at 07:20 on 29 Jul 2014


Comment by Vayliss at 14:24 on 29 Jul 2014

I just needed something new to play. was getting burnt out on just grinding to get achievements. so far I do like it

Vayliss Vayliss has reached a new milestone: 125,000 GamerScore
Status change by Vayliss at 01:13 on 29 Jun 2014 Vayliss status: I'm so sad WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate isn't going to be on the 360 =(
Comment by ScuzzyBunny at 02:12 on 29 Jun 2014

ummm...'s a remake coming to One, it's already on the 360!

Comment by iHeartSlampigs at 02:59 on 29 Jun 2014

Well, it's kind of like having the standard version versus the Xtreme Legends version. More characters/story scenarios and what not.

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Vayliss Vayliss has reached a new milestone: 210,000 TrueAchievement Score
Vayliss Charlie Murder Vayliss started the game Charlie Murder

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