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Turntable Perfection in DJ Hero

Turntable Perfection894 (100)

Online/Offline - These achievements can be obtained in either an online or offline mode.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained using a single controller.Versus - These achievements can be obtained in a face off game mode using one or more controllers.Difficulty Specific - These achievements require that the game be played on a certain difficulty level.Cumulative - These achievements are obtained by repeatedly performing a single action over time.Peripheral Required - These achievements require the use of an input device other than the default. Earn 5 stars in every mix on expert difficulty.

Achievement Guide for Turntable Perfection

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EDITED 10/4/2010 (lol)

This is self-explanatory, but no less difficult. I have 5*ed all songs on hard AND expert, and here are a few pointers I found:

- If you can play hard very well, expert won't be a large issue. The only main difference I could see between hard and expert was directional scratching. On hard you can scratch anyway, but expert you have to in a certain way. This is challenging at first, but eventually you'll get a feel for it. *One trick I found is to watch for what direction the final scratch is (up or down) and scratch accordingly based on that. It's tough to explain however...*

- Crossfades and crossfade spikes are automatically triggered while euphoria (star power) is active. Use this to your advantage when a crazy stream of spikes/fades are coming up. It helps to know the song well. Interestingly enough, use it when you see another euphoria phrase coming up to keep your multiplier going.

- You WONT get this off sightreads, no question. I highly recommend you start the game on medium (for the majority of the other achievements) and work your way up. If you have 5*ed the game on hard, then although it will still be difficult, it will be a much simpler task. Mainly the last few songs (Noisia!) are the ones that will give you hell.

- Master the rewind. You get a rewind (spin the platter counter-clockwise) at approximately every 50 note streak (max 1 at a time), and you get a 2X multiplier when you use it. Use it AS SOON AS YOU GET IT, so you dont need to wait long to get another one. These play a key role, if not the ULTIMATE key role in getting a 5* rank.

- Beats and Pieces. Oh dear god. I thought Noisia/Groundhog/whatever was the hardest song in the game, but I was wrong. This is usually the one that's the last song people need. You have to do almost perfect for the first 40% or so, spamming the hell out of the rewinds. It's fairly easy with practice. The rest of it all I can suggest is try do your best. A strong arm will help (I did the 5* by scratching like a beast near the end) and key uses of Star Power too. Good luck with this one.

Practice is the key here! If you are good at other music games and have a solid sense of rhythm, you should pick this up fairly quick, but you've got ways to go before you can 5* everything on expert.
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Crimson Ridley
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Crimson Ridley
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Posted on 11 April 11 at 08:27, Edited on 11 April 11 at 08:28
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These are just tips for Beats & Pieces, the song that gives people the most trouble: You need to get the first 2 rewinds, this is vital. The first one you get in the middle of the blue scratches, use this rewind RIGHT AFTER THE BLUES END. Like, instantly! This way you'll go back far enough to hit the UD blue, otherwise it'll skip it.

Then you want to get the 2nd rewind, it'll happen in the middle of the euphoria phrase. Hit the phrase, then rewind, it'll take you back to the long section of green scratches. Try to FC these again.

The part after the euphoria can be tricky, so I don't waste euphoria there. Instead I save it until the next part, where the beginning is played again only faster. You NEED to know these sections, they are easy and make your score skyrocket if you can hit them. Use euphoria on every one of these, save all that you get until these sections.

After the 3rd of 4th time this section comes up, it changes slightly. Instead of 3 U scratches, it's UDU scratches, which alternates a little. Remember this so you don't try to play the old section again.

The very last 2 euphoria sections are not needed for the 5*, but won't hurt if you can get them. You just need to blag your way through those end sections and hope you hit enough to increase your score by 10-20k maybe. Remember, slow down on these sections, they aren't as fast as they seem.

Now, the 5* cutoff is 388k (Around there, I got 387k and got 4*, got a little more and got 5*), and you should have around 320k on the 2nd to last phrase, I believe.

Just remember to get the first 2 rewinds and the first euphoria phrase, the few after and the section that repeats itself down to an art. Miss in these and it's best to restart, though it's not vital on the sections that repeat itself, but the more rewinds you can grab, and the more times you can go over that section with 8x, the better.

