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Raising Completion, A TrueAchievements Story - Episode V
This weekend saw me croak out of Leapfrog, and while I am sad, I knew this day would come soon enough. I made it to 4.60 ratio, and that is a big accomplishment for me. I’m not ever one to win contests, I’m one to have fun with them, though. I had fun but the fun was starting to fade away.

When it’s 1 am, you spent the whole day with your family and getting tattoos and eating on Frenchman and celebrating life on Bourbon Street, a one hour achievement to stay safe for another day just isn’t worth it. So, as much as I loved Leapfrog, I croaked out.

GTASC? Almost died in that, too. I did manage to pop a Monopoly Plus achievement and stay safe. But, for the first time ever, I’m experiencing steady decay due to Project Spark’s servers closing. I can’t wait to 100% that game. My Everest. I know others have much harder games to conquer, but that has been mine since the day it was released.

This is going to be another light week. Preparing for next week’s score-blowing adventure, this week is a light one. Won’t be around this coming weekend either. I plan to score enough to stay in GTASC during the week and then sail through the weekend.

Previous Completion Percentage: 35.86%
Goal Completion Percentage: 35.95%
Current Completion Percentage: 35.93%
Goal: Failed
Percentage When “Raising Completion, A TrueAchievements Story” Began: 35.23%
Weekly Change: .07%
Overall Change: .7%
Next Week’s Goal: 36%

Previously On “Raising Completion, A TrueAchievements Story:”

Task 1: Play DC Universe Online / Injustice / Anything Fun
This week didn’t “play” out like I expected it to play out. Most nights I ended up being too busy to sit back and play anything fun (spent nights trying to get Rising Star in Project Spark, which was a success). This, sort of, carries on this week to play for fun while prepping for score week.

Task 2: Finish Up NCAA Football 12
In Progress
This is a work in progress. I made great progress, but I still have a good amount of achievements left to pop in this one before I can send it back. I need to get it out by Tuesday so I can get a game in from GameFly in time for the score week (and in enough time for me to get that game in order in my head to score in).

Task 3: Finish up GoT for Xbox 1 / Start for Xbox 360
I did not even get to play these at all this week. I honestly don’t remember what happened this past week, but my original plans went right out the window.

Task 4: Start Agatha Christie ABC Murders
Mail service did play a part in this week. Agatha Christie arrived late Friday evening (family was already here) and it has sat on my desk ever since. I’ll get to it soon. Just going to hold onto it and, possibly, play through it some this week. But, again, prepping for next week comes first.

Task 5: Prep for Score Week 2016
In Progress
Started up on some games to get ready, got my list in order and finalized and, hopefully, I’m hitting at least 16K TA. This is going to be fun. This week I finish getting long-play achievements in order for next week as well.

Raising Completion, A TrueAchievements Story
Episode V

Task 1: Prep for Score Week 2016
Mentioned above, this returns this week and is my main priority. I have a lot to get through to get me ready this week. Score Week 2016, pretty much, is guaranteed to happen next week. I’m not going to give a 100% guarantee until I see the bonus, but like I said, only 3 bonus won’t require Score Week to happen. I really want something like the Top 25% one. Something really challenging, but fun.

Task 2: Finish NCAA 12
My goal is to have this done by today (Monday) so I can get a good Score Week game like Toy Story Mania or Jackbox for X1. One of these two will allow me to blow apart some points like it’s nothing.

Task 3: Work through Game of Thrones (X1)
I want to finish up this version of the Game of Thrones on X1. It’s a lot of fun playing through the story but it’s one of those “games” I don’t want to wait too long on (I’ll never go back because I won’t be familiar with the story anymore).

Task 4: Play HITMAN
I haven’t played in awhile. I bought the starter pack and 100% the beginning of that. But I haven’t played through Paris yet and haven’t gotten Sapienza yet. But I want to go back to this already because I love Hitman games. They’re my favorite, actually.

Task 5: Work on Project Spark
I have until August to get this 100% on both the Xbox One and Windows 8. I have a good, long ways to go to accomplish that, but I’m not worried. I really enjoy this game, so I don’t mind grinding it out. It’s fun and I’m ready to have this on my card as completed and in my trophy case.

Until next week and the summary of this week’s tasks!
Posted by Seng IV on 23 May 16 at 20:24 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Comment by Sashamorning at 00:26 on 29 May 2016

Lazerray FTW!

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Comment by Yannie Boy at 17:58 on 28 May 2016

Any good? Easy? Thoughts?

Comment by Matt DB87 at 18:07 on 28 May 2016

No, it's boring.

...there are 3 other comments

                  Status change by Sashamorning at 09:31 on 28 May 2016Sashamorning status: Lone Wolf: For the 254 people playing it, 2 achievements def glitched and 1 probable. Grrrrrrr....
Comment by LV 1 Blue Slime at 09:38 on 28 May 2016

I assumed as many when so many achievements hadn't been unlocked so long after release.

Comment by Sashamorning at 19:13 on 28 May 2016

Some are just hard, too, so I wasn't sure. Someone just unlocked a new one yesterday.

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