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Eight More Games Now Backwards Compatible

Two gaming legends, Pacman and Sonic The Hedgehog, lead this way with this latest set of backwards compatible titles, making up three of the eight games that will now be playable on Xbox One.

Posted 3 months ago by Andy Mills, 82 comments

Why the Hate for Episodic Games?

If there is one thing that was pretty consistent throughout the buildup to March 11th, it was that you, the community, thought that HITMAN should not be an episodic title. A lot of players will be waiting to start the game until later this year, after the final episode has been released. Unsurprisin

Posted 7 months ago by Rebecca Smith, 118 comments

XBL Sale Roundup: November 4th, 2014

This week's Deals with Gold sees a range of Sonic and Square Enix titles discounted on the 360, whilst the One gets a couple of those same games, as well as two recent adventure releases. Although th

Posted 1 year ago by Chewie, 65 comments

XBL Sale Roundup: June 24th, 2014

This week's Deals with Gold on the 360 sees a mostly Fable flavoured sale, with a bit of Diablo III and Payday 2 thrown in too. On the One, we get a discount for Ryse: Son of Rome and its "Season Pas

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Microsoft Holding 'Back to School' Sale

We've come to that time of year that many school-aged folks and people employed by schools dread: The first day of classes. Microsoft apparently is aiming to ease the blow by putting many items on sa

Posted 4 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 146 comments

Deal of the Week: June 19th, 2012

June 24th will mark the 21st anniversary for Sonic the Hedgehog, and to commemorate the event, this week's Deal of the Week features a host of Sonic content. The sale also gives fans of Forza Motorsp

Posted 4 years ago by Dave Horobin, 87 comments

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II Teaser Trailer

If yesterday's sale on Sonic items have got you itching for more from the blue hedgehog, today's news will certainly entice you. First details are coming in the form of a teaser courtesy of Sega and

Posted 5 years ago by litepink, 55 comments

Day 9: Countdown to 2012 Sale on Xbox LIVE

Day nine of the Countdown to 2012 Sale on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace sees discounts on Xbox LIVE Arcade games and a token piece of DLC. Speed over to the marketplace to check out these deals on Sonic

Posted 5 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 100 comments

New Sonic CD Screens Emerge

As many of you may know by now, the highly regarded Sega CD iteration of the Sonic franchise, Sonic CD, is heading to XBLA and WP7 this holiday season. While the XBLA version has been getting quite a

Posted 5 years ago by Lexley Ford, 47 comments

Sonic Generations to Include Original Sonic

Sega appears to be striking all the right chords with their upcoming Sonic Generations. We know already that we'll be seeing reimaginings of the franchise's Mega Drive, Dreamcast, and Modern Eras, bu

Posted 5 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 30 comments

New Sonic CD Trailer Released

Sega has been doing quite the job promoting their upcoming title, Sonic Generations. It makes sense, considering how badly the Sonic franchise is in need of a critically and commercially well-receive

Posted 5 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 32 comments

Sonic Generations Demo #2 Coming Tomorrow

The first demo for Sonic Generations was of the expiring variety and was only around for a couple of weeks. For those itching for more, or those who perhaps missed out on the last one entirely, you w

Posted 5 years ago by litepink, 31 comments

Sonic Generations Boss Trailer Released

Just last week, Sega wrapped up showing off the different eras- Mega Drive or Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, and Modern - which will be featured in their upcoming Sonic Generations. Today, Sega has put up

Posted 5 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 40 comments

October's Recently Reduced

October is upon us and with that we have some new Recently Reduced price drops from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace: Xbox LIVE Arcade Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I 1200 MSP 800 MSP http://www.trueachieve

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Final Sonic Generations Era Trailer Released

The whole premise of Sega's Sonic Generations is to celebrate the many eras through which everyone's favorite blue hedgehog (as if you had another choice) has been speeding his way through. The first

Posted 5 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 15 comments

Seven New Sonic Generations Screenshots

A new batch of Sonic Generations screenshots have arrived on the scene, showing off the world-famous blue hedgehog in his classic 2D side-scrolling mode. There are also a couple of 3D view screens th

Posted 5 years ago by Lexley Ford, 24 comments

Sonic Generations Mega Drive Trailer Released

Sega has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming title, Sonic Generations, today. The trailer features Mega Drive (or Genesis) era Sonic levels as re-imagined in Sonic Generations. http://www

Posted 5 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 43 comments

Sonic Generations Release Date Confirmed

How long is it now we've been waiting for a truly great revisiting of Sonic the Hedgehog? Seems like forever doesn't it? Well now we can finally begin the countdown proper as Sega have revealed the r

Posted 5 years ago by DavieMarshall, 24 comments

Sonic Generations Collector's Edition Revealed

Update: Sega's blog has been updated to reflect that Australia will also be receiving the Sonic Generations Collector's Edition. Thanks to LurkingWriter for bringing this to our attention! Sega revea

Posted 5 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 67 comments

Sonic CD Dashes in with Announcement Trailer

The existence of Sonic CD for XBLA was casually revealed in a blog post by Major Nelson detailing the Xbox 360 booth at PAX. Today we now have an announcement trailer from SEGA for the upcoming Sonic

Posted 5 years ago by litepink, 37 comments

Sonic Generations Screenshots Visit the Seaside

SEGA weren't happy with just unveiling one more character (well, I guess technically two) in their Gamescom trailer for Sonic Generations. Now, they've released a plethora of screenshots and have con

Posted 5 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 29 comments

Sonic Generations Brings a Trailer to Gamescom

The much anticipated addition to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and the game that players hope will revive their gaming icon, Sonic Generations, had, up until now, only featured evidence of Classic

Posted 5 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 26 comments

Sonic 20th Anniversary Sale [UPDATED]

For those of you who missed the last few Sonic sales, here is your chance to snag the epic series for a low price. The following Sonic games are on sale: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I - 1200 MSP 80

Posted 5 years ago by Perpalicious, 83 comments

E3 2011: Sonic Generations

2011 marks the 20th anniversary of Sonic. Yes, you read that correctly. The spiny blue chap will be twenty years old later in the year. I'll bet you feel a lot older right now, eh? To celebrate Sonic

Posted 5 years ago by DavieMarshall, 37 comments

Sonic Generations Revealed

Last week, we revealed initial details about a (then unnamed) new Sonic game that is destined to hit shelves in 2011. In a press release issued today, SEGA divulged more details and a title. The game

Posted 5 years ago by Jonathan Barnes, 69 comments

New Sonic Game Coming to Xbox

2011 is the year that Sonic the Hedgehog celebrates his 20th anniversary. When he first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991, he looked rather different to how he does today; he was shorter, rounde

Posted 5 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 116 comments

Deal of the Week: March 22nd, 2011

Oddly, Deal of the Week offers are now revealed on Tuesdays. And so, this week's DotW sees 33% off Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I! As always, this is exclusively available for Xbox Live Gold members

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Microsoft XBL Christmas Deals [Day 10]

Turns out Sega wanted to get in on the year-end sale. Today's deal sees a plethora of Sonic titles getting cut in price, including the recently released Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I and Sonic Adve

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XBLA Wednesday: October 13th, 2010

Three big ones this week! Pinball FX 2 - Free Tables purchased individually. More info here: Pinball FX is back, and it’s better than eve

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