Civilization Revolution Walkthrough

3. Story walkthrough

Hello. Today, I will be showing you the most efficient way to complete this wonderful game, Civilization Revolution. If you haven’t already, I would suggest you take a look at the hints and tips section. It will explain things that I won’t explain or won’t go into too much detail on in the walkthrough.

First of all, you will want to start by selecting ‘Single Player’, then ‘Play Scenario’ and ‘Beta Centauri’. We will be trying to knock out the harder difficulty achievements first to save time. Select Deity as the difficulty. It doesn't matter who you choose for your civilization so you can pick one you like. This will be the only game you will play with your chosen civilization long enough to enjoy them (if you plan on getting this game done as fast as possible). I would suggest picking the Americans or Greeks as they have the most beneficial abilities for what we are going to do.

Just a quick note, you are going to want to be settling all of the Great Persons, even the science ones (who will be completely useless).

If you chose the Americans, as soon as the game starts, you will get your first achievement. If you didn't choose the Americans, don't worry as this should come with natural progress through the game.

80% of Success is Showing Up in Civilization Revolution
Accumulate culture to unlock a great person.

Try and settle your city in an area with a lot of food resources so you can grow your city faster. Use your Modern Infantry Squad to defend your city, and start building another Squad. Switch your city production to gold by pressing the cn_Y button on the city screen, and keep ending your turn until your new Modern Infantry Squad is complete.

By now, you would have most likely been attacked by barbarians at least once giving you your second achievement.

After 6 or more attacks, you will also receive

Once your modern infantry is complete, you should build some settlers if you don’t already have some. You will get settlers for reaching 100 gold, but if you haven’t made it yet, don’t wait as we will need another group of settlers later as well. Send out your new infantry and settlers together, but keep them on the same square so the settlers don’t get killed by the barbarians.

You should try to send your settlers at least four moves away from your city. If you go to close too another civilization, it might be best to reload your save and go a different direction. Once you settle the new city, use the Modern Infantry to kill nearby barbarian villages and to defend your city.

For creating your second city, you will get...

If you discover another civilization while settling your second city, you will get...

At your new city, start building a Temple, and train more Modern Infantry at the starting city. When the new Modern Infantry are complete at your first city, build another group of settlers if you don’t have any yet. Wait until they are done, and then send them off with a new Modern Infantry Squad like last time.

By now, the Modern Infantry in your starting city should have killed enough barbarians to get this:

Your next step should be to train more Modern Infantry for each city so that you have three at each to form an army. Your Temple should be near completion allowing you to start building some Modern Infantry there as well. Once it’s completed, you will unlock...

The next achievement will unlock once you have formed your first army.

Once More Unto the Breach in Civilization Revolution
Combine three identical units into an army.

Once you have a Modern Infantry army in each of your cities, build these buildings in this order: Temple, Aqueduct, Harbor, Courthouse, Walls (optional if you’re not in any danger yet), Factory, Market, Bank, Cathedral, Workshop, Trading post, Library, and University. A barracks and SDI defense won’t be necessary. Once one of your cities is finished, move it onto the next step.

By now, you should have:

The Root of All Evil in Civilization Revolution
Develop a city to produce 200 gold per turn.

You should also be able to produce over 200 science in one turn by now, so select your most advanced city, and manage workers to science production. If it’s over 200, keep it like that, and end your turn so it will unlock. After that, switch the city back to gold production. If you can't get 200 science yet, wait until your city population is higher, and try again then.

Organized Knowledge in Civilization Revolution
Develop a city to produce 200 science per turn.

One of your cities should have most likely finished its buildings a lot earlier than the others. This city will now become your Wonder city. You are going to build every wonder in the order that gets them built the fastest (start with the lower production wonders).

