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XBL Sale Roundup: June 28th, 2016

This week's Deals with Gold include Mass Effect DLC, Titanfall, DC Universe membership, some indie platformers and more.

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XBL Sale Roundup: May 24th, 2016

After last week's big list, this week's sales aren't any smaller with a handful of sales running simultaneously, including the standard Deals with Gold, an ID@Xbox Fest, a 360 Super Sale and a Spotlight Sale. Xbox One Bundles & Special Editions • Fallout 4 "Digital Deluxe

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Standby for Titanfall 2's New Teaser Trailer

EA's TrueAchievement award-winning, first-person shooter Titanfall is officially going to be followed up with the next instalment in the series, Titanfall 2. In the new teaser trailer, we don't get to see a ton of new metal and guns but the reveal is still pretty huge none-the-less. There's

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EA Hints at Release Schedule for Some of Their Major Franchises

From San Francisco's Media and Telecom Conference, EA's chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen has revealed the release windows for three of the massive publisher's biggest franchises. Speaking to a crowd of business people who aren't necessarily gamers, Jorgensen had the following to say: <br/

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XBL Black Friday Sale Kicks Off

Black Friday may still be a week away but Microsoft is celebrating early by giving Gold members access to a massive list of discounts a week before everyone else. Many of these titles have seen (in s

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XBL Sale Roundup: October 27th, 2015

Although it may be Rocktober around here, with Halloween around the corner, Microsoft are also dubbing it Shocktober as we get a week of horror-themed discounts as well as a few other offerings. Xbo

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TA Top Five: Rookie Debuts

Last December, right before our calendars turned to the new year, our TA Top Five segment covered the best swansongs, the last hurrahs from studios that would thereafter shut down for good. This week

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XBL Sale Roundup: July 7th, 2015

This week we get a selection of titles available on Deals with Gold as well as the massive Ultimate Game Sale for both Silver and Gold members. Let's tackle the Deals with Gold first, then dive into

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Titanfall DLC Now Free Forever [UPDATE]

Edit: A Tweet on the game's official Twitter account has confirmed that this reduction is permanent. The DLC will remain FREE from now onwards. Original Story: Today marks the first anniversary of th

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XBL Sale Roundup: January 27th, 2015

This week we get a big ol' sale on EA titles, including games new and old, as well as a slice of their associated DLC, at rather hefty discounts. For the first time ever (in my memory), we're being o

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XBL Sale Roundup: December 31st, 2014

Today's final daily deal in the Countdown to 2015 sales sees a handful of DLC packs and Season Passes discounted across both consoles. Xbox One DLC with Achievements Dead Rising 3 • "Season Pass" - 6

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XBL Sale Roundup: December 16th, 2014

Today sees the launch of the Countdown to 2015 sales across Xbox Live, with a massive selection of discounts throughout the week, as well as additional daily offers. The weekly sale is split across d

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XBL Content Roundup: December 2nd & 3rd, 2014

Xbox One Games Previously available for pre-order and pre-downloading, The Crew has been released today. Both the standard edition and Gold Edition are available. Joining this new title as TellTale G

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Game Update #8 Dated for Titanfall on Xbox 360

The lengthy list of fixes, changes and, additions in Game Update #8 were detailed for the Xbox One version last month alongside its release for Titanfall. Eager completionists will have already spott

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XBL Sale Roundup: November 25th, 2014

Starting with this week's Deals with Gold, we have a selection of titles across both consoles on offer, including some fairly recent releases and some titles that also saw some Halloween discounts la

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Titanfall Receiving a Horde Mode in Newest Update

On their Twitch stream, and further expanded upon in the official patch notes, Respawn unveiled details of Titanfall's Content Update #8 which will release today. Perhaps the biggest piece of news is

Posted 2 years ago by Marc Caccamise, 64 comments

XBL Content Roundup: October 21st & 22nd, 2014

We're trying something new. Due to delays in the release of new Xbox LIVE content over the last few weeks, we've decided that we're going to roll all of Tuesday's and Wednesday's new content into a s

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Titanfall's IMC Rising DLC Dated for 360

The time is almost finally here for the Xbox 360 soldiers of Titanfall to drop their beastly Titan into the three new maps included in the upcoming "IMC Rising" map pack. http://www.trueachievements.

