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Every Man, Woman and Child in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

Every Man, Woman and Child95 (30)

Offline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Xbox Live.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Missable - These achievements can be missed. Choose to Travel at Least Once with Every Optional Survivor

Achievement Guide for Every Man, Woman and Child

Psychotic Jon
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Psychotic Jon
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Posted on 24 March 13 at 17:50, Edited on 14 January 14 at 04:38
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Here is a solution to finding all 16 survivors in order for The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. Please keep in mind that this solution does contain spoilers.
I want to add this bonus tip right at the top so you couldn't miss this search method I used which saved me a lot of time. While searching for Random Survivors you will notice when you reach a main objective area Daryl will talk (main dialogue) dashboard immediately to make sure you stay in the area! If you do not hear Daryl talking (main dialogue) while driving, trust me keep searching as you will "not" reach the main objective no matter how close it looks like you're getting to it.
Another thing to add is that this achievement will take two playthroughs to complete and I have created two ROAD OPTIONS for you to follow.


Cabot Ridge:
-Jess Collins is story related and cannot be missed. Jess Collins is the first survivor you receive at the beginning of the game.

-Jimmy Blake is the police officer found on top of the roof near the beginning of this area. He can be found shortly by going through the grocery store, open the back door where you will see a walker munching on a unlucky individual (kill the walker) and after this you will hear him calling you so climb the ladder directly to your right and meet him. You will then need to get him batteries found in the police station. Once you have given him the batteries and have your gas head out of the area you will have the choice to choose him or Warren Bedford to tag along with you but there is only enough room in the car for one of them.
-Warren Bedford is story related and cannot be missed. You meet him at the gas station where he tells you how to get gas if he can come with you. After doing the task and getting your gas when you leave the area you have to choice to let him join you.

ROAD OPTION (Garwater):

Sedalia to Garwater Random Survivor:
-Sarah Bell is a random survivor found while driving from Sedalia to Garwater. She can be found on top of a gas station. You will know when you have the right area when there is a big truck blocking the road in front of you and you will have to go through a building to the right. After going through the building to the right and exiting the back, there will be a ladder straight in front of you. Climb the ladder and meet Sarah Bell. After a brief conversation, she will say she will join you for some food (to bad you couldn't give the greedy woman some leftover MRE). The food is found behind you across the extended ladder (don't fall hehe). Search the rooms for food and bring it back to her. After you get the woman her fine dining meal she will say she is ready to join you and you can leave the area.

-Mia Park is a miss-able survivor and is hiding in the theatre. While in Fontana you will find a survivor called Anna Turner that says she will give you some of her supplies if you find Mia Park. Mia Park is found across from the diner hiding in the movie theatre. After you kill the walkers and look at supply bag on the floor next to some bodies Mia Park will show herself and run away because she had mistaken you as the shooter. Simply follow her up to the projector room and talk to her. You can now go look for Merle and while leaving the area make sure to make room for her (dismiss another survivor if needed).

Fontana to Cleburne -or- Cleburne to Lemon hill Random Survivor:
-Holly Gaines is a random survivor you will find while driving to or away from Cleburne. You will know when you have the right area (it says Diner) when you reach a Diner and *ALL* the walkers are mysteriously dead (by my hand of course, just kidding). All the walkers in the area will be lying lifelessly on the floor so just make your way to the wooden cabin in the back left and search the back rooms until you find Holly Gaines hiding in a corner (room with a window).

-Todd Jeffries is a miss-able survivor which can be found shortly after you fall through the floor in the Cleburne Hospital. After falling through the floor take a right and go to the farthest room to the left (you will see some barricades). Simply jump over the barricades and he is hiding in the dark corner (with an evil smiley shirt). Talk to him and he will join you at the end of this area.
-Noah Cruz is found in an upper room where you will have to make a choice with a doctor/scientist. Choose to save Noah Cruz now because later on if you don't save him now he will be bit and die and will no longer have a chance at being your companion (survivor).

Cleburne to Lemon Hill -or- Lemon Hill to Barksdale Random Survivor:
-Ahmad Farran is a random survivor found on top of a overturned vehicle. He is randomly found while driving to or away from Lemon Hill. You will know when you have the right area because when you enter the area you will see a man on top of a overturned vehicle surrounded by walkers right in front of you (maybe we should leave him there, meh better save him). Once you kill all the surrounding walkers he will jump down and talk to you. After a quick chat he says he will join you on your adventures (dismiss another survivor if you don't have room).

