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Achievement Guide for Triple Hundred Millionaire

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Posted on 03 April 15 at 20:46, Edited on 31 March 16 at 22:12
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This achievement must be done in regular Deathsmiles xbox 360 or arcade mode. Cannot be done in 1.1, MBL, or MBL1.1.

First off, there isn't exactly a "solution" for this achievement as it can be obtained by many paths, but all of which require extreme skill and intimate knowledge of the game and scoring system. My best advice to anyone attempting this is to watch other peoples replays to see what they did, and practice each level individually in training mode until you can do them consistently. Find the path that works best for you. The training mode is a very useful tool as you can set everything including level, order level is played, difficulty, suicide bullets, item counter, etc.

As for the scoring system refer to this thread, it explains it pretty well. (obtained from vSully's double hundred millionaire solution). Basically killing certain enemies with certain attacks yields more point items, so knowing which attack to use when is vital. As for point items, when you're not powered up, catch them immediately before they break up for the most value. When you are powered up, always let them fall to them ground and break apart if you can to maximize their value, even after you reach "fever mode" which occurs when you reach 10,000 +value and the + numbers turn orange. That's the only flaw I found in that thread. Also note that your item counter drains when you hold lockshot. When in powerup mode this can be used to drain your item counter fast to help you pull an insta-refill. Can also be used with a bomb to drain even faster. Never use a bomb in powerup mode unless you are going for an insta-refill or you have to because it will empty your counter.

That being said, I have included my 331 million replay using Follett at the bottom and will give a rundown of how I handled each level. As you will see, I made quite a few minor errors and didn't clear the game. My run had the potential for closer to 370 mill had everything gone according to plan. I'll try to explain some of the tricky parts.

Stage 1: Port town Level 3
My goal is to finish this stage with 1 million points, 1000 items, and 1000-1200 items in the + counter. The main trick in this stage is to hit the pig enemies with your familiars strong attack(follett's dragons is like a flame thrower) and then hold lock shot before they die. This makes the kill count as a lockshot without actually using the lockshot on them and draining your counter. Ideally you want to have 1000 items in your counter before you destroy the bottom part of the bigger ship so it spits out large crowns. I ended up taking half a bar of damage over a silly mistake which really doesn't affect the run at all.

Stage 2: Graveyard Level 3
My goal by the end of this stage is to have 22-30 million points, 1000 items in the counter, power up just as boss dies, and collect the broken up items hopefully bringing me to 4000 items on the + counter, usually its closer to 3500. Counter conservation is key in this stage. I power up after letting the 4th group of floating eyes shoot their bullets. Shoot a bit, then swoop in, shoot a bit, then swoop in. Try to use your familiar on the dogs, ogre, and house as it spits out more point items. I destroy the house around 50 left on the counter and if I have to hold lockshot to drain the counter faster to get an insta-refill then powerup before boss dies, collect the broken bullet items, then the broken boss items.

Stage 3: Forest Level 3
This is pretty technical. My goal for this stage is to finish anywhere between 45 and 65 Million, with 2000-6000 items on the plus counter. Going into the level powered up. Use the familiar strong attack/lockshot trick on all vines and floating islands. Kill the first top spiders, when you see one on the right turn around and lock shot the 4 sagahins? jumping water guys and let their items break before picking them up. If you had about +4000 going in you can be in fever just before second vine if done correctly. Lockshot the last floating island(or 2 if desired) of the first group and bomb if you have to for insta-refill. Can be in fever mode again after the 3rd floating island. Lock shot the last 3 vines and bomb if you have to for insta-refill. Hopefully around 4000+ again after the boss.

Stage 4: Volcano Level 3
My goal is to finish this stage anywhere between 115 and 145 million with around 600 in the counter. Wait for the birds to fire around 9 bullets then powerup and keep your familiar strong attack right in the rock geysers. Quickly take out the troll with the cake then shoot right for a second so your character is facing right, and spin your familiar behind you and sit on the platform. Wait till there are around 6-10 green eyes on screen then bomb and hold lock shot with 350 or so left on your counter for insta-refill. Wait for bomb to disappear then immediately power up. If you power up during bomb it will drain half your counter before it really starts. Familiar strong attack in rock geysers while powered up is the main focus throughout the level.