Good luck. And I hope what I've said makes some sense.

EDIT: Oh, and a tip you might not know; Using euphoria in a rewind doesn't stack your multiplier. It's best to rewind, let it end, then activate euphoria. Otherwise you're wasting an 8x multiplier.

The Effects Dial will give you points, lots of them. Instead of turning it like a dial, use the side of your index finger to rub against it, kind of like you're scratching an invisible turntable. You'll get loads more points.

The Freestyle sections will give you points for the FIRST 2, DIFFERENT EFFECTS. It counts as 2 notes, but doesn't increase your streak. So with a 4x it's 800 points. Any Red presses after that will just make noise.
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The Elven Jedi
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The Elven Jedi
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Posted on 19 February 12 at 01:13
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I just wanted to post for those of you who may be losing hope after starting your expert campaign after finishing hard [what i did, since I have no former experience with DJ hero].

The jump up to expert can be quite frustrating because of the directional scratches, ESPECIALLY the single direction repeated individual scratches.

The good news is that I found myself breaking through a "wall" about half way through the setlist, where after enough playing on the easier songs I found the directional scratching was coming easier and easier. So the moral of the story is, even though it might seem impossible at first, keep at it and it should come to you. Remember when you were learning how to play guitar hero and you made the jump to expert, and you thought the orange button was impossible? Same thing here :D

P.S. I know it's the opposite of a solution, but if anyone has any tips on hand/finger movement for those "single direction repeated individual scratches", I'm having a tough time nailing those sections when they're really fast. I can move the board fast enough for everything else in the game, except for that it seems.
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Okay so i consider myself a DJ Hero GOD XD sorry for the OTT start but yeah, 5* all songs first time apart from last 4 which did third time and 5* all on DJ Hero 2, so I have definitely experience on what to do and when to do it. So here my guide on this killer 9.0 Ration achievement !!

The achievement is simply for 5* every single song on Expert, there are other achievements for Medium/Easy & Hard but they all link (meaning do it on hard you unlock hard and easy/medium achievement...SOOO firstly do it on Expert .. YOU GET ALL ZEE ACHIEVEMENTS)

So the first set of songs such as Easy - Hard intensity are easiest to do without no difficulty ... if you fail on any you should quit XD sorry but if you struggle on these then your not going to hit the end. Its simple sorry for the negative feedback but its simple.

From her you got your Expert and Insane Tracks left, yeah this is the when you start pull 5*'s off insanley at the last few stretches.

Songs -.-

Beats & Pieces <-----> such an anoyying song since you need to hit 100% on the first two and half sets (the scaratches come in waves/sets) this gives a nice amount of Euphoria and should get you 2 * around or near, from here when you get to the bit where the song goes bassy/dubsteppy use EUPHORIA straight after this set, it gets you alot of Score since its a faster section and you get alot of 2X .. then just keep trying for it ...

Rockit <----> this is insane but out of this and Beats & Pieces its the easier one, since its just button combinations/sequences so just memorise it the first 3 times and on fourth you should be able to hit 5*

Groundhog <----> This is okay, not extremely difficult but not exactly easy, since it catches you out your 5* very easily since its shortish, and timing your Euphoria is necessary otherwise you lose your 5* and its highly unlikely your hitting 100% FC since that gains 5* also.

The other Songs are quite easy and doesnt really need any advice compared to these three since there the hardest songs in my opinion.

TIPS --- > Rewind as much as possible, its essential it gains you that extra X Bonus and puts you back a segment of the song.

USE your Rewind two situations, parts where your comfortably 100% hitting the section OR if you missed your Euphoria notes since its an extra chance getting them and you gain that 2X Bonus.

Just practice....self explanatory

Hope this helps anyone since im gaining like 2-6 messages a day about both DJ Hero's and how to 5* them.

Heres a video on Beats & Pieces just to show you what your up against :)

Thanks to Chrisdgaf13 ... For creating this video showing you can 5* with 93-95% :) hope you enjoy
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