-Anna Turner is story related and cannot be missed she is found shortly after you grab your crossbow (Ohh yeah!). You must save her from the walkers because she is trapped on top of a vehicle (a damsel in distress). After saving this lovely survivor you might have to make room for her in your vehicle (saving her will end the area).

-Noah Cruz is story related and cannot be missed. He is found in the first room of the Outlet Mall. If you did not save him at the Cleburne Hospital as I advised he is actually bit and will die because you chose the more evil path by leaving him to die at the hospital. On the other hand, if you did indeed save him after your conversation you had with him, you will be asked to flee from the Outlet Mall and upon leaving he will join you if you have room.

Lafferty to Polksville -or- Barksdale to Sherwood Random Survivor:
-Gloria Garcia is a random survivor and is randomly found while travelling. Sooner or later you will encounter a woman stranded on top of a derailed train car and must save her from the zombies surrounding her. After getting though a few zombies you will have to crouch and go into the derailed train car itself because she will jump down into it. After talking to her she will say she wont leave the train car until all the walkers around her are dead. Don't worry because things get fun now. You are allowed to use your guns and kill all surrounding walkers at this part because once their eliminated no more will spawn. After all the surrounding walkers are dead, speak to her again and she will say she will join you (damn straight she will). Leave the area and she will join you if you have room for her.

Polksville to Sherwood Random Survivor:
-Shelley Berger (what a name!) is a random survivor that you will find in the Neighbourhood area while looking for supplies. She is really well hidden in one the the houses (with a black door). You will have to destroy the fences yourself or attract some walkers to do it for you. After the fences are down go door-to-door looking for her in each building. After some searching you will find a room, in the back right of the house that is barricaded. She will be hiding in that room in the corner. Just speak with her and after that head to your vehicle (be careful you can be easily swarmed in this area). Once you exit the area dismiss a survivor to make room for her if you have to.

-Jane Carroll is story related but can be missed as you are only allowed to choose one survivor to be saved. She is found in the second house to the right upon entering the area. Go talk with her and then she will tell you to go check up on Terry Harrison in the other house across the street. After you are done all that and have talked to the guy on the roof about getting an EVAC. Make sure you go to her house and use the back door to enter the house (as I tried to enter the front and it was locked). This area will end right after you speak to Jane Carroll. (Take ROAD OPTION (Pemberton) after you are done this one to save the other survivor.

ROAD OPTION (Pemberton):

-Mike Swenson is found at the lumber yard area (possibly the creepiest area in the game as it was so dark and scary) and is story related and cannot be missed. After you go through the hole in the fence, past all the tents, there will be a building in front of you. If you don't go though the right door it's ok, climb the ladder and walk across the extended ladder on the roof to the opposite side of the building and make your way down another ladder. Mike Swenson will call you over, just talk to him and get Merle's med's behind him. After that exit through through the door beside him and leave the area (you must go through what I call the Chop Chop Eat'em Up area) and once you're safe and sound, and have made it to your vehicle you will have the choice to take Mike Swenson with you if you have room.

-Sheila Schneider is story related and cannot be missed. You will see her behind a glass window in the ClaraChem facility in Danvers. After having a near death experience she will join you after you escape. Make sure you have room for her if you don't have space to fit another survivor (dismiss an old one).

-Terry Harrison is story related but can be missed as you are only allowed to choose one survivor in this area to save. He is found in the second house to the left upon entering the area. He will be beside his dying wife in their bedroom and after a bit of chatting you will have to find her some antibiotics to ease her suffering but by the time you get back she will have already been shot dead. This area will end right after you speak to Terry Harrison. (Take ROAD OPTION (Garwater) after you are done this one to save the other survivor.

Please keep in mind that this solution is just a quick overview of where the survivors are located and you might not even find the Random Survivors where I found them. If I might add in I also found more survivors by taking the Highway oddly enough. I hope you found this guide for the Every Man, Woman and Child achievement helpful. Good luck, and watch out for those zombies, I mean walkers!
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