Stage 5: Lakeshore Level 3
Nothing too crazy here. My goal by the end of this stage is 135-165 million with 500 on the counter. Try to catch suicide bullets to raise your counter a bit. I wait for the green eyes to shoot a couple bullets, then shoot them and power up immediately. Use strong familiar attack on train cars and dragons and let points break on bottom rails if you can.

Stage 6: Swamp Level 3
My goal for the end of this stage is 155 to 185 million with 380 or so on the counter. Suicide bullets ramp up a little bit. I try to be at 1000 items before the giant ogre. The trick here is to pick up all the ogres suicide bullets with your familiar. Shoot left so you are facing away from the ogre and dont kill him. I power up during his second big purple volley to get the point items then proceed to collect his suicide bullets and finish him. Use your familiar on the car for some extra points and a bomb.

Stage 7: Gorge
This is where things get tricky. My goal for the end of this level is 190-230 million and 800-1000 on the counter. I can only really say watch videos and practice for this. Suicide bullets are everywhere. Use ceilings and walls. When the second set of eyeballs come out shoot most of them then power up turning their suicide bullets into a nice item counter boost then make your way to the top. When you get to the last 3 dragons near the top if you time lockshot on the group of eyeballs right before your counter runs out you can get about a 600 refill, have 1000 by the dog, kill him by staying at ground level, pick up his items then get to the top, power up when all his suicide bullets fly out, back up so most fall and hit the ground, and have fever after picking them up. I try to be at 1000 again when I get to the spider room. Shoot a bunch then powerup to stop suicide bullets and make your way to the end. If you havent gotten hit or used bombs you should have 2 from the swamp and this level for the boss.

Stage 8: Hades castle
My goal for this stage was to make it to 300 million. This is where it gets crazy, suicide bullets are rampant. If you haven't been hit yet you probably have no bombs, if you have, don't be afraid to use them to save your ass and keep your counter or to insta-refill. There are quite a few opportunities for it later on. Lock shot all giant ogres, dogs, and gargoyle statues. I power up just after killing the 3rd reapers minions to get their suicide bullets then finish the big reapers. I usually drain a bit of my counter so I run out sooner and can reach 1000 and power up before the first big blue eyeball comes in. Kill Mary at your own risk. Its possible to put your familiar above you to destroy all the pillars and catch all the suicide bullets. I try to power up before starting the downstairs journey. Run out near the bottom, get 1000 again and power up before ogres. Can insta-refill on any of them using lockshot/bomb if you need. I usually try to on the 3rd ogre if my counter is low enough so I can power up for the next group of big blue eyes and make it to the top potentially insta-refilling at the next big ogre. I try to have around 200 left on a power up counter starting the ballroom, lockshot insta-refill from the first ogre, power up after the second ogres second big volley, then lockshot him hopefully giving fever, and proceed to familiar lockshot the rest of the big enemies, maybe insta-refilling on the final gargoyle statue to power up at Jitterbug.
I messed up pretty bad and almost didn't make it. I reached 300 million at the second last ogre before the ballroom.

My practice level score goals:
Port Town: Start with 0 items. End with 1 million points, 1000+1000 items
Graveyard: Start with 1000+1000 items. End with 20-25 million points, powered up 980+3500 items
Forest: Start powered up with 970+3500 items. End with 25-45 million points, 1000+4000 items
Volcano: Start with 1000+3000 items. End with 65-80 million points, 600 items
Lakeshore: Start with 600 items. End with 20-25 million points, 500 items
Swamp: Start with 500 items. End with 20-35 million points, 350 items
Gorge: Start with 350 items. End with 30-45 million points, 800 items
Hades Castle: Start with 800 items. End with 75-125 million points.

I apologize for the length, just trying to be thorough. My goal scores were for good runs, and bad but still acceptable to me runs.
Here's the video: sorry for the bad quality, hard to make out the score till the initials. Going to try to update it with a better one if I can.

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