Doom (Arcade) Walkthrough

3. Episode 1: Knee Deep in the Dead

Ultra-Violence Walkthrough

In this walkthrough I will go through the levels in the way that I feel is the most easiest to follow.

I will begin with a simple run through. This will note traps and the key things you must do to complete the level, such as switches and keys. It will point out large encounters and also weapons, super powerups that are available outside of the secrets.

For the first level I have included a list of every enemy and item to help you get the achievements.

E1M1 Hangar

You start out in an open room with a blue floored area. Head round the corner to your left when you are ready to fight. Stay at a distance and eliminate the two Former Human Sergeants atop the staircase and with luck they will not have a chance to hit you. Enter the room slowly and follow the right wall round killing the third Sergeant. Nab his shotgun and kill the last guy that is heading your way. Grab the green armour on the pedestal at the top of the staircase. Head through the corridor to the north and open the door. Remaining in the corridor, open fire on the two privates and one sergeant with your shotgun. Two more sergeants will round the corner at point blank range so be ready to eliminate them. Around the centre construct lie two more sergeants which can be easily dispatched. Entering the next encounter you will find three privates and three sergeants. A few shotgun blasts should dispatch them all swiftly. Turn your attention to the two Imps on the raised outcrop and open fire. Use sprint to dodge their relatively slow projectiles1. Head through the next door to the south of the room and fire quickly to kill both the sergeant and the imp. Four more privates will attack you through the gaps in the walls but ultimately do little damage23. Head through the iconic exit door and deal with the imp with a quick shotgun to the face. Exit.


Encounter 1

4 Former Human Sergeants

Encounter 2

2 Former Humans

5 Former Human Sergeants

Encounter 3

3 Former Humans

3 Former Human Sergeants

2 Imps

Encounter 4

4 Former Humans

1 Former Human Sergeant

1 Imp

Secret 1

2 Former Human Sergeants

Secret 2

2 Former Human Sergeants


1 Imp


Encounter 1

6 Health Vials

6 Armour Bonus'

1 Green Armour

Encounter 2

6 Armour Bonus'

Encounter 3

2 Health Vials

2 Shotgun Shells

Encounter 4

5 Health Vials

1 Armour Bonus

1 Medikit


4 Armour Bonus'

1 Medikit

Secret 1

1 Meditkit

1 Blue Armour

1 Box of Bullets

1 Box of Shotgun Shells

Secret 2

1 Medikit

1 Shotgun

1 Box of Shotgun Shells

Secret 3

8 Armour Bonus'

1 Box of Shotgun Shells


Secret 1 has two entrances. The first can be accessed in the first encounter. At the far right of the room lies a press switch. After pressing this you have a limited time to reach the open panel at the east of Encounter 1. Going out the window lifts the wall into encounter 2 so that the occupants can open fire. Deal with them before taking this route. Alternatively, at the end of encounter 3 there is an off color wall on the west side that can be opened. Beware the two sergeants at the foot of the stairs that are difficult to spot because of the camera angle. Secret 1 contains a moderate amount of ammo as well as a Medikit and blue armour.

Secret 2 can be accessed by running between the two posts at the entrance to encounter 4. This lowers the outcrop the previous two imps were on revealing two more sergeants as well as a shotgun, ammo and health.

Secret 3 can be reached by running between the two posts at the entrance to encounter 3. This lowers a lift at the far south-east of secret 2 which takes you up to some armour bonus' and shotgun ammo.


Complete this level to the above standard will net you the following four achievements

CLEAN SLATE in Doom (Arcade)
Offline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Xbox Live.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Difficulty Specific - These achievements require that the game be played on a certain difficulty level. Kill all monsters in level on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher

SCOUT in Doom (Arcade)
SCOUT5 (5)
Offline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Xbox Live.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Collectable - These achievements are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects. Find a secret area of a map

To get the hoarder achievement, you might need to fire off a few shots for the ammo and stand in the acid for the health.

