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New Sherlock Holmes Screenshots

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Posted on 06 July 11 at 20:17
Showcasing the game's new engine

Frogwares and Focus Home Interactive have released five new screenshots from The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes.

The screens illustrate the improved graphics, that the game's new engine has to offer, with "lush, immersing and captivating environments" and "the Sherlock Holmes character as you've never seen him before".

Sherlock Holmes continues his investigation with five new images of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective’s first adventure specially developed for the PlayStation® 3 & Xbox® 360 home consoles (also available on PC). The renowned sleuth has uncovered new twists in the investigation... unsettling murders and an ever-growing list of suspects, this extremely tricky case will be sure to challenge the wits of every mystery fans!

In case you missed it during the E3 rush, you can watch a trailer for the game here.

The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is scheduled for release this fall.
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Posted on 06 July 11 at 20:18
I've always loved Sherlock Holmes. I'll pick this one up, no matter what anyone says about it.
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Posted on 06 July 11 at 20:20, Edited on 06 July 11 at 20:20 by DaBlackAlbino
For a "shit game that is meant to be an easy 1k" I'm pleasantly surprised by those screenshots of the sequel. smile
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Posted on 06 July 11 at 20:21
The last one was horrid.. I cant imagine this one will be that much better
Leo Ascendent
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Posted on 06 July 11 at 20:21
Looks pretty damn good, although a pretty face can hide a shitty personality. ;)
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Posted on 06 July 11 at 20:25
The first one was good for the puzzles and the story. Love SH and Jack the Ripper, so putting them together was very good. Looking forward to this one.
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Shemp Howard
Shemp Howard
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Posted on 06 July 11 at 20:25, Edited on 06 July 11 at 20:25 by Shemp Howard
I have the first one and I haven't started it yet. I know the first game's graphics weren't very good and the control was better suited for a PC Game, but I think I will enjoy it. Some folks just want to play these games for an easy 1k. I mean those are the folks that play games for achievements. I actually bought the first one for my wife because she likes mystery/investigation type tv shows. Don't judge a book by the cover until you read the book.
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Posted on 06 July 11 at 20:26
As long as it's another "point & click", I'll be happy. It worked well with the previous game.
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Posted on 06 July 11 at 20:32
I rented the first one (admittedly because it was fairly easy) but was pleasantly surprised so I'll definitely look into this one
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Posted on 06 July 11 at 20:55
Thanks to the Bombcast I desperately want to play this game even though I know the big plot twist.
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Posted on 06 July 11 at 21:31
DaBlackAlbino said:For a "shit game that is meant to be an easy 1k" I'm pleasantly surprised by those screenshots of the sequel. smileI don't believe the last game was released for the sole purpose of achievements. I liked the last one despite the repetition involved in the gameplay.
Extra thanks to the newshounds!! I like the good news and complaining about the bad news. A win-win.
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Posted on 06 July 11 at 21:42
I'm excited for this and LOTR. I love it when great books transition to great games.
Posted on 06 July 11 at 22:08
I am not seeing much of a difference from the first game.
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Posted on 06 July 11 at 22:09
I love the character of Sherlock Holmes. I need to play Sherlock vs Jack the Ripper and get that easy 1000G before this comes out!
Mark Farley
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Posted on 06 July 11 at 22:21
Love point and click games, Sorcerers Stone and Broken Sword got me hooked as a kid. The first one of this was terrible though. If nobody has played Gray Matter and likes point and click I would highly recommend it!
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Posted on 07 July 11 at 00:49
Point and click is a fantastic genre, and one that never gets enough credit in the gaming world.
Best graphics I've seen for a game of the genre in a long while. Looking forward to this after hearing mediocre things about the first one.
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Posted on 07 July 11 at 01:16
Never saw much of the 1st game id have to demo it looks kinda cool kinda like LA Noire
The Onyx Kid
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Posted on 07 July 11 at 01:18
I just hope this one has a villain that does interpretive dance like the first game did.
Fembot Mojo
Fembot Mojo
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Last post: 23 Sep 12 at 07:32
Posted on 07 July 11 at 06:15
Well as long as it has easy 1000 points like the last one, I'll get it.
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Posted on 07 July 11 at 07:30
Flyboy80498 said:The last one was horrid.. I cant imagine this one will be that much bettercan ya???? lol - 1st one was a draggggggggggg
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