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When am I gonna start Akumu Mode for reals... -_-

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Who else thought that Infinite sucked?
I was so hyped for BioShock Infinite that I bought two copies of the game; one on Steam and a physical copy for my Xbox. Upon starting the game, it felt really nice to finally see what I had been missing (I didn't look at or reading anything about the game.) The game was progressing real nicely. The great introduction and setting of the tone and setting was all on point. Then suddenly, the game's pacing started to diminish and felt like it dragged on for some parts of story. The story started to get incredibly sci-fi to the point of being unfavorable. Boot all that together with one of the most disappointing and anticlimactic final battles I've ever seen in game, and then... the most ridiculous, pulled out of the ass, wannabe edgy, pseudo-mindblowing endings ever. Period. That ending was not "crazy." It was not unexpected. It was "something else." It was bad. I'm not going to spoil the ending, but it could have presented better and not been as stupid. I wish I describe how I feel better, but it's 6:50am where I'm at right now so I'm pretty tired. I leave asking whoever reads this: Did you think it sucked? Did you think it was good? I'd like some opinions on this. This game has seriously damaged my hope for the current generation of video games.
Posted by ThaRiLL C0nv1cT on 05 April 13 at 10:51 | There is 1 comment on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Comment by Fire Hawk GYJS at 17:05 on 25 Nov 2014

Is it as easy and fun as the third game? =D

Comment by BiGPaPaRu at 17:21 on 25 Nov 2014

more easy and more fun

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Status change by Lil Pumpkin 3DG at 07:10 on 24 Nov 2014 Lil Pumpkin 3DG status: I love that my TA score keeps growing and I haven't earned an achievement in weeks.. #LazyGamer :)
Comment by MNRussell at 08:38 on 24 Nov 2014

Snap!! The steady rise is a mystery - new take-ups to TA because of the new XB1 app is the only explanation I can think of

Comment by Sashamorning at 09:21 on 24 Nov 2014

Yep, same's happened to me!

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