I also recommend going back and getting the following achievement

NIGHTMARE in Doom (Arcade)
Offline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Xbox Live.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These achievements are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.Difficulty Specific - These achievements require that the game be played on a certain difficulty level. Win a Nightmare level in single player

This is the easiest level to get it

There you go, 45G in around five minutes. Not a bad start

E1M2 Nuclear Plant

Standing still at the start, open fire on the two approaching Former Humans. This will alert most of their buddies who will come walking round the corner into your shotgun. At this point clear the rest of the room and be sure to enter the small room containing the lift at the centre of the complex. Atop this lift is an Imp at very close range so watch your health as well as a shotgun. Occasionally this Imp comes down while fighting the many Former Humans. At the south-west of the room is another lift which takes you to some ammo and health, should either be needed1. Entering the north of the two doors at the east of the main room, be prepared to unload a shell into the face of a private and climb the stairs to reach the few defenders trying to keep you from the red key2. Return to the west of the main room and proceed through watching for enemies coming from the west as well as the north3456. Avoiding the acid, ride the lift down into a large close range battle. In addition to the enemies at your level, there are also three balconies to the north, east and west each containing an Imp. After clearing the room of enemies hit the switch and proceed down the stairs to the signature exit door. There are two hidden Imps down at the bottom of the pit which you can wait for them to come up or take some damage in jumping down and beating them with your shotgun. Exit.


In the first room there is a centre complex that is split in half. The left or west half contains the lift leading to the Shotgun. The right or east half contains Secret 1. The entrance to Secret 1 is on the south most point of the north-south facing wall at the east of that half. It has a wall texture that doesn't quite match those around it. Inside there is some average player upgrades including health, armour and a backpack. It also contains a switch that opens the door to Secret 2.

The entrance to Secret 2 is at the very far north-east of the map. It contains a large number of shotgun enemies but also provides you with a Chaingun and a precious Soul Sphere.

Secret 3 is a small wall piece isolated by grey metal lines at the far east of the south maze accessed via a switch surrounded by acid. Inside is another backpack or if you are playing co-op, a rocket launcher!

Secret 4 is at the west of the maze. To open it you must fire at the wall piece to the west of the green armour. It contains some small bonuses as well as a handy chainsaw. There is an alcove containing a lift along the main path that allows you to view Secret 4 but it does not get you any secret %. Secret 4 also contains Secret 5.

A mostly useless Secret, Secret 5 contains four Armour Bonus'. To reach it heading from the chainsaw, go south turning the first left corner until you are facing east. Activate the wall ahead to raise it.

Secret 6 can be accessed via an off colored wall just before the large elevator that leads to a battle. It is just before the lift on the left. It gives you a raised position in the next fight but I wouldn't recommend it because it does not give you a clear shot as you cannot see the enemies below.

E1M3 Toxic Refinery

Gather resources in the first room and then open the door to kill the various enemies outside. Stay within the first room and wait for them to come to you. After the room is clear, Follow the path to the left and open the door, clearing the enemies in the next room, again staying within the previous room. Watch out for reinforcements on the right 1234. After the way is clear follow the path to the next door. Proceed through the door and clear the few guards on the other side with a few quick shots from the shotgun. Rounding the next corner you are confronted with a large amount of enemies consisting of many of the types you have fought beforehand. Care should be taken here as falling off the ledge to either the left or right can be fatal. If you are in need of health, there is one in the centre. In order to retrieve it though you must very slowly step off the edge and hit the switch that will raise the floor grating you access to the health and an escape from the pit. Watch out for the Imp up high on the right as it can launch you off the edge if you are not careful. At the end there is a centre computer console. Take the opening on the right, killing the lone Sergeant before turning to face the approaching enemies behind you. Walk backwards over the blue key so that you are better prepared for the ambush behind you. Return to the first room and follow the wall round to the right opening the blue door. The first room contains only a few enemies5 but through the next passage lies a very large team of soldiers who can devastate you given the chance. Further care should be taken as there are another five Imps atop the rising staircase that will fire down on you during this fight. Proceed through the obvious exit door and hit the switch. Exit.67


The first secret can be found in the computer room, revealed upon hitting the switch at the bottom of the steps through the west door. Opposite the door you came through is now a passage that leads to a computer room. After clearing the computer room of enemies, return to the bottom of the stairs. Turn to face back up the corridor. Sprint up the stairs and to the left following the wall until you see a lowered wall that allows you to stand on it and ride up. One of the computer consoles is revealed to be a secret door which leads to some Imps that are hard to spot in the low lighting and some very minor goodies. Hitting the switch at the bottom of the stairs lowers a pillar that gives you a precious Soul Sphere.

Secret 2 can be reached by running up the stairs from Secret one and following the wall until you see another temporarily lowered wall. Ride the wall up which reveals a small room with some enemies, and your first chance to use the Rocket Launcher. If you don't make it from Secret 1 to Secret 2, return down the stairs and run back up straight to Secret 2.

Secret 3 can be reached through Secret 2. Follow the acid trail down a partially submerged corridor into a room containing a backpack and a switch that gives you access to Secret 6, 7 and the Secret Level.

