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Thread Boosting And Matchmaking
Forum for organising boosting sessions or online tournaments This forum has 45 sub-forums
160,762 975,830 Re: Boosting Gaming Session for Red Faction: Guerrilla
by TrueAchievement today at 22:57
Thread Boosting And Matchmaking Archive
Archive for the Boosting and Matchmaking forum This forum has 45 sub-forums
341,589 2,219,964 Re: Boost?
by balkah on 16 Feb at 15:26
Thread Challenge Discussion
Forum for discussing challenges.
0 0 Xbox One Challenges Notification # 36 for 2/27/2015
by Xtowers today at 05:49
Thread Clan Recruitment
Looking to recruit other gamers to your clan? Post in here This forum has 1 sub-forum
557 3,678 Re: Achievement Clans [PLEASE READ/REPLY] 360
by LethalThreat74 on 25 Feb at 18:21
Thread Game Discussion
Forum to discuss specific games - ALL threads MUST be associated with a game This forum has 2288 sub-forums
16,968 128,384 Re: How are the achievements in Blue Estate?
by BKLortz today at 22:45
Thread Game Discussion Archive
Forum for old Game Discussion Forum threads This forum has 12 sub-forums
12 51 Re: Would you like to play FIFA series?
by Beanpotter on 08 Aug 14 at 11:24
Thread Industry Events
Forum to discuss Games Industry events, such as E3 and GamesCom
18 736 Re: Bioware discusses Shadow Realms at Gamescom 2014
by Allgorhythm on 06 Sep 14 at 02:25
Thread Lists
Forum for a load of useful lists
118 6,395 Re: Updated Games with Gamerscores not divisible by 50
by Hurricane Matt on 21 Feb at 17:50
Thread The Bargain Bin
Forum for discussing where to pick up cheap deals This forum has 2 sub-forums
1,700 63,209 Re: The Trading Thread
by PHT999 today at 21:11
Thread Upcoming Games
Want to chat about games that will be coming out soon? Here's the place to do it This forum has 1 sub-forum
120 1,674 Re: Save Timesplitters!
by G o D and Glory today at 18:49
Thread Windows
Forum for general Windows discussion. Come here to talk about everything associated with the OS, from games to apps to updates.
27 208 Re: Games that can still be used with GWFL, disc or downloadable?
by Senior Chupon on 02 Feb at 20:20
Thread Windows Phone
Forum for general Windows Phone discussion, from the gaming to everyday use This forum has 2 sub-forums
54 491 Re: Unlocked achievement issue
by MakeMeACoffee yesterday at 18:59
Thread Xbox 360
Forum for Xbox 360 related things This forum has 6 sub-forums
1,894 60,263 Re: help with glitched lego batman 3 achievments
by XFirstXAvengerX today at 04:54
Thread Xbox Help
Got a problem with your Xbox? Post it in here, someone might be able to help you
758 7,201 Trials Fusion DLC achievements not unlocking
by Svectra today at 14:56
Thread Xbox One
Forum for Xbox One related discussions
224 3,290 Re: Xbox One trial games that have achievements
by don1delanoochh today at 12:15

