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Retail DLC Roundup: December 4th, 2012

This week sees DLC releases for 14 Xbox 360 retail games. Three of the games add extra achievements to their list and three of the games have region exclusive DLC. Here is this week’s list: Armored C

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Retail and XBLA DLC Roundup: October 17th, 2012

Due to the dashboard update starting to roll out to players across the world, the arrival of the usual Tuesday retail DLC was severely delayed. As a result, we've rolled the retail DLC roundup togeth

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WRC 3 Launch Trailer

If you are thirsting for a racing experience that takes rally back to its roots, look no further than WRC 3. In the past months, Black Bean and Milestone released several trailers, showing some of th

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Another WRC 3 Trailer Slides In

With only two days to go until Milestone and Black Bean's WRC 3 hits store shelves harder than a rally car hits the ground after a particularly big jump, the developers have managed to sneak out anot

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Two WRC 3 Trailers Slide In

There's not a lot of time left until rally fans can take a firm grip on the steering wheel and hope their car doesn't lose grip on the ground as they race around the upcoming tracks of WRC 3. Just be

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Retail Releases: Week of October 8th, 2012

If you have a Kinect, this week offers plenty of games to get you up out of your seat. Even if you don't, there's a few big titles due out for traditional gamers. Simply put, you're probably spending

Posted 4 years ago by Mark Delaney, 51 comments

WRC3 Challenge Modes Detailed

Black Bean and Milestone's WRC 3 is getting close to its release date. So close, in fact, that you'd think that most major details of the game would already be out there for your consumption. It seem

Posted 4 years ago by Michelle Balsan, 8 comments

Demo Roundup: September 17th, 2012

Monday is the new Tuesday. Microsoft seems to have shifted their demo release day to the first day of the working week as, for the second week running, we have multiple demos landing on the Marketpla

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WRC 3 Tears Up Some Dirt in the UK

The globe-trotting expedition in WRC 3 started out in sunny Spain, before moving to the freezing cold environments of Monte Carlo with a selection of screenshots. The action soon short-shifted back t

Posted 4 years ago by Keith Gray, 14 comments

WRC 3 Demo Announced

After teasing rally aficionados with trailers and screenshots from iconic rally courses like Monte Carlo, Spain and Portugal and unveiling the pre-order bonus, the developers at Milestone announced t

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New WRC 3 Trailers Power-slide In

Milestone has released two more trailers for their upcoming rally title,, with the first showing off the thing that divides good drivers from the gr

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WRC 3 Trailer Drives To South America

Maybe you already came back from summer vacation, maybe you didn't get time off yet. takes you around the world, with a series of gameplay videos, t

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WRC 3 Official Trailer

After taking drivers to Portugal and Monte Carlo, Milestone releases the official trailer for their upcoming racing game

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WRC 3 Takes Drivers To Portugal, the official game of the World Rally Championships, will be packed with more than 35 cars, including the brand new Volkswagen Polo R WRC test car,

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WRC 3 Drifts In With A Developer Diary

Do you like to go fast? How about four-wheel drive, stick shifting through snowy or muddy terrain? If so, then WRC 3 may just be what you need for a rip-roaring good time. Recently, Black Bean releas

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WRC 3 Takes Drivers To Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a favored location for racing events, be it the high speed thrills of a Formula 1 Grand Prix or the battle of man versus wild of a rally race. Its winding trails were recently featured

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WRC 3 Gameplay Clocks In

Of all the motorsports rallying is my favourite. It's fast, it's brutal, it's punishing and it makes for an exciting game translation. Today we bring you a gameplay video from upcoming http://www.tru

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WRC 3 Screens

Tailing the debut trailer we brought you last month, a couple of screens for have just skidded round the corner into our inbox. http://www.trueachie

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World Rally Championship 3 Dated

The next release in the WRC series will be arriving in Europe on October 12th., from Milestone Studios and publisher Black Bean, is being built from

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WRC 3 Debut Trailer Released

The first trailer for Milestone's yearly instalment in the WRC franchise,, has been released, and shows off some of the environments and cars that w

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WRC 3 Announced

The announcement of Milestone's, the third game in the WRC rally series, comes as no surprise. Back in September 2011, before the release of http://

Posted 4 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 22 comments

New WRC 2 Screenshots

WRC 2 is edging closer to release, meaning that there's the inevitable onslaught of new media to keep reminding people of this fact. Although we don't have a new trailer for you, we do have a plethor

Posted 5 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 14 comments