Secret 4 can be reached from Secret 3. The wall piece next to the acid on the north side is actually a door which reveals a Chaingun and health. This leads back to the switch that gave you access to encounter 3.

Secret 5 is on the right through the blue door. Either activate the wall just before the kink in the wall on the east side or run down the stairs next to the exit and run to the left passing the now open door. Inside lay a chainsaw and a lone Imp. At the top of Secret 5 is a locked door that requires a yellow key that can be found in encounter 3. This opens into a fenced off area outside. The room contains a Blue Armour as well as plentiful health and a Partial Invisibility. Take care though as you are surrounded by Imps and Sergeants.

Secret 6 is the entrance to the secret level. To reach it, you must hit the switch in Secret 3. Return to the first room and cross the now raised bridge. Head across and down the secret passage but prepare for a large ambush. Enemies rush you from the front and right and more reinforcements arrive as you get closer to the north wall. Follow the passage to the end room that contains the other ending to this level.

Secret 7 is a lift opposite the secret ending switch that goes up to where the Imp was above the ring shaped open room. Be prepared if you haven't killed the imp from before. The secret contains a single box of rockets. Be careful not to run over the edge and into a pit.

E1M9 Military Base

Start forward into the large open courtyard and open fire on anyone you see. Run round the centre cage killing the soldiers first before turning your attention on the Imps. Run down the stairs to the west and dispatch any enemies there before grabbing the key. Head to the east and kill the small group of enemies at this side1. Turn your attention south and head through the locked door. There are plenty of enemies in this room and make sure you kill them before you grab the red key because it raises a wall revealing yet more Sergeants and Imps. Head east from this room through the yellow and then red locked doors, killing the small force in that room. Take out the barrels in the small alcove from a distance to avoid taking damage and hit the switch. Head back through the same red door and tackle the very large group of Demons heading your way. Head north through the blue door and watch for Spectres either side as well as the enemies across from you2. After dealing with them drop down into the acid and run round the ring to the Imp on the other side guarding a switch. This opens a door to the south which is full of imps and submerged in acid. Clear the corridor from the safety of your platform before sprinting to the left at the end to keep damage at a minimum. At the top of the lift lies an Imp that will be shooting and clawing you as you ascend. There are also three more, hard to see Spectres guarding the new land bridge that leads to the finish switch. Exit.


Secret 1 has two entrances. One is in the south, centre room at the most north-eastern point. The other is in the east, centre room at the most south-western point. This is not the room accessed via the lift that takes you to the three Imps on pillars. A secret lift takes you an acid filled room containing a Chaingun and a huge amount of ammo.

Secret 2 is in the north most room. On the east wall lies a section that does not fit. Activating this will reveal a staircase that leads down to a room with various supplies, all on pillars. While running down the staircase, a small lift on the opposite side of the room lowers allowing you to ride it to the top, at which point you can sprint-jump each gap to get the goodies. Should you fall, the only way to get the lift to lower again is to return to the stairs.

E1M4 Command Centre

Move down the short corridor and clear the enemies at the far end of the courtyard from a safe distance1. Spend a little time here as more enemies appear in the balconies above and move towards you down the centre route. Take the far right path and cautiously round the corner revealing a room packed with enemies. Again take them out from a safe distance watching for the Demons that will inevitably rush your position. Use the large lift to get the blue armour but be careful. When you pick it up, a door near the elevator opens revealing a small team of enemies that will come over to attack you. Head west and kill any soldiers that remain. Open the door to the centre room. This room is full of imps so back off and take them out. After they are dead, move in and take the Chaingun and blue key23. Head west and then take a left into a room with some shotgun soldiers on the balconies. More soldiers will move round the sides so keep your distance. Head through the blue door and into the maze. You can take a lot of damage here and I recommend you find your own way through and take your time. The most direct route is north, the moment you enter the maze but it is a trap as enemies will poor in behind you while you are still fighting those ahead. When you get to the end of the long grey corridor take a right and then hug the left wall round the corner into more enemies. This opens up into a larger room containing the yellow key. Push on and activate the yellow switch before heading through the yellow door. Eliminate the shotgun soldiers before crossing the now raised bridge to the finish. Exit.


Secret 1 is right beside you when you start the level. Activate the greyish wall to reveal some health and ammo.

Secret 2 is in the room full of barrels that is divided by an acid river, at the far south of the map. Drop down into the river and head east as quickly as you can to avoid taking too much damage. Kill the lone guard and pick up the precious Rocket Launcher.

Secret 3 is within Secret 2. You only have one chance at this so don't miss. Flick the switch and quickly jump onto the elevator and ride it all the way up to the Soul Sphere. Drop down to continue. If you miss the elevator then you can escape by heading back down the acid river.