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Thread Bean Dives
Forum to discuss your personal Bean Dives and site Bean Dive events
30 3,764 Re: 2015 Bean Dive?
by FFX Brotherhood on 06 Feb at 16:41
Thread Bug Reports
Found something that doesn't work right? Let us know and we'll fix it
258 5,293 Sniper Elite V2 disappeared from My Games list
by Jonny1872 today at 20:24
Thread Bug Reports - Archive
Archive of Bug Reports This forum has 1 sub-forum
3,023 22,376 Re: [Fixed] Floating Footer/Information Bar/Small Print
by visheyry today at 22:56
Thread Community Events
Forum to discuss TrueAchievements Community Events
25 672 Re: Extra Life 2014 - FAQ
by LifeExpectancy on 07 Feb at 12:21
Thread Community Events Archive
Archive for the Community Events forum
20 229 Re: TA GOTY game selection
by Chad and Jessie on 24 Oct 14 at 17:35
Thread Game Comparison
Forum for discussing new comparison features and posting up incorrect links and prices
24 200 Re: Comparing Completed Games
by Blank Kirito on 02 Sep 14 at 21:26
Thread Game Info Submission
Board where Game Info Submissions are auto-posted. You cannot start threads in this board - please use the Game Info submission button under the Game Image on the Game Page This forum has 308 sub-forums
316 2,699 Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Achievement Flag submissions
by TrueAchievement today at 19:37
Thread Game Info Submission Archive
Archive for the Game Info Submission board This forum has 1833 sub-forums
2,789 29,476 Re: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance - Game Info submissions
by WebChimp UK today at 01:05
Thread Investigations Questions
Question for the Investigations Team? Please remember to keep posts civil, abusive posts can result in loss of posting privileges. Posts in this forum can be read by anyone on the site. Please do not attempt to hijack a thread by posting information not relevant to the original post, start a new thread instead.
308 4,698 Re: Just signed up and my account doesn't show achievements
by Connisell today at 22:57
Thread Site Help
Got something you don't understand? Need to know how something works? Ask here and we'll do our best to help you
1,865 12,026 Re: Achievement Streak
by Nomstuff on 26 Feb at 15:43
Thread Site Help - Archive
Archived site help posts
343 2,675 Re: What is game tracking?
by xPut Name Herex on 12 Feb at 11:05
Thread Site Wishlist
Got some ideas about how to make the site better? Post them here This forum has 1 sub-forum
2,080 28,359 Checklists for solutions
by Chakaal Starr today at 18:56
Thread Site Wishlist - Archive
Archived site wishlist posts
1,314 14,245 Re: Threads about solution voting to be banned
by dropK1CK ninJA on 14 Feb at 13:06
Thread Talk about TrueAchievements
General chat about all things TA
329 11,534 Re: Game tile in trophy case
by BEER MONST3R yesterday at 12:24
Thread The TrueAchievements Podcast
Forum for discussing the TrueAchievements Podcast - show feedback and new ideas
26 830 Re: TA Podcast: Less Rich (But Not Poor) Edition
by Das Kuhnen on 07 Feb at 15:50
Thread TrueAchievements App Bug Reports
Forum for reporting issues with the TrueAchievements Xbox One app
37 247 Percentage of Game (Individual)
by Elite1111111111 on 20 Feb at 23:33
Thread TrueAchievements App Bug Reports Archive
Forum for archived reported issues with the TrueAchievements Xbox One app
24 157 Re: [NAB] Can't rate games in TA app
by Spilner on 15 Dec 14 at 00:43
Thread TrueAchievements App Wishlist
Forum for your ideas on how to improve the TrueAchievements Xbox One app
43 203 Re: XBOX Original games in All Games Library for XBOX One APP
by Erik Seidel on 19 Feb at 20:10
Thread TrueAchievements App Wishlist Archive
Forum for archived ideas on how to improve the TrueAchievements Xbox One app
28 87 Re: Snapped: Walkthroughs
by Musquito on 30 Oct 14 at 05:42
Thread TrueAchievements Mobile
Forum for discussing the mobile version of the site
48 276 achievment filter option?
by ogKeylohz on 17 Feb at 07:47
Thread TrueAchiever Windows Phone App
Forum for bug reports and feature requests for the TrueAchiever Windows Phone App
2 54 Re: Bug reports
by Heroic Blanket on 13 Feb at 13:08
Thread Walkthroughs
Forum for discussing game walkthroughs
1,512 14,583 Re: D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die Walkthrough Discussion
by Ackter today at 22:56
Thread Welcome
Come and introduce yourself
322 9,042 Re: New to the site from the UK
by silverstorm55 on 25 Feb at 16:15

News Forums

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Thread Community News
News for and about the community. Only TA Newshounds can start threads here.
371 39,395 Re: TA Clips of the Week - Feb 22nd to Feb 28th
by LuckyConquerer2 today at 22:23
Thread Contests
Forum for contests run on TrueAchievements
67 28,337 Re: Winners: Hand of Fate
by Sgt Malarkey Br today at 20:45
Thread Editorials and Features
Forum for Editorials and other News Features
314 22,153 Re: Easter Eggs: Retro City Rampage
by xSRYANx today at 20:51
Thread Gaming News
All the latest Xbox and gaming news. Only TA Newshounds can post in this forum.
16,063 567,602 Re: Slender: The Arrival Set to Stalk Xbox One
by Vitiated1 today at 22:53
Thread Industry News
News about the Industry itself, as opposed to a specific game. Only TA Newshounds can start threads here.
344 35,378 Re: Win a Trip to Wrestlemania 31 Courtesy of 2K Games
by matdan12 yesterday at 15:30
Thread Site News
Forum to discuss TA news items. Only TrueAchievement can post here
575 45,171 Re: Site Platform Changes
by TrueAchievement today at 10:20
Thread TrueAchievements Polls
Forum for our TrueAchievement Polls
144 24,145 Re: Favourite Lego Game
by Apocalypse Kane today at 13:52

Off Topic Forums

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Thread Creativity
Got some music or videos you want to post a link to? Pop it in here!
175 1,472 Re: Share your YouTube Pages Here!
by General Arcane on 16 Feb at 14:52
Thread Film and TV
For discussions on upcoming films, films in general, TV shows and the like
240 12,991 Re: Rate the last movie you saw
by MuhNamesTylerr today at 07:12
Thread Music
Forum to discuss your favourite bands, song and albums you like, etc
32 12,229 Nostalgic Albums
by MuhNamesTylerr today at 07:05
Thread Non-Xbox Gaming
Forum for discussing any games that are not on the 360
285 5,869 Re: So What Non-Xbox Game are you currently playing?
by redjarman on 25 Feb at 05:11
Thread Random Chat
Threads containing a topic that encourages repeated posting of updated responses. This forum has 1 sub-forum
310 129,091 Re: whats the last achievement you obtained yesterday?
by xWEEDMAN 89x today at 22:16
Thread Sports
Forum to discuss your teams, sporting events, etc
49 2,915 Re: 2014 College football National Championship Game, Oregon vs. Ohio State.
by KillrNut on 14 Jan at 19:01
Thread The Debating Chamber
Forum for intelligent debate on possibly controversial topics related to gaming
232 11,210 Re: Scaremongering 3.0
by BadBoyBungle on 19 Feb at 18:41
Thread The Original Off Topic Board
Chat about anything you like!
823 23,250 Anyone still playing Naruto first two?
by F0R3V3R H3R0 on 22 Feb at 02:19

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