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XBL Sale Roundup: May 10th, 2016

Following last week's mammoth sale, this week's deals settle down a bit, though there is a fairly broad mix of titles available and a particular focus on the Call of Duty series. Xbox One Bundles & Special Editions • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare "Gold Edition" (includes "Hav

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Stunt Races Come to The Crew's Wild Run

A new update has been released for The Crew and with it comes a range of fixes and changes as well as a new addition for the "Wild Run" DLC. Those still tearing up the dirt in Ubisoft's racer can check out the new Stunt Races where players will be challenged to pull off tricks and perform stunts on

Posted 6 months ago by Ashley Woodcock, 8 comments

The Crew "Wild Run" BETA LiveStream Video

A new hour-long video featuring Ubisoft's livestream of The Crew's upcoming DLC, "Wild Run", has been released. In the video we see many of the super fast cars, motorcycles, dirt road tracks, and mor

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The Crew Goes On A Wild Run In New Promos

It seems Ubisoft never misses an opportunity to shine a massive spotlight on their projects via gaming expos. At E3, they unveiled the expansion coming to their open world racer, The Crew, titled Wil

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XBL Sale Roundup: June 23rd, 2015

This week's Deals with Gold sees discounts on the GTA series, as well as offerings for The Crew, Evolve and a handful of other titles. Xbox One Bundles & Special Editions • Evolve "Digital Deluxe Ed

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XBL Content Roundup: April 21st & 22nd, 2015

Xbox One Games Aaru's Awakening Size: 2.01 GB Price: US$14.99 / £11.99 / €14.99 Aaru's Awakening is a hand-drawn, fast-paced 2D action platformer. The game puts players in charge of Aaru, a mythical

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XBL Sale Roundup: April 7th, 2015

This week sees three distinct sales go live with a mix of discounts across both consoles, retail and arcade, and for both Silver and Gold members. Deals with Gold has a Forza Horizon 2 focus on the O

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XBL Content Roundup: March 10th & 11th, 2015

Xbox One Pre-Orders Three Xbox One remakes are available for pre-order, two of which were available on the Xbox 360 and the other of which started on Sony's PSP. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

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The Crew Gets a Speed Live Update

Last week witnessed the arrival of the "Speed Car Pack" DLC for The Crew on the Xbox 360, although the Xbox One platform only saw the release of one of the three cars. While Microsoft has rectified t

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XBL Content Roundup: February 10th & 11th, 2015

Xbox One Pre-Orders Two titles become available for pre-order and download, although you'll have to be quick for the one title that is due to be released on Friday. Dragon Ball XenoVerse Pre Order Ed

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The Crew Details Its Third Patch

After considering the feedback from the beta for The Crew, developer Ivory Tower made sure to launch the first patch for the game near launch. Since release, an update that brought additional mission

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XBL Content Roundup: January 20th & 21st, 2015

XBLA Delistings While a title has not yet been delisted, you only have a few days before another one disappears from the Xbox LIVE Games Store. Publisher Konami has confirmed that Rhythm Party will b

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The Crew Extreme Live Update Available Now

Ubisoft has published the new "Extreme Live" update for their racing game The Crew. This update includes four new missions, new tuning specifications for five cars, and the "animal" and "nature" stic

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XBL Content Roundup: December 2nd & 3rd, 2014

Xbox One Games Previously available for pre-order and pre-downloading, The Crew has been released today. Both the standard edition and Gold Edition are available. Joining this new title as TellTale G

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The Crew Gets Patched

Ivory Tower's The Crew is set for release this week. It seems that the open and closed betas have helped them discover some bugs within the game, thus resulting in a day one patch. If you have alread

Posted 1 year ago by Joshua Rust, 21 comments

Retail Releases: Week of December 2nd, 2014

After the onslaught of games from last month, it appears that things are finally going to slow down a bit. Which is probably a good thing considering everyone's wallets are probably hurting right now

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The Crew Q&A Session with Stèphen Baley

There's just a couple of days left until the highly anticipated release of The Crew. With such excitement, a Q&A session with the game's director Stèphen Baley is welcomed with open and very warm arm

Posted 1 year ago by Ashley Woodcock, 18 comments

The Crew Open Beta Announced With New Trailer

Fans of the upcoming and highly anticipated racing title The Crew who were not lucky enough to be part of the recent closed beta will be pleased to hear that Ubisoft and developer Ivory Tower have an

Posted 1 year ago by Andrew Ogley, 24 comments

The Crew Season Pass Trailer Released

After filling us in with the content included in The Crew's season pass a couple of weeks ago, the title's publisher Ubisoft have released a new trailer that showcases the tasty content in action. As

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The Crew Season Pass Contents Revealed