E1M5 Phobos Lab

Wait at your side of the acid pool for the enemies to rush you at the start. Use a longer range weapon to take them out. When you are ready, cross the pool and turn right following the path but be ready for advancing Spectres. When you reach the small balcony a path will raise but before you head to it kill any enemies you can see. If you have excess rockets, fire one into the opening at the right where a soldier came from. Head back the way you came and climb the stairs1. Head to the window and spend some time clearing as many soldiers below as you can. Behind you is the path you raised earlier. Cautiously move along the path and round the corner with your shotgun equipped as a large group of enemies wait. Pick up the yellow key and kill all the enemies in the room that you cannot enter2. Carefully move back to the door opposite the start. Clear any remaining soldiers from the courtyard and the balcony above before heading through the yellow door. Stay at the top of the lift and kill as many of the enemies as you can before you head down. Charge round the corner as fast as you can with a Chaingun equipped because you need to make light work of the soldiers at the bottom. The moment you engage them, Doors open ahead and behind you revealing yet more baddies. After the area is clear, shoot the barrel next to the switch at the opposite side of the acid pool345. Activate the switch which drops the two pillars and brings fresh enemies to fight6. After they are all dead, go back through the yellow door and through the lowered wall piece into the room that you previously cleared when you picked up the yellow key7. Clear the computer room and activate the switch which opens into a long brown corridor, stuffed with imps for you to kill. At the end of the corridor is a room containing the blue key as well as a difficult to see spectre. Another spectre rushes you the moment you enter the room to, so be prepared. Move down the stairs and watch out for yet another spectre. Open the blue door and hang back until you've killed any immediate threat8. Quickly enter the room and head left and then left again through a tiny zigzag corridor that leads to a room with a pair of light amplification goggles that will help you see in the dark conditions. The room is full of Spectres but with the goggles they are easy enough to see9. The exit is on the far side of the room but be careful as when you open the door, three Demons will rush you. Exit.


Secret 1 is next to two barrels at the top of a small set of stairs near the start. Activate the off colored wall to access the room. It contains a shotgun.

After you pick up the yellow key, head back into the room full of acid. There is a brown slice of wall opposite you. This opens to reveal a rocket launcher and some other minor goodies.

Secret 3 is opposite the switch through the yellow door. Activate the wall in the tiny alcove to reveal a radiation suit that you can use to cross the acid safely.

Inside Secret 3 is another wall that you can open to reveal Secret 4 which contains a Chainsaw.

Inside Secret 4 is yet another wall that opens to reveal a small outside courtyard that contains a Soul Sphere, useful after the large fight in the previous room. This is Secret 5.

Through the yellow door and down the lift, there are two balconies to your left and right. Each is actually an elevator but the one to the north contains a secret. Activate the wall to your east which opens a small compartment. Activate the next wall which opens to reveal much larger room full of health and armour goodies. The satanic apocalypse symbol is actually a teleport. This is Secret 6.

Secret 7 is in the computer room. One of the panels opens to reveal a small room containing a Chaingun and a Map.

Secret 8 is the small room containing the Light Amplification Goggles that I recommend in the walkthrough. It’s just through the blue door and to your immediate left.

Secret 9 is another door that connects the dark maze like room to Secret 6. This is a one way door and you have to have previously entered the dark room at the end of the level. Use Secret 6 and then Secret 9.

E1M6 Central Processing

Start of by clearing the enemies in the immediate vicinity. Once the area is clear, move east and clear the computer room. Make sure all enemies are dead before grabbing the red keycard. When you pick it up large amounts of enemies will come from hidden rooms and attack you. Once you have disposed of them, head west and through the red door. Kill the small group of enemies and pick up the blue key, watching out for the trap door that opens behind you as you approach the key12. Head through the blue door and clear the enemies from the second computer room. More demons and spectres can be found to the north so make sure you kill them before advancing. Move out into the large courtyard and kill the imps on the balcony above as well as those through the window. Approach the blue door but don't open it as the balcony has now lowered revealing more enemies who will attempt to ambush you3. Grab the goodies left by them and proceed through the blue door. This puts you into the maze. I suggest you turn left at every opportunity so you don't get lost. Follow the left wall until you reach the switch. After you flip the switch, continue to follow the left wall, taking care to avoid any enemies you might have missed. Keep going left until you exit the maze leading into a room packed with enemies and the yellow key4. Return back through the blue door the led to the maze. Once you are back in the computer room, head through the door to your immediate right that requires the yellow key. Fight your way through the passage and head down the stairs. On your left is a locked door. To open it, head to the very far north of the map and flick the switch. Kill the enemies waiting for you on the other side of the door and head down either staircase. Don't enter the computer room until you have killed all the enemies. Once the path is clear, gather up as much health as you can before running over to the switch but don't press it. Traps open behind you and enemies flood the room so retreat back into the alley you came from and kill everyone that comes out ahead of you. When it is safe, flick the switch which traps you in the room and opens a passage full of spectres. Kill them all before heading to the exit, guarded by a lone Spectre. Exit.


