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Wordament Snap Attack seems fixed...not the kind of fixed I was hoping for though cry

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DaveKinetic DaveKinetic has reached a new milestone: 130,000 GamerScore
Comment by Lil Miss Cherry at 00:40 on 30 Jul 2014

Oooh la la stop, I'm going to faint. Too. Much. Awesomeness

DaveKinetic DaveKinetic achieved their GamerScore Goal - 130000.00 by 01 Jan 2015
Optimus Doug Rabbids Go Phone (WP) Optimus Doug completed the game Rabbids Go Phone (WP) and is the 1,083rd gamer on the site to complete it
Optimus Doug Optimus Doug has reached a new milestone: 250 Completed Games
Optimus Doug Optimus Doug has reached a new milestone: 140 Completed Arcade Games
Optimus Doug Rabbids Go Phone (WP)
Optimus Doug won 20 Achievements in Rabbids Go Phone (WP) for 224 points
izret102 Amazing Alex (WP) izret102 completed the game Amazing Alex (WP) and is the 380th gamer on the site to complete it
Status change by adiash73 at 21:36 on 29 Jul 2014 adiash73 status: 1 achievement to go, again
adiash73 The Raven
adiash73 won 3 Achievements in The Raven for 60 points
DaveKinetic DaveKinetic has reached a new milestone: 210,000 TrueAchievement Score
Comment by angelsk at 21:59 on 29 Jul 2014


Comment by Lil Miss Cherry at 23:30 on 29 Jul 2014

You is like da best gamer on dis site man

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RICM0NKEY Terminator Salvation RICM0NKEY has rated the game Terminator Salvation 2.5 out of 5
RICM0NKEY Counter-Strike: Global Offensive RICM0NKEY has rated the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 3 out of 5
Comment by The Mottinator at 21:08 on 29 Jul 2014

Is it less glitchy now?

Comment by RICM0NKEY at 21:57 on 29 Jul 2014

Everything seems fine except the "Clean Sweep" achievement,done it about 5 times now but no pop.

Status change by Kendrene at 19:46 on 29 Jul 2014 Kendrene status: Got my One!
Comment by Beachem at 19:48 on 29 Jul 2014

Hell yeah! Enjoy. Throw that PS4 in the trash :P

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Epsilon Theta Borderlands 2 Epsilon Theta completed the Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC in Borderlands 2
Comment by planting42 at 17:40 on 29 Jul 2014

Is she really tiny?

Comment by Senior Chupon at 19:29 on 29 Jul 2014

Well she's a child so yes.

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TrueAchievement TrueAchievement has reached a new milestone: 5,500 Achievements Won
Comment by DaveKinetic at 16:21 on 29 Jul 2014


Comment by XI AlphaMale IX at 16:23 on 29 Jul 2014

I can't drive this x100

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Status change by lucas1987 at 16:02 on 29 Jul 2014 lucas1987 status: Done with leapfrog. completed Day 41 but gave up trying.
Comment by lucas1987 at 16:03 on 29 Jul 2014

Gf decided to break down yesterday due to me playing everyday lmao. Probably moving back home soon so better I come lol

Comment by K4rn4ge at 16:11 on 29 Jul 2014

Wait, so you are saying you and your gf broke up because of this?

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Status change by RICM0NKEY at 14:10 on 29 Jul 2014 RICM0NKEY status: More machine than Monkey...
WarmedxMints Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition WarmedxMints started the game Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition
Comment by planting42 at 14:04 on 29 Jul 2014

Become the bat... again.

Comment by RunningFreak204 at 17:02 on 29 Jul 2014

How's the game?

Status change by TrueAchievement at 12:27 on 29 Jul 2014 TrueAchievement status: Whatever happened to The Wombats?
Comment by thirtysmooth at 13:50 on 29 Jul 2014

The band or the animal?

Comment by TrueAchievement at 14:34 on 29 Jul 2014

The band! I used to love them

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MysticWeirdo MysticWeirdo has reached a new milestone: 730,000 TrueAchievement Score
Status change by thirtysmooth at 11:36 on 29 Jul 2014 thirtysmooth status: Saints Row IV for £4. Is it worth that?
Comment by AllChristophe at 12:11 on 29 Jul 2014

It is totally worth it. An easy 100%

Comment by ChewieOnIce at 12:17 on 29 Jul 2014

Wheres that then? Also, pound sign in status!

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dat luke guy Fight Night Round 3 dat luke guy completed the game Fight Night Round 3 and is the 34,810th gamer on the site to complete it
lucas1987 Jurassic Park: The Game lucas1987 started the game Jurassic Park: The Game
Comment by CONKER1182 at 12:19 on 29 Jul 2014

Jurassic Park 1.5

Comment by planting42 at 12:34 on 29 Jul 2014

Crap game man. Just wait for those god-awful QTEs

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liner bronson Call of Duty 3 liner bronson joined a Boosting Gaming Session for the game Call of Duty 3
Comment by Virtuous Panda at 17:28 on 29 Jul 2014

You still trying for this. How I hated this worthless grind.

Chris8875 Flowerz (WP) Chris8875 completed the game Flowerz (WP) and is the 1,325th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Chris8875 at 08:57 on 29 Jul 2014

My first WP achievement was in this game - 3 years later I have finally finished it.

Comment by OniKawazu at 16:17 on 29 Jul 2014

Nice one Chris =D

Comment by skhter at 16:30 on 29 Jul 2014

Congrats! Need to to this one myself..

jaganshihieiyyh Final Fantasy XIII-2 jaganshihieiyyh completed the game Final Fantasy XIII-2 and is the 5,013th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Shiney Cheese at 12:46 on 29 Jul 2014


Comment by MikeBebop at 13:53 on 29 Jul 2014

and now lightning can return an you can play erm... dress up? "snickers" Toriyama!!! anyway congrats you surely have the power of propane running through your veins!

Status change by Epsilon Theta at 06:17 on 29 Jul 2014 Epsilon Theta status: I am glad MS' restrictive credit card policy didn't enable me to buy Strike Suit Zero a few days back! Well done!
Comment by MattiasAnderson at 14:18 on 29 Jul 2014

Thats frustrating when there are no ms points anymore. Well maybe there are a few old ones but bad.

Comment by Epsilon Theta at 14:22 on 29 Jul 2014

I always have to buy credit. Sometimes I get a deal and get 25 for 23,5 but due to the exchange rates I usually lose money.

Matrarch Microsoft Jackpot (Win 8) The Completionist achievement Matrarch won the The Completionist achievement in Microsoft Jackpot (Win 8) for 25 points
Comment by Matrarch at 01:54 on 29 Jul 2014

I got this by telling the game "game, your randomizer is awful. I think it's complete now." and voila, it worked! Wait... Wait. No it didn't

Comment by MitoticActivity at 02:09 on 29 Jul 2014

This game's complete if you want it to be. Or get another and call it done. It's all good in this neighborhood! Now, if you'll excuse me I need to find my pet unicorn.

Comment by Das Kuhnen at 23:40 on 29 Jul 2014

Wasn't that just pira in a party hat?

Status change by Matrarch at 01:25 on 29 Jul 2014 Matrarch status: How to make an article 'clickbait' on TA: Unintentionally challenge 'completionists' sense of what a completion is.
Comment by Beavis XBL at 01:31 on 29 Jul 2014

what is clickbait? is that like jailbait? where do you sign up?

Comment by alklein92201 at 01:35 on 29 Jul 2014

I want to see an article that says nothing more than DLC is required for completion, and DLC ratios should count everyone who played the game.

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