Your first wonder should be completed in 2-3 turns and will get you

Once your other cities are finished, you are going to use them to pump out units. First, you should build another Modern Infantry army at each city just in case they get through (I really doubt they would but better safe than sorry). Then build 3-5 battleship armies. You will use one of these armies to transport your forces across water, and you will use the rest to defend your shores. Once they're done, start building Artillery/Howitzer armies. These have the strongest attack in the game, but the weakest defense, so it might be wise to build some Modern Infantry armies out to defend them. You will only need one or two. Just make sure they don’t attack the enemy cities, instead, use the Artillery for that. Once you have at least four Artillery armies, send them on the battleships, and go after whoever is coming in second.

With money flowing in fast now, it shouldn't be too long before you can build the World Bank to win the economic victory. Before you build it, save the game. This will prevent you from having to start over again.

Once it’s built, you will unlock:

We the People in Civilization Revolution
Win as an American civilization.

The Guy Who Signs the Checks in Civilization Revolution
Win an Economic Victory on at least King difficulty.

Playing the Game in Civilization Revolution
Win an Economic victory on Deity difficulty.

Absolute Power is Kind of Neat in Civilization Revolution
Win without changing governments on King difficulty or higher.

I hope you saved, because we are now going to load that save. Now we are going to keep conquering cities and upgrading them to produce as much culture as possible (build temples and courthouses). You should also change your government to a monarchy. If one of your cities can’t settle a new great person, send him to one of your other cities that can.

Once you have 20 wonders and great people in total, you will be able to build the United Nations and win the Cultural Victory. Once again, before you build it, save the game so we can load it again.

This will give you:

Embiggens the Smallest Man in Civilization Revolution
Win a Cultural Victory on at least King difficulty.

Citizen of the World in Civilization Revolution
Win a Cultural victory on Deity difficulty.

Once again, load your save, and now start working on world domination >:D. Keep conquering cities with your artillery armies. Also, in case you didn't know, you only need to capture all five of the enemy’s capitals for the domination victory. If you happen to reach 2424 AD, you will receive a domination victory as well. If you keep after the enemy that is closest to winning, it shouldn't be hard to keep the lead.

After you achieve military domination, you will receive:

Such Joy Ambition Finds in Civilization Revolution
Win a Domination victory on Deity difficulty.

Vi Victa Vis in Civilization Revolution
Win a Domination Victory on at least King difficulty.

Next, we are going to go for the Technological Victory. Start a single player scenario of lightning round. Choose deity as the difficulty and the Japanese as your civilization. Hopefully, your cities will be close to water as that is where you get your science production from. Start by building a Library at each city. Also, since you will only need to be researching 24 technologies, always choose the quickest one to complete.

After researching your first technology, if you already haven’t earned it, you will get...

Scientia Potentia Est in Civilization Revolution
Complete development of any technology.

After your first city has finished building the temple, use that city to build a galley. Once it’s built, send it out to try and find an ancient artifact. Once your galley and other temples are built, train an archer army in each city.

If your galley finds an ancient artifact, you will get...

If not, you can always try for it later.

As you reach the medieval age, start researching democracy. As soon as it’s researched, switch to it. Around now, you will probably be behind a bit, but you should catch up by the end. If you get a scientific great person, don’t increase the science production. Instead, save him until you get to choose your next technology. Pick the one that takes the longest to research, and use the great person’s ability to complete it straight away.

You may not get this strategy to work the first time as it really just depends on what the AI does, but if you do complete it, you will unlock:

Indistinguishable From Magic in Civilization Revolution
Win a Technology victory on Deity difficulty.

640K Ought to be Enough in Civilization Revolution
Win a Technology Victory on at least King difficulty.

Destroyer of Worlds in Civilization Revolution
Win all types of victories (Domination, Technology, Cultural, and Economic).

Next up is the win before 1000 AD achievement. Also, don't build a second city, and you will get the "Power Never Takes a Step Back" achievement. Start a single player scenario of “It's all about the money” on king difficulty, and choose the Arabs as your civilization. The Arabs will help a lot in this scenario as they receive catapults as soon as they reach the medieval age. Research horsemen first, and build warriors until your horsemen have been researched. You should save now just in case you screw up or think you could have done something a lot faster. Send your warriors out to scout for other civilizations.

