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Boo yah! Hit level 50 in #Titanfall and am now a Gen2 pilot :)

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Bean Dive 2014 - The Results
Step 1: Overtake Haverholme

First, a lovely graph

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Yes - I actually managed to reach my goal to overtake my friend Chris (Haverholme) by the end of July 2014.
This involved an increase ...
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DaveKinetic DaveKinetic has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 78%
Comment by angelsk at 12:38 on 20 Sep 2014

Nice one.

Comment by angelsk at 12:39 on 20 Sep 2014

Without DLC? ;)

Comment by DaveKinetic at 13:43 on 20 Sep 2014

Excluding DLC I don't own.

DaveKinetic DaveKinetic achieved their Completion Percentage Goal - 78.00 by 01 Jan 2015
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Comment by viktor181 at 23:36 on 18 Sep 2014

Nice, I desperately need to finish this game but can't be arsed playing it :-/

Comment by angelsk at 07:36 on 19 Sep 2014

I had the same problem. I'd finished the game but had 2 hard/grindy achievements and the dark spawn to do.

Status change by osubluejacket at 12:00 on 18 Sep 2014 osubluejacket status: I keep wanting to play more Destiny, but every time I do I get bored after about an hour or so.
Comment by Marc Pilkington at 12:45 on 18 Sep 2014

It's weird as I'm the opposite. I think I was on it for nearly 4 hours the other day and I still could have played more! I'm really enjoying it, personally

Comment by osubluejacket at 12:53 on 18 Sep 2014

I enjoy getting new gear, but I've played all of the available missions but am bored with the lack of depth and variety. The Crucible is also highly frustrating.

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DaveKinetic Minecraft: Xbox One Edition DaveKinetic completed the game Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and is the 1,041st gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by angelsk at 10:20 on 18 Sep 2014


Comment by DaveKinetic at 12:10 on 18 Sep 2014


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angelsk Dragon Age: Origins Grim Reaper achievement angelsk won the Grim Reaper achievement in Dragon Age: Origins for 104 points
Comment by angelsk at 10:20 on 18 Sep 2014


angelsk Win Streak angelsk is currently on a 150 day achievement win streak
Comment by DaveKinetic at 22:42 on 16 Sep 2014

Very nice.

Comment by angelsk at 23:04 on 16 Sep 2014

Thanks! Only 106 behind you ;)

Comment by viktor181 at 20:22 on 17 Sep 2014

Wow, that's impressive!

Status change by Sonic Grunge at 15:54 on 16 Sep 2014 Sonic Grunge status: I think I'll go for the Witcher next. Try and finally grasp that combat system!!
Comment by boldfoxrd at 16:16 on 16 Sep 2014

I gotta play that one day

Comment by Raptures Lost at 20:01 on 16 Sep 2014

Just stick with it and you'll get a hang on it eventually, brilliant game.

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Status change by osubluejacket at 15:50 on 15 Sep 2014 osubluejacket status: I just ordered a 12 pack of Surge off of Amazon. VIVA LA 90'S!!!
Comment by Beachem at 15:53 on 15 Sep 2014

I just got a snap chat from a friend that did the same thing lol. Now, they need to bring back Shasta Moon Mist (knock off Mt Dew). It was soooo good

Comment by osubluejacket at 20:50 on 15 Sep 2014

I'm excited to get this back, but I'm MORE excited to find ways to use Surge in cocktails. toast

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osubluejacket Destiny (Xbox One) osubluejacket has rated the game Destiny (Xbox One) 3.5 out of 5
Comment by osubluejacket at 19:46 on 14 Sep 2014

I wish I could have given this a 3.25. cry

Comment by Boots Orion at 19:47 on 14 Sep 2014

Too AAA for you?

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Chambece Destiny (Xbox One)
These items contain comments Chambece won 2 Achievements in Destiny (Xbox One) for 41 points
Chambece Destiny (Xbox One) Blink of an Eye achievement Chambece won the Blink of an Eye achievement in Destiny (Xbox One) for 20 points
Comment by angelsk at 10:25 on 18 Sep 2014

Nice round TA score :) 119k.

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