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Installed Destiny beta all night last night. Hope I get to play tonight.

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I love lamp.

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spankyNspronkle Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (Xbox One)
spankyNspronkle won 14 Achievements in Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (Xbox One) for 592 points
Status change by spankyNspronkle at 05:45 on 20 Sep 2014 spankyNspronkle status: I've decided Curse of Brotherhood will be my next completion. Forgot how fun it was!
Status change by P0RTH0LE at 05:35 on 18 Sep 2014 P0RTH0LE status: Didn't even realize Forza Horizon 2 came out. Thanks Destiny.
Comment by Sawman at 15:35 on 18 Sep 2014

Just the Demo. Not the game.

Comment by P0RTH0LE at 20:20 on 18 Sep 2014


Status change by spankyNspronkle at 14:56 on 17 Sep 2014 spankyNspronkle status: Damn...PrimeGuard was so close to unlocking Flawless Raider... Only missed it by 1,606 deaths.
Status change by spankyNspronkle at 20:57 on 16 Sep 2014 spankyNspronkle status: GwG is great, but it makes me feel like I should pass up a game like Valiant Hearts since it may be 'GwG Eventually...'
Comment by Xtowers at 21:14 on 16 Sep 2014

I think I'm going to try it out on Xbox 360 first at that price. I've heard really good things. Then I'll decide on the Xbox One version. GwG doesn't factor if it's good.

Comment by JStryker416 at 21:30 on 16 Sep 2014

I've thought the same thing about GWG. Don't want it on the 360 though since it's A) only 400 B) Can't stream it.

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spankyNspronkle spankyNspronkle created a new Completed Games Goal - 125 by 01 Jan 2015
Comment by spankyNspronkle at 21:01 on 15 Sep 2014

about a game every week and a half... Not too crazy, but not too easy either.

Status change by spankyNspronkle at 14:39 on 15 Sep 2014 spankyNspronkle status: Borderlands 2 Season Pass worth the $15?
Comment by Facial La Fleur at 14:41 on 15 Sep 2014

Of course.

Comment by Xtowers at 15:56 on 15 Sep 2014

Yus. Must buy. Doo eet nao. (srsly)

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spankyNspronkle AirMech Arena spankyNspronkle started the game AirMech Arena
Comment by bigeasy97 at 00:43 on 15 Sep 2014

I have this one started as well. Will need to try to get a few people together to complete some of these achievements

Comment by TheNyghty at 00:45 on 15 Sep 2014

just downloaded yesterday havnt started it but will sure like to boost it ^^

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