Once you have researched horsemen, rush them every turn you can to get them out fast. Form them into armies, and send them at the closest enemy city. Before attacking, you should save. After capturing enemy cities, build roads to your other cities to allow instant travel from city to city. You should also start rushing units from these cities. Continue rushing horsemen and capturing as many cities as you can until you reach the medieval age. As soon as you reach the medieval age, switch all cities to producing catapults, and start rushing them. Now continue conquering cities. You may need a boat to get to some of the enemy cities, so it’s wise to start building one or two after you have a few other cities producing catapults/horsemen. Remember that you only need to capture all of the enemy's capitals to win. You should easily win before 1000 AD.

That We May Live in Peace in Civilization Revolution
Win the game by year 1000 AD on King difficulty or higher.

Power Never Takes a Back Step in Civilization Revolution
Win with only one city on at least King difficulty.

Now we just have to round up a few easy achievements. Remember how we got the Technological Victory on Deity before? Well, now we are going to use that method to get the win with every civ as it’s the fastest way to win. To prevent a copy and paste, just look up at how we did it before if you have forgotten. The only difference is that we can do it on Chieftain now instead of Deity. Repeat this process until you have all of the civilization achievements.

We the People in Civilization Revolution
Win as an American civilization.

Difficulties Mastered in Civilization Revolution
Win a victory with each civilization.

You might have already received the next two achievements while going for the other achievements in the game.

The easiest way to get to 200 production is to start a Beta Centauri game as the Americans on any difficulty. Found your first city anywhere, and then build a group of settlers from this city. Once they are done, send the settlers out, and try and find somewhere with a lot of trees, mountains, and hills. You will need around 5 production squares with at least 2 hammer symbols. Continue building settlers from your first city, and keep settling them into your second city to increase the growth. At your second city, build a Courthouse, Workshop, Iron Mines, and Factory in that order. Switch your government to Communism, and customize your city to max production. Now just wait until your production reaches 200. It should be there by the time your city size reaches 28.

Curse of the Drinking Class in Civilization Revolution
Develop a city to produce 200 resources per turn.

You will have most likely already unlocked this achievement by now, but if not: Start a Beta Centauri game as the Greeks on any difficulty. Build your city, and then these buildings in this order: Temple, Cathedral, Shakespeare’s Theatre, Magna Carta, Courthouse. Switch your government to Monarchy, and hopefully, with the Greeks increased chances of receiving Great Persons, you will also receive a great artist, which you can settle for +50% culture. Now continue growing your city until you unlock...

The Universal Brotherhood of Man in Civilization Revolution
Develop a city to produce 200 culture per turn.

By now, you probably only have half of the great people, because we have gone through this so fast, but don’t worry!

Start a game on Beta Centauri
Choose the easy difficulty - Chieftain
Greeks start with a Courthouse, Romans have 1/2 price Wonders, and both get more Great People. So choose one of those two to play as.


1> Switch to a Republic after starting the game.
Build up your military very quickly by focusing on things that increase production and settling 1 or 2 more cities. When you have enough tanks built for an army, take it out, and destroy all other capitals except one. Save your game before each battle in case you lose. Surround the final capital with Modern Infantry to deny it access to the world.
Switch to a Monarchy, and focus on building cities and culture. Use spies to make sure there are no great people in the final enemy capital.


2> Switch to a Monarchy after starting the game.
Don't build up your military, don't settle other cities, don't explore, and don't attack your opponents. On Chieftain difficulty, most other cultures are slow to find and attack you. Instead, focus on filling your capital city with culture related items, ie:Temple, Cathedral, Magna Carta, etc. Because Greeks start with a Courthouse, they might be the better choice for this.

Whichever of the two approaches you choose after switching to Monarchy, the goal is to build things that give you a culture bonus, ie: Courthouses and the Magna Carta. This maximizes the amount of culture you get each turn, and it brings in the Great People. Build Wonders that are slow (like the Apollo Program) to zip through turns and receive Great People faster.

Repeat these steps in additional games, if necessary, until all Great People unlock.

Well, we are now done. I hope you have enjoyed my walkthrough and this game. Until next time, Bye wave

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