With Ubisoft's The Crew just now entering its second closed beta on Xbox One, the publishers have also decided to unveil the contents of the game's Season Pass. In the following infographic, Season P

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The Crew Details more Customization

When last we looked at Ubisoft's The Crew, we took a good look at many of the elements of your car that you can customize within the game. Now, we have another trailer further showcasing the many cus

Posted 2 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 11 comments

Customizing for all Situations in The Crew

There's going to be endless miles of ground to explore once The Crew releases on Xbox One and the Xbox 360. Our favourite car to drive may be an unstoppable beast in the urban parts of the US, but wi

Posted 2 years ago by Ashley Woodcock, 1 comment

The Crew Pushed Back to December

Ubisoft's upcoming racer, The Crew, has now been pushed back to a December 2nd release for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions. The game was originally scheduled to release on November 11th, but

Posted 2 years ago by Marc Caccamise, 21 comments

The Crew Beta Goes Live

The Beta for Ubisoft's much-anticipated racer The Crew is now live. For those of you ready to get your hands on the wheel, you can sign up here. While we've had a lot of information on this game alre

Posted 2 years ago by Cindy Minguez, 20 comments

The Crew is Truly Social

The last trailer that we covered for Ubisoft's foray into the world of racing, The Crew, showed off what true social driving is really like. In a location as big as the United States, being alone pro

Posted 2 years ago by Marc Hollinshead, 24 comments

The Crew gets Drive Social Trailer

Ubisoft have published a brand new trailer for their upcoming racing game The Crew, titled "Everybody, Drive Social!". The included gameplay footage shows how players can assemble a team of friends a

Posted 2 years ago by Dread Reaver, 8 comments

The Crew is the World's Greatest Playground

We've had plenty of coverage that explains what Ubisoft's racing MMO The Crew is all about. In a world as big as the USA, there's a ton of possibilities for players. With this latest video that's bee

Posted 2 years ago by Marc Hollinshead, 21 comments

The Crew Media Bundle Released

Just recently we were able to bring you news from comic-con and now we have news from Gamescom about the upcoming MMO-racing, The Crew. Ubisoft

Posted 2 years ago by Andrew Ogley, 15 comments

The Crew Comic-Con 2014 Interview

During Comic-Con 2014, the UbiBlog team were able to get their hands on Julian Gerighty, Creative Director for The Crew, and pry out some nuggets of information regarding the upcoming open-world raci

Posted 2 years ago by Lexley Ford, 10 comments

New Footage Summarises The Crew

Ubisoft has recently released footage of upcoming open-world racing title, The Crew. The game's Lead Mission Designer, Serkan Hassan, talks us through many aspects of the title that is set to morph s

Posted 2 years ago by Keith Gray, 10 comments

UbiBlog Recaps E3 Happenings

As you can tell from checking our coverage right here at TA, an awful lot went down at this year's E3. With a month between us and the show, gaming news is beginning to come in at its more regular pa

Posted 2 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 8 comments

The Crew Gets a Release Date

You keeping up with the barrage of E3 news? There's still plenty more yet. Another title that's received treatment is Ubisoft's upcoming racing MMO The Crew. This curious game will see players from a

Posted 2 years ago by Marc Hollinshead, 13 comments

The Crew Meets Its Influencers

The team at developer Ivory Tower makes no secret of the fact that community input makes a fair amount of difference in the creation of their upcoming open-world racer The Crew. They call these commu

Posted 2 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 16 comments

New Screens and Gameplay for The Crew

Since Ubisoft came forward and announced that their next-gen MMO racer The Crew would see its release pushed back further into 2014, there has been no new information on the title; that is, until now

Posted 2 years ago by Lexley Ford, 18 comments

Watch_Dogs Delayed, The Crew Pushed Back

Ubisoft has announced that their ambitious new IP, Watch_Dogs, will be missing its scheduled release date of next month and has been delayed into spring 2014. In an announcement made by a Watch_Dogs

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The Crew "Skin a Car" Contest

Ubisoft's upcoming next-gen racer, The Crew, is set to revolutionise the genre in a number of ways. Today, Ubisoft has launched a new contest for the game which gives you the chance to customise a Mi

Posted 3 years ago by Marc Hollinshead, 19 comments

A Collection of Screens and Gameplay for The Crew

With the usual chaos and general buzz that E3 tends to create each year, there may well have been a number of announcements and pieces of exciting news that slipped past certain folk. One of those ga

Posted 3 years ago by Marc Hollinshead, 13 comments

A Gang of Screens and Video for The Crew

E3 is always a great time for seasoned gamers and those who are just putting the pieces of gaming together, and the folks at Ivory Tower are using this time to introduce gamers to the underground rac

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