Posted 2 years ago by Ashley Woodcock, 28 comments

TA Top Five: Crappy Things You Do For Achievements

As a member of staff of this site, I think I can safely say the majority of us love popping achievements here on TA. Whether it's the teensy 5G ones or the gigantic 100G behemoths, hearing that *blee

Posted 2 years ago by Marc Hollinshead, 262 comments

Titanfall's IMC Rising Dated With A New Video

Titanfall's third and final DLC pack, IMC Rising, has been given a release date (at least for Xbox One) by Respawn Entertainment, who have also released a trailer showing off the new maps. http://www

Posted 2 years ago by Andy Mills, 25 comments

IMC Rising Maps Detailed in Titanfall

Having already covered the Backwater and Zone 18 maps for Titanfall's upcoming "IMC Rising" map pack, it's high time we give some focus to the third map to be packed in, Sand Trap. http://www.trueach

Posted 2 years ago by Jonathan Barnes, 11 comments

Enter Zone 18 in Titanfall's IMC Rising DLC

The third and final DLC map pack for game developer Respawns' high-flying, wall-running, first-person shooter, Titanfall, is on its way and we've already seen details showcasing one of the pack's map

Posted 2 years ago by Ashley Woodcock, 20 comments

Titanfall Screens & Details for IMC Rising DLC

Last month, we covered the reveal of Titanfall's third and final DLC map pack, "IMC Rising", in which the details were small but did reveal the three packed maps included to be Backwater, Sandtrap, a

Posted 2 years ago by Ashley Woodcock, 23 comments

Respawn Gives Details on Titanfall's Next Update

As Respawn's smash hit shooter, Titanfall continues to parkour its way across Xbox platforms, the devs back at the home office continue to fine tune the experience and add more to their fast-paced fr

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XBL Content Roundup: August 19th, 2014

Xbox One Games Not only does the "Reaper of Souls" expansion come to the Xbox 360, the entire package of game and expansion comes to the Xbox One for the first time. Meanwhile, EA Sports may not be r

Posted 2 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 30 comments

Titanfall's IMC Rising DLC Revealed

During EA's Gamescom conference, Respawn Entertainment revealed Titanfall's third and final DLC map pack, "IMC Rising." This third map pack, wh

Posted 2 years ago by Marc Caccamise, 18 comments

Titanfall Frontier's Edge DLC Livestream

A small contingent of staff from Respawn Entertainment has released some in-game footage of the soon-to-be-released "Frontier's Edge" DLC for Titanfall, which includes an early glimpse of the new map

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A Black Market Opens in Titanfall

While we have seen many details about Titanfall's upcoming DLC pack, "Frontier's Edge", there were, apparently still details to come. You may be thinking "oh, finally, a release date," and yes, we do

Posted 2 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 24 comments

Titanfall Frontier's Edge Haven Screenshots

Respawn Entertainment has already provided the lowdown on the Dig Site and Export maps for the second piece of DLC to be added to its blockbuster shooter, Titanfall. The final map that will be includ

Posted 2 years ago by Keith Gray, 9 comments

Titanfall Title Update #4 Dated for Xbox 360

Amongst the flurry of map information surrounding the upcoming "Frontier's Edge" DLC release for Titanfall, players may have forgotten about the latest title update. The fourth title update for Titan

Posted 2 years ago by Keith Gray, 16 comments

Titanfall Frontier's Edge Export Screenshots

Respawn Entertainment has previously revealed screenshots and other information about the first map in the second Titanfall DLC pack, "Frontier's Edge". After highlighting Dig Site earlier in the wee

Posted 2 years ago by Keith Gray, 24 comments

Titanfall Frontier's Edge Dig Site Screenshots

Earlier this month, we revealed that players would soon be able to venture to the very outskirts of the Titanfall universe in "Frontier's Edge". The second DLC expansion for the title is set to inclu

Posted 2 years ago by Keith Gray, 12 comments

Titanfall Will Venture to the Frontier's Edge

Respawn Entertainment released the first of a trio of planned DLC packs for Titanfall, titled "Expedition", last month. The new content added more maps for the first-person shooter. The developer has

