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Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 Release Schedule
Or why "there's nothing to play on Xbox One" is doing it wrong.

The following are games I'm planning on picking up in the ensuing year; it is, however, woefully incomplete: ID@Xbox titles are much harder to pin down concrete information about, at least until MS provides on console preordering. (Which hopefully will get extended to digital only titles.) There are a lot of other games I'm really excited about which are not listed (like Arkham Knight) due to currently unknown release dates. If one can look at this list and still claim there is nothing worth playing on next gen / Xbox One, one's interests as a gamer have to be very niche and oddball.

(Note: all release dates are for North America, because that is where all my stuff is. Also, some of these are likely to change. All dates are roughly what Amazon is suggesting.)

August 13 - Pinball FX2
August 19 - Diablo III - Ultimate Evil Edition
August 26 - Metro Redux
August 28 - Stick it to the Man

September 9 - Destiny
September 19 - D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die
September 19 - Flockers
September 23 - Defense Grid 2
September 30 - Crimes and Punishment - Sherlock Holmes
September 30 - Forza Horizon 2
September 30 - Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor

October 1 - Chariot
October 7 - Alien - Isolation
October 7 - Project Spark
October 7 - Styx
October 14 - Walking Dead - Season 1
October 14 - Walking Dead - Season 2
October 14 - The Evil Within
October 14 - Sleeping Dogs - Definitive Edition
October 28 - Lords of the Fallen
October 28 - Assassin's Creed Unity
October 28 - Sunset Overdrive

November 3 - Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare
November 4 - Never Alone
November 11 - Master Chief Collection
November 11 - Lego Batman 3 - Beyond Gotham
November 18 - Wolf Among Us
November 18 - Dragon Age Inquisition
November 18 - Far Cry 4
November 18 - GTA V

December 9 - Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

January 27 - Dying Light

February 26 - Witcher 3

Rumored releases:

Octoberish - Costume Quest 2

Last Gen: (Because, yeah, even those still count as worth playing)

October 14 - Borderlands - The Pre-Sequel

November 11 - Assassin's Creed Rogue
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Topherion Flockers
Topherion won 2 Achievements in Flockers for 269 points
JQ1017 Borderlands JQ1017 completed the Claptrap's New Robot Revolution DLC in Borderlands
Comment by don1delanoochh at 09:03 on 20 Apr 2015

I spent too many hours trying to find the collectible achievements on this DLC that I ended up giving up, they just never showed.

Comment by Ms Dudette at 09:29 on 20 Apr 2015

same here....still need those collectibles. tried several different ways too.

...there are 6 other comments

Topherion Ryse: Son of Rome Topherion completed the game Ryse: Son of Rome and is the 1,439th gamer on the site to complete it
JQ1017 Borderlands
These items contain comments JQ1017 won 3 Achievements in Borderlands for 140 points
JQ1017 Borderlands Ding! Overleveled to 11 achievement JQ1017 won the Ding! Overleveled to 11 achievement in Borderlands for 59 points
Comment by JQ1017 at 14:08 on 19 Apr 2015

So happy to be nearly done with this game so I can focus on Borderlands 2 on both the 360 and One then the Pre-Sequel.

Comment by JQ1017 at 14:08 on 19 Apr 2015

Hopefully the Pre-Sequel GOTY Edition is out later this year :)

Comment by PLACER89 at 16:50 on 19 Apr 2015

Feel free to hit me up for some Borderlands 2 on x1. I hear ya on the GOTY edition of the Pre Sequel for 360 tho!

JQ1017 Borderlands
JQ1017 won 2 Achievements in Borderlands for 41 points
JQ1017 JQ1017 is now in the top 1000 of the Australia GamerScore Leaderboard for Xbox 360 + XBLA Titles
Comment by Ms Dudette at 08:32 on 18 Apr 2015

very cool

Comment by JQ1017 at 16:08 on 18 Apr 2015

It's ok considering there are only 2,565 people from Australia on the website currently. I would love to get to the top 100 eventually.

Comment by JQ1017 at 16:09 on 18 Apr 2015

I'm happier with my TA Site Rank which is 47,694 out of 255,820 as I type this :)

JQ1017 Goat Simulator
JQ1017 won 24 Achievements in Goat Simulator for 1098 points
JQ1017 Goat Simulator JQ1017 started the game Goat Simulator
Comment by St3v3nt75 at 07:37 on 17 Apr 2015

goats HAHA is this any good ?

Comment by JQ1017 at 10:51 on 17 Apr 2015

It's decent to say the least and fun for the laughs. Worth it for the easy completion.

Comment by St3v3nt75 at 10:57 on 17 Apr 2015

gonna look that up now a goat game so funny

Topherion Mortal Kombat X
Topherion won 2 Achievements in Mortal Kombat X for 13 points
JQ1017 Leap Frog 2015 JQ1017 has just croaked out of Leap Frog 2015
Comment by HoodedOne at 01:00 on 16 Apr 2015

How??? Lol did you forget?

Comment by JQ1017 at 01:26 on 16 Apr 2015

Yeah I must have forgotten. Oh well :( It's really hard to be on TrueAchievements at the moment let alone earn achievements.

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Topherion Project Spark
Topherion won 2 Achievements in Project Spark for 229 points
Topherion Mortal Kombat X Topherion started the game Mortal Kombat X
Status change by Le Lone Wolf at 21:42 on 13 Apr 2015 Le Lone Wolf status: I think the next game I will play (with this long break) is Halo 5, top games only now. Will play Mortal Kombat though (brother is buying)
Comment by LewisNoobBuster at 08:01 on 14 Apr 2015

Wait. Halo isn't top 5... Orange Box or retire

Comment by Le Lone Wolf at 14:03 on 16 Apr 2015

Top 5? I didnt say 5, I dont even have orange box yet. Ill try to get it and play it, its not like its going to dissapear now.

...there are 4 other comments

Status change by Le Lone Wolf at 21:35 on 13 Apr 2015 Le Lone Wolf status: I think the next game I will play (with this long break) is Halo 5, top games only now. Will play Mortal Combat though (brother is buying)
Comment by Honz Brix at 21:39 on 13 Apr 2015

U spelled Kombat wrong bro lol

Comment by Le Lone Wolf at 21:42 on 13 Apr 2015

Its been a long day hah.

...there are 4 other comments

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