IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey

IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey

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There are a maximum of 50 IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey achievements worth 4,607 (1,000)

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Achievement Details

Gamer Date Won Date Found Offline
T0XYN T0XYN 16 September 2009
England Dribble Bag Dribble Baglooking for people to do ace combat assault horizon mp achievements 20 September 2009
England Lacrima Mortis Lacrima Mortis 20 September 2009
Sgt jon vito Sgt jon vito 22 September 2009
bunkaboa bunkaboa 22 September 2009
seigfreid007 seigfreid007going nowhere 04 October 2009
USA LegendarySinner LegendarySinner 05 October 2009
USA THORPE0027 THORPE0027 07 October 2009
England imnotGEOFF imnotGEOFF 25 October 2009
England Stealth David Stealth DavidCongrats to Cptn Cookie and Kyuubi Alpha you have been great team mates [smile] My "Pro scanner" didn't scan me for 10 mins [laugh]! 31 October 2009
Northern Ireland darth vader 59 darth vader 59 23 November 2009
England o DEEVIUS o o DEEVIUS oGwaming, gwaming is what bwings us togever today 23 November 2009
Ireland edd knight edd knight 28 November 2009
TOS Sunyracer TOS Sunyracer 09 January 2010
England IRON MAN Ai IRON MAN AiBOOM! 5th to complete FIFA 15 on TA! Right guys video with tips to help get that Extra Effort done going up shortly =) 12 January 2010
USA TCR Vinny TCR Vinny 14 January 2010
Northern Ireland why2cj why2cjMax Payne 3 Multiplayer save damaged, rank lost, I hate this game. 15 January 2010
England SpaceIsTheGrave SpaceIsTheGraveFinally hit the 4k mark in CSGO. All downhill from here. 20 January 2010
Just Creech Just Creech 24 January 2010
Zero souled Zero souled 25 January 2010
England Dalimbak DalimbakNasty Clint never made it 24 February 2010
Germany ChristopherEick ChristopherEick 05 March 2010
Germany andydark andydark 05 March 2010
USA Soldier 4 I AM Soldier 4 I AMGot back on the 360 again now that fall has set in. Time to recover from that dumb bean dive. 31 March 2010
Belgium FL trooper be FL trooper beMMA KINGPIN / twice today my game quits to dashboard. two different games. mid- game, bam, dashboard. really weird. dashboard had issues too earlier.. 25 May 2010
France Baka32 Baka32Vivement novembre.....pour Project cars! 26 May 2010
Botswana NBD Garuda1 NBD Garuda1 03 June 2010
USA ISAIAH40 ISAIAH40 14 June 2010
USA FUNERAL PYRE FUNERAL PYREJust cause you got the monkey off your back doesn't mean the circus has left town 19 June 2010
USA Smokebreaker SmokebreakerMy 3,500th acheivment was Compulsive Liar 19 June 2010
Australia Medrus Medrus 29 June 2010
Luxembourg Epsilon Theta Epsilon ThetaJUST CAUSE 3!!!! Finally a sequel I rejoice hearing about! 02 July 2010
USA Viper Sigma Viper SigmaI may have spoken too soon. Actually leaning toward X1. 02 July 2010
Wales STYL4Z STYL4ZXB1 = On its way back to MS. 25 August 2010
Scotland BaldyGamer BaldyGamer 27 August 2010
England Anglomaniac AnglomaniacXbox One soon. 20 September 2010
USA RIVEE RIVEE 01 October 2010
Canada Emerald Axer Emerald AxerTime to work the old completion %... 62% on Oct 15th/14 16 October 2010
USA Jervistech Jervistechanyone looking to play some Doom or Doom II 19 November 2010
Australia Major Berga Major BergaA hoy hoy.... 29 November 2010
Poland igor5618 igor5618 26 December 2010
USA Obb Shank Obb ShankIs Tittanfall the new Happy Wars? 25 January 2011
USA GHETTO BLASTER4 GHETTO BLASTER4LeBron: Where your hairplugs go, man? 27 January 2011
USA G Kar 76 G Kar 76 05 February 2011
England Sgt Slaughta Ya Sgt Slaughta YaBeast Mode [ON]Off 12 February 2011
USA Nameme99 Nameme99Yo, buddy! You still alive? 11 March 2011
USA Valkyrie REX SS Valkyrie REX SSRandom/Crazy/Evil Shenanigans :3 11 March 2011
Wales HWNDarkside HWNDarksideRather enjoying the new Call Of Crysishalotitanfallduty. 22 March 2011
USA The Globalizer The Globalizer 24 March 2011
USA OneFastJedi88 OneFastJedi88 06 April 2011