Secret 1 is down an acid filled passage ahead of the blue key. It contains a soul sphere. To get there safely, take an immediate right to pick up the radiation suit.

Secret 2 is to your left once you drop into the acid to get to Secret 1. It is your escape and contains a wide variety of goodies.

Secret 3 can be accessed by activating the south wall of the trap that opens once you approach the blue door. Once in there you can pick up the goodies and head through another blue door that leads straight to the yellow key. This allows you to avoid the maze.

Secret 4 opens when you pick up the yellow key. In the large open room containing the blue door and the entrance to the computer room is a tiny alcove. When you pick up the key it opens to reveal an acid filled passage that is filled with imps. At the end of the passage is another large room filled with sergeants. In this room is a Soul Sphere at the top of a lift which leads out near the north most switch.

E1M7 Computer Station

Open the door ahead of you and stay back as you clear the enormous number of enemies that will rush your position. Once it is all clear. Head right and follow the wall killing as many enemies as you can through the windows. Pass the red door and yellow door heading up the stairs and along the corridor. Kill the soldiers that are waiting through the window and around the corner on your right before approaching the enemies on the balcony of the small computer room with the blue floor. Head up the elevator and follow the balcony round to the yellow key which is guarded by a couple of soldiers. Make your way over to the western yellow door and head through. Kill the enemies around the base of the large computer block and any you see through the windows. Take the northern lift up into the large computer and kill the enemies and grab yourself a hefty rocket launcher. Be careful you don't fire it as it auto equips. Head south and use your new bazooka on the large group of soldiers. The centre pillar will drop revealing more soldiers123. Ignore the door ahead and go northwest clearing the enemies as you push all the way to the elevator. Climb the elevator and pick up the red key. Head back to the start point and go through the red door and pick up the blue key. Be careful though as many enemies have been released along the way4. Yet more hidden rooms open but fight your way to the blue door. Make your way up the stairs and head straight after you kill all the enemies, flipping the switch to open the locked door. Move through the now open door and fight your way to the finish. Exit.

To reach Secret 1 you must ride the pillar that dropped to reveal four sergeants. Once the pillar is nearing the roof, jump off into the acid to your south to find a Chaingun. Activate the walls around the Chaingun to make your way back to the pillar.

Secret 2 can be reached by using the same pillar only heading north rather than south. Next to the radiation suit is a button that lifts a wall. This reveals a hidden staircase at the top of which is another button that lowers another pillar bringing with it a chainsaw.

Secret 3 is the soul sphere at the most northern point of the acid pool.

Secret 4 can be accessed by activating the east wall of a monster closet that opens when you acquire the blue key. This opens a passage which leads outside. Outside is an invisibility and many, many sergeants.

E1M8 Phobos Anomaly

Press the button and open fire on the barrels below. Kill any demons that didn't die from the safety of the balcony1. Move down the staircase and open the door. More demons will attack you from either side and the rooms they come from contain lots of guns and ammo. At the end of the long passage is a small lift that leads to the finale of Episode 1. Two doors open in front of your revealing two hugely powerful Barons of Hell. Immediately head out onto the red area of land and deal with the five or six Spectres before opening fire on the two behemoths. Use all your rocket ammo on them before switching to the Chaingun. Once both have collapsed the walls will lower. This reveals the largest outdoor area in the episode. Head over and raise the stairs by pressing the button. Step on the satanic face for an alarming and surprising, not to mention tragic and confusing, end to the episode. Good luck trying to survive.





Only one secret. Secret 1 is just before the only door in the level. On your left is a green shaded wall that you can activate to reveal a precious Soul Sphere.

You are a quarter of the way through the grand epic that is Doom. Here's an achievement to reward your efforts.

EPISODE ONE in Doom (Arcade)
Offline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Xbox Live.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These achievements are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.Difficulty Specific - These achievements require that the game be played on a certain difficulty level.Stackable - These achievements can be unlocked at the same time as, or in the course of, earning its more difficult counterpart. Complete Episode 1 on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher

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