Posted 2 years ago by Keith Gray, 27 comments

Titanfall Update #4 Detailed

Respawn has announced upcoming changes and improvements to Titanfall. While no date for the update was given, a lot of details have been revealed. Let's dive right in: New Features: Featured Game Mod

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XBL Content Roundup: June 17th, 2014

Xbox One Games The biggest retail release of the week (and the only retail release if you live outside of Europe) arrives in North America. It will be released in other regions later this week. EA SP

Posted 2 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 18 comments

Titanfall Update Details and Trailer

Electronic Arts was giving out details on the soon-to-arrive update for its massively popular FPS, Titanfall. Full patch notes will be available as the date of the update nears, but we still have som

Posted 2 years ago by Cindy Minguez, 26 comments

Patch Update #2 for Titanfall Ready

Following is the developer's list of all the fixes included in the latest patch for Titanfall. Patch Update #2 was released today, May 22nd. Localization Issues: Fixed several localization issues rep

Posted 2 years ago by Cindy Minguez, 22 comments

Titanfall Expedition Gameplay Trailer

Since the announcement, we have seen plenty of information and screenshots for Titanfall's upcoming DLC, "Expedition." A video for the expansion has recently been released, showing off the three new

Posted 2 years ago by Marc Hollinshead, 17 comments

Titanfall Xbox 360 Update Details

Currently there are millions of people jumping into their Titans and reaping havoc across the battlefields of Titanfall, but Respawn still has some work to do. Respawn has been listening to feedback

Posted 2 years ago by Zinn Gravey, 25 comments

Titanfall Takes to the Swampland

A couple of days ago, several new screens emerged from the upcoming Titanfall DLC, "Expedition". If you check out those screens, you'll note the bottom two are from a map we didn't have much detail o

Posted 2 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 13 comments

More Screens from Titanfall's Expedition

After the recent insights into the Runoff map , we nearly have a complete picture of the "Expedition" maps for Titanfall. Continuing with this theme, we have some screenshots for you of the various m

Posted 2 years ago by Megan Walton, 24 comments

More Titanfall DLC Info Drops

As we draw ever closer to May's drop of new Titanfall maps in the form of the "Expedition" pack, we gain more knowledge, insight, and visuals. Today's info drop comes from designer Geoff Smith, who t

Posted 2 years ago by Jonathan Barnes, 32 comments

New Titanfall DLC Expedition Map

The Titans are back in an all new three map DLC pack named "Expedition". The three maps included are War Games, Swamplands and Runoff, and this week we are focusing on War Games. http://www.trueachie

Posted 2 years ago by Megan Walton, 30 comments

New Titanfall "Expedition" DLC Detailed

With game developer Respawn Entertainment's very highly anticipated first-person shooter Titanfall available for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360, eager players have no doubt been pouring in countless

Posted 2 years ago by Ashley Woodcock, 43 comments

Private Matches Now Available in Titanfall

Respawn Entertainment has released a new patch update for Titanfall, which introduces a much requested feature. Noted as being in a beta stage at the moment, players will now be able to group up with

Posted 2 years ago by Marc Caccamise, 47 comments

XBL Content Roundup: April 8th, 2014

I'll be honest and say that I'm surprised with the lack of new Games on Demand today. While the Xbox 360 versions of LEGO games are released digitally at least a week after the game's release at reta

Posted 2 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 18 comments

Retail Releases: Week of April 7th, 2014

This week sees the long-awaited arrival of Respawn Entertainment's blockbuster shooter on the Xbox 360 in all regions. If robots aren't your thing, then there are masses of avatars going for glory in

Posted 2 years ago by Keith Gray, 38 comments

Titanfall for the 360 Delayed Again

Gamers on the 360 are going to have to wait a little bit longer to get their hands on some of that sweet, sweet Titanfall. After initially being delayed until March 25th/28th, the game has now been p

Posted 2 years ago by Jonathan Barnes, 120 comments

Titanfall Season Pass Announced

Not that anyone should be surprised, but it was revealed that there will indeed be a season pass for Titanfall. What do we know about the Seaso

Posted 2 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 62 comments

Achievement Preview Spotlight: Titanfall

Gamers (in the States), you have less than a week until that sweet, sweet Tie-Tie-Faw is in your hands. Do you know how exciting that is? DO YOU EVEN KNOW!? ... ... ... Sorry, I just blacked out for

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