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Well, there goes my interest in Titanfall on 360... Looks like dog poo.

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Status change by Ginn0rz at 13:27 on 26 Nov 2014 Ginn0rz status: Dead Space on Impossible is almost a new game unto itself.
Status change by Ali060 at 09:33 on 26 Nov 2014 Ali060 status: Some guy left my session for today with a dot for an excuse. On top of that, looking at his upcoming sessions he has LOADS of session clashes so he'll
Comment by Ali060 at 09:34 on 26 Nov 2014

probably be leaving more sessions when he can quite clearly see that when 2 sessions start at the same time he can't do both. I don't get these pricks who feel that it's

Comment by Ali060 at 09:36 on 26 Nov 2014

okay to leave sessions that people have taken time out of their day to be a part of for it to maybe not happen because someone leaves.

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I Spiritus I I Spiritus I created a new GamerScore Goal - 100000 by 31 Dec 2014
Comment by Lurking Lawyer at 13:37 on 25 Nov 2014

Whore. I see you're only 1,300 TA points behind me now. That's quite some catch-up. Has SWMBO returned the power lead to the console to you now....? ;)

Comment by pixelpixel at 14:31 on 25 Nov 2014


Comment by I Spiritus I at 19:33 on 25 Nov 2014

Haha ;). I might catch you yet!

I Spiritus I MONOPOLY Plus I Spiritus I has rated the game MONOPOLY Plus 5 out of 5
Comment by pixelpixel at 14:31 on 25 Nov 2014

Really ?

Comment by JPG30 at 15:42 on 25 Nov 2014

it will never beat the feeling of playing the board game itself really imo.

Comment by I Spiritus I at 19:34 on 25 Nov 2014

Yeah, its a good representation of the game tbh. Good wee time waster with the Mrs.

I Spiritus I MONOPOLY Plus I Spiritus I started the game MONOPOLY Plus
I Spiritus I Battlefield 4 (Xbox One) I Spiritus I started the Final Stand DLC in Battlefield 4 (Xbox One)
Comment by I Spiritus I at 06:14 on 25 Nov 2014

Wow at some of the assignments, its like they purposely made them grindy.

Comment by Lurking Lawyer at 13:38 on 25 Nov 2014

Yes! That'll keep you out of trouble and not racking up many points while I slog 70-80 hours through Dragon Age!

Comment by I Spiritus I at 13:46 on 26 Nov 2014

Haha, ill probably do a few games at a time of it. Still got rogue to do and trying to keep my streak going lol.

Status change by Dan vasNormandy at 01:27 on 24 Nov 2014 Dan vasNormandy status: BF4 RE6 and BORDER2 completed...amazing gaming weekend!
Comment by FuzzedUpCookie at 15:26 on 24 Nov 2014

nicely done man! congratz! :)

Comment by Dan vasNormandy at 18:07 on 24 Nov 2014

Thanks Cookie \o/

Dan vasNormandy Borderlands 2 Dan vasNormandy completed the game Borderlands 2 and is the 9,617th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Dan vasNormandy at 01:23 on 24 Nov 2014


Comment by Jakeythedude at 02:06 on 24 Nov 2014

I remember that little fucker. Such a pain.

Comment by xxCATACLIZMxx at 04:51 on 24 Nov 2014

Lol, hahahaha

Dan vasNormandy Dan vasNormandy has reached a new milestone: 75 Completed Games
Comment by FuzzedUpCookie at 22:28 on 24 Nov 2014

nice one!

Ali060 Ali060 has reached a new milestone: TA Ratio of 1.7
Status change by N0BLE 360 at 18:33 on 23 Nov 2014 N0BLE 360 status: 11 more daily challenges in Titanfall left for the completion
Comment by Mike United 007 at 19:03 on 23 Nov 2014

Sweet nice one. I'm about 60 done or so. Great game imo.

Comment by pixelpixel at 19:33 on 23 Nov